What are the best wall mounted electric radiators?

Ecostrad Allora electric radiator on wall

Last updated: May 2022

Forget your freestanding fan heaters and your portable bar fires – wall mounted electric radiators are where it’s at, and if you’re looking for comfortable all-day heat, they’re definitely the products to choose. But, with so many brands and models on offer, how do you avoid that brain-frying trap of researching the right product? Is every wall mounted electric radiator the same or are those the famous last words of the electric heating newbie? Here at Electric Radiators Direct, we like to keep things simple, so we’re giving you the rundown on why to choose a wall mounted radiator and which models offer the quickest and easiest fitting…


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Why choose a wall mounted heater?

Our top wall mounted electric radiator choices

Why choose a wall mounted radiator?

Though it’s tempting to plump for a cheap portable model, there are actually a lot of benefits to wall mounting that you might not have considered. A wall mounted electric radiator won’t leave trailing wires all over your house, creating a potential trip hazard as people come and go from the room. They also can’t be knocked over onto any soft furnishings like a portable heater can, which can be an issue if you’ve got pets and kids running wild indoors. A wall mounted fitting means your radiator is extra secure, safe and even suitable for running overnight if you want it as your main heat source.

Our top wall mounted electric radiator choices

Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

Reasons why it’s a great wall mounted solution:

  • Quick & easy DIY fitting
  • Discreetly recessed control panel
  • WiFi ready out of the box
  • Slim 80mm deep body

As intelligent as its name suggests, the iQ Ceramic is our best wall mounted smart radiator, and not simply because it’s jam packed with innovative features. We’ve nominated it as one of our best wall mounted heaters because of its ease of installation, as well as how good it looks when in situ. Whatever angle you admire the iQ Ceramic from, you won’t see any distracting lights or buttons unless you stand directly over it. This is because the good folks at Ecostrad gave the iQ Ceramic a fully recessed touchscreen control panel, so it has a crisp aesthetic once you’ve got it in place.

Just like the RC Wave, the iQ Ceramic comes with all fixtures and fittings needed to attach it to the wall, and if you’re confident in your skills, you can have it set up in minutes.

We can’t finish any analysis of the iQ Ceramic without taking a look at its smart features. This radiator has its WiFi connectivity built directly into the heater itself and all you have to do to take advantage of its smart app control is pair it to your router. Its Ecosystem app not only allows you to make a detailed heating schedule for the week but also gives you access to voice control. The iQ Ceramic completely removes the need for craning over the heater and can even be set to motion control for hands-free heating. Who says you have to waste time with manual programming?

Best suited for: Living rooms, hallways, conservatories… pretty much any indoor location! Minus bathrooms.

Haverland RC Wave

Reasons why it’s a great wall mounted solution:

  • Extra lightweight for easy handling
  • Can be used on stud walls
  • Designed for easy DIY fitting
  • Slim 75mm deep body

The RC Wave’s lightweight aluminium body is its biggest plus point if you’re looking for a wall mountable heat source that’s DIY friendly. It’s much easier to manoeuvre than some of our heavier models – all you need to do to install the RC Wave is attach the brackets to the wall then slot the heater on top.

With the lightest model in the range coming in at just 5kg, the RC Wave is safe to use on stud walls, but double check with a professional first whether the wall can bear this weight, or whether you need to use any special fittings.

Aside from its easy plug-and-go installation, the RC Wave has everything you’ll need for comfortable everyday heating: daily and weekly scheduling, comfort and eco modes, as well as a handy open window detection feature. That’s all under an affordable price tag to boot! If you need versatile heating, you can’t go wrong with the RC Wave.

Best suited for: Bedrooms, home offices, living rooms, kitchens, stud walls.

Technotherm KS TDI

Reasons why it’s a great wall mounted solution:

  • Can install with control panel aligned left or right
  • DIY plug-in fitting
  • Traditional look blends with existing heating system
  • Slimline 70mm deep body

If your tastes lean more towards the traditional, or you need an electric radiator that won’t look out of place with the rest of your heating, the Technotherm KS TDI is a fantastic option. It has the efficient, fluted body seen on many central heating radiators, except it’s fully electric and uses heat-retentive ceramic for long lasting warmth.

This wall mounted radiator is also designed for DIY fitting, although with its ceramic stone core, you may find it easier if you’ve got another set of hands helping (the smallest model is still 22kg, after all). An unexpected little bonus of the KS TDI’s simplified fitting is that you’re free to install it either with the control panel on the left, or the control panel on the right.

There is no official ‘front’ or ‘back’ to this heater so you can flip it either way and still enjoy the same energy-efficient warmth – not a lot of other brands will offer this. Technotherm’s KS TDI offers full weekly programming, but if you do need a smart heating solution in your life, you can always opt for its sibling – the KS DSM – which has WiFi programming when purchased with its hub accessory.

Best suited for: various indoor locations needing a primary heat source. This includes areas intended to be used by children or vulnerable adults, as these radiators can be easily reduced to a touch-safe level.

Should I have my wall-mounted electric radiator hardwired?

If the neat aesthetic appeal of a wall-mounted electric radiator is your jam (say goodbye to hoovering around irritating valve pipes!) having your appliance hardwired into your mains electrics is another way to dial your home heating up a notch. Whilst we recognise the ease of plug-in installation, hardwiring offers a completely wireless finish that frees up any plug sockets that would be perpetually occupied by the radiator. Hardwiring makes your electric radiator a more permanent fixture in your home, and the process is a quick and easy one for a professional.

All your wall mounted heating needs in one place…

These are just three products from our extensive range of wall mounted electric radiators, and while we would love to wax lyrical about more of our radiators, we don’t want to keep you reading forever. Browse our full collection of wall mounted electric radiators from ultra-slim designer models, to Bluetooth programmable heaters and so much more. If you’re looking specifically for radiators that are DIY compatible, be sure to look for the ‘plug & go’ icons on individual product pages. We’re confident we have the best wall mounted electric radiators for your project, so take a look at our selection for world-class heating at a fraction of the price.


Key Takeaways

There are many safety benefits for opting for a wall-mounted electric radiator, as they’re unable to be knocked over or cause a trip hazard from trailing wires.

Many wall-mounted electric radiators are plug-in installation, with hardwiring available for a totally wireless finish.

Opting for a wall-mounted electric radiator with built-in WiFi control allows for temperature management from afar, so you don’t need to be right next to your unit to operate it.https://www.electricradiatorsdirect.co.uk/view-all-electric-radiators/

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