Best Electric Heaters for Large Rooms

Last updated: May 2022

Trying to keep a large room warm can sometimes feel like an impossible task and no matter how hard you try, somehow the heat never goes where it’s needed. Maybe you’re trying to heat a high-ceilinged Victorian property and none of the warmth is staying near the floor, or perhaps you’re living in an open-plan home where the heat quickly drifts to other areas. Whatever type of spacious interior you need to heat, we can help. There are lots of products that effectively heat large rooms – all you need to know is which ones do it best and which ones you should avoid.

How to heat large rooms with electric

So, what is the best electric heater for large rooms? There are a couple of options at your disposal that we recommend for hard-to-heat spaces:

Ceramic electric radiators

Infrared panels

And what do these products have in common? They offer a large amount of radiant heat which is key to keeping lofty or expansive interiors comfortably warm. The reason radiant heat is so important is because this type of warmth is directional, meaning where you point the appliance is where your heat is going to go. Another reason radiant heat is so effective is that it’s absorbed and retained by the surfaces in your home. As your walls and floor slowly warm up, all of that heat is locked into place, keeping the room at an even ambient temperature. So, now you know a little about why these heaters are the superior choice, let’s take a look at the specifics…

Ceramic electric radiators

The ceramic plates in these radiators are the reason they’re so fantastic for hard-to-heat interiors. As a heating medium, ceramic is able to absorb and retain heat well, whilst also emitting warmth out into the room with greater intensity. Where a standard electric radiator emits roughly a third of its heat as radiation, a ceramic equivalent produces around 50% – a significant increase if you need help heating an open-plan living space. Another large plus point to ceramic radiators is that their superior heat retention means they stay warmer for longer, allowing you to keep rooms cosy using less energy.

Our ceramic radiators come in both traditional and modern styles to suit a variety of interiors and are manufactured with their control systems built directly into the appliance. Once they’re set up, you can create your own custom heating schedule then leave it to run itself, monitoring your room’s heat levels with near perfect precision. These heaters are a great choice if you want quick, hassle-free set up and some models even offer smart control options right out of the box if you want something that’s intelligent and easy to manage. A fantastic choice for rooms with high ceilings, ceramic radiators are a versatile option that let you enjoy comfortable heat in moments.

Main benefits of ceramic electric radiators

  • Improved heat retention – Ceramic absorbs and retains heat well, emitting long-lasting warmth that can be felt long after the radiator has been turned off.
  • Better heat distribution – They emit 50% of heat as radiation, producing warmth at a greater intensity.
  • Innovative programming – Smart control options such as custom schedules and other cost-cutting, energy-saving features add to the efficiency of ceramic radiators.

We recommend:

Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

Technotherm KS TDI

Infrared panels



This type of heater uses 100% radiant heat, with a robust output that can cover large areas. Because infrared panels heat by directing warmth in a straight line instead of heating the surrounding air, the size of the room doesn’t affect heat dispersion. By using a gentler form of warmth that’s perfect for round-the-clock use, infrared panels don’t require as much energy as other heaters. Their warmth is long-lasting and can be felt long after switch-off, keeping heating costs down.

Infrared panels can be installed on the ceiling so that they point directly down and send all of their warmth to living levels first, or they can be mounted on the wall to disperse heat to the most occupied areas. With smart infrared panels you can take heat management to the next level: access your heater through your phone’s heating app or set commands with voice control.

Main benefits of infrared panels

  • Discreet, radiant warmth – Infrared panels make for a discreet option that emit gentle, long-lasting heat, warming people and surfaces directly.
  • Flexible mounting options – They can be installed on the ceiling for unhindered heat distribution, or the wall for heat directed towards the most occupied areas.
  • WiFi compatibility and voice control – Always be in charge of your heating with smart control: manage your infrared panel when you’re on the go with a heating app or home voice assistant.

We recommend:

Ecostrad Accent iQ

Ecostrad Opus iQ

Which electric heaters are least effective for large spaces?


Convection heaters

When you’re trying to heat a large room efficiently, there’s one type of heating system that you should avoid at all costs: convection heaters. This includes products like panel heaters, fan heaters and storage heaters, all of which rely on warming the surrounding air to keep spaces warm.

The reason these appliances aren’t good at heating spacious areas is because hot air naturally rises, and if you’ve got a high-ceilinged space, that means you lose all of that heat to the top of the room. The ceiling might be nice and warm, but sadly, you won’t be able to say the same about your feet. This means you’re not only wasting warmth; you’re wasting money too.

If your room doesn’t have a high ceiling but does have an open-plan layout, you’ll still likely find convection-based products less effective because heated air can easily flow away to other unoccupied spaces.

Main drawbacks of convection heaters

  • Hot air rises – Because convection heaters work by warming the surrounding air, heat gets lost to ceilings and leaves surface level temperature’s low.
  • Heat gets lost to draughts – Air will flow underneath doors and through windows, wasting the little heat the convection heater has managed to generate.
  • High heating bills – it has to work on overdrive to try and heat a large area, wasting energy and making heating bills soar.



Check out our clip on convection heater efficiency here


Find the right product at Electric Radiators Direct

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Key takeaways

  • Heaters that provide a high amount of radiant warmth are best suited for large rooms. This is because this type of warmth is directional: where you point the appliance is where your heat is going to go.
  • Ceramic electric radiators produce around 50% of heat as radiation, retaining and emitting warmth more effectively than other electric radiators, and keeping large spaces warmer for longer.
  • Infrared panels emit 100% radiant heat directly to people and surfaces. Providing a more natural, long-lasting warmth, they can be installed on the wall or ceiling, for heat dispersion that suits your needs.
  • Convection heaters should be avoided when dealing with large spaces because they work by warming the surrounding air, getting lost to draughts and high ceilings, and resulting in an increase to your heating bills.