Wall Mounted Electric Radiators – Why You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Substance for Style

Last updated: July 2023

Modern living demands a heating system that offers more than just its function. Enter, electric radiators. They’re smart, elegant, cost-effective, and primed to deliver a 21st century service that caters to substance and style. If you’re debating whether an electric radiator will fit into your home’s aesthetic, then this is the guide for you. We’ll explore some of the options available to you and how switching to a wall-mounted electric radiator can not only improve performance, but enhance both modern and period households too.

Why should you choose electric radiators?

Electric radiators come with many advantages over traditional types of heating. The most obvious of these is that electric radiators require much less invasive installation than plumbed heating systems, so they’re the perfect choice if you want to preserve original features in a period property. Perhaps you have original skirting boards that you don’t want the hassle of being damaged or replaced? As skilled carpentry can be a substantial additional cost, why bother potentially damaging such an authentic feature if you don’t need to?

Simple DIY installation

Many of our wall-mounted electric radiators come with a standard 3-pin plug and can be installed without the need for a plumber. They also don’t require servicing and don’t need to be bled, making them essentially maintenance-free and avoiding any unsightly spills that can damage carpets or flooring. This cost-effective DIY set-up means all you have to do is find a plug socket and drill a few small holes! No need to reroute existing plumbing or risk damaging your home in the set-up process. Perfect if you wish to retain any period features you may have in your home or if you simply wish to avoid renovations altogether.

No risk of wall blackening

As well as the practicality and non-invasive nature of installing our electric radiators, there is another conscientious feature that can help avoid any damage to your period or contemporary property. The heating elements inside electric radiators are fully enclosed, meaning there’s no danger of having your walls blackened or damaged over time. A very useful feature if you wish to retain your home’s existing décor and don’t fancy painting over black marks every time they appear. The contemporary design of electric radiators mean that it not only adds minutely controllable warmth but also style to any room you place it in.

In this video, we're answering pressing questions such as when to opt for professional hardwiring and how to DIY-install a wall mounted vs. freestanding electric radiator. Spoiler alert: it’s super easy.

Heating and styling larger spaces with electric radiators

Perhaps you’ve got a Grand Designs style project on the go? Or maybe you simply have an extra-large space to heat?

We recommend: Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic is more than capable of delivering high-intensity radiated heat that’s ideal for larger scale projects and hard-to-heat rooms with high ceilings. The iQ Ceramic uses ceramic heating elements that warm up quickly and with greater intensity. Due to the heat-retaining properties of its ceramic core, the iQ Ceramic can stay warmer for longer without using excess energy – ultimately saving you money on running costs.

WiFi-ready from the get-go, it’s our smartest radiator yet. Simply pair to your heating app or home voice assistant and experience heat management like never before. Whether setting weekly schedules, energy-saving heating modes or utilising the highly intuitive motion sensor mode, the iQ Ceramic is the perfect solution for heating larger spaces efficiently – and oh so stylishly, too!  

For everything you need to know about the iQ Ceramic, check out our dedicated review.

Achieving elegance with electric heating

Electric heating doesn’t necessarily have to look ultra-modern. If you’re conscious of holding onto your home’s period feel when it comes to heating, you don’t have to compromise on quality or design. You can still retain the benefits and flexibility of a modern wall mounted electric radiator whilst appealing to a more traditional aesthetic that will complement a sophisticated household.

We recommend: Ecostrad Allerton iQ

The Ecostrad Allerton iQ electric radiator blends these two concepts together to create a fully modern heating solution that caters to a more timeless and elegant design. Pre-filled with heat-retentive thermal fluid, the Allerton iQ is primed to deliver long-lasting warmth to rooms of any size. Its bespoke columns encourage an even flow of liquid, resulting in enhanced efficiency and heat output.

Aside from the Allerton iQ’s electric credentials, the radiator has an appealing and classic look that makes it suitable for a period home where small details contribute to the overall décor. The Allerton iQ’s elegant columns are reminiscent of the more traditional designs of Victorian cast-iron radiators, and would fit perfectly into a period property where style and substance count.

Still scratching your head over the options? Our Electric Radiator Buying Guide tells you everything you need to know before making a purchase.

Electric radiators: style & substance personified

So, there you have it, it is possible to have the sophistication and effectiveness of a wall-mounted electric radiator without compromising on elegance or design. Whether you need to heat a huge period-correct space or simply want to add a touch of sophistication to your home, we have a variety of products that combine the intelligence of modern electric heating with the classic designs of more traditional heating systems. Browse through our ranges and to find your ideal heating match today.    

Key learnings

  • Electric radiators require much less invasive installation than plumbed heating systems, so they’re the perfect choice if you want to preserve original features in a period property.
  • Many of our wall-mounted electric radiators come with a standard 3-pin plug and can be installed without the need for a plumber. They also don’t require servicing and don’t need to be bled, making them essentially maintenance-free.
  • The lack of moving parts means that there’s greater freedom in terms of design – opt for compact, minimalist styles for your modern property or a classic column-build to look the part next to your period features.