Top 3 Oil-Filled Electric Towel Rails

Over the years, electric towel rails have transformed from an exclusive luxury to a familiar bathroom staple. The ideal spot for both storing and drying towels, these handy units make an invigorating shower or a relaxing bath a touch more indulgent. We have a dedicated blog for the best overall electric towel rails in 2022, but here, we’re zoning in on the oil-filled variety. Read on to find out what makes them so special, how your bathroom or kitchen can benefit from one, and which models we’re putting top of our list.

Oil-filled electric towel rails - what’s the difference?

There are two different types of electric towel rails - dry thermal and thermal fluid, often called oil-filled. Dry thermal towel rails conduct electricity by heating a stretch of wire, which spreads throughout the heater’s body, delivering warmth via radiation. They’re particularly responsive, but they do not retain their heat as well as oil-filled electric towel rails.

Thermal fluid towel rails are the most common option on the market, and for good reason. They use a specially formulated thermal fluid, designed to create an even spread of warmth across a heater. This fluid can be slow to heat up, making oil-filled radiators less instantly responsive, but their warmth retention potential far exceeds that of their dry thermal counterparts.

Is thermal fluid safe?

Thermal fluid is entirely safe. When used to power a heater, a reservoir of thermal fluid is contained safely within the unit. There is no need to top it up, and there’s no worry of leakage. When installed correctly, these heaters can stay in place with zero required maintenance for years.

What are the benefits of an oil-filled electric towel rail?

  • Superior heat retention: Designed to lock in heat, these towel rails carry on delivering comfort even after they’ve been switched off
  • Various design styles: Every bathroom’s different, and the various styles on offer allow your individual preferences to shine through
  • Perfect for large bathrooms: Oil-filled towel rails deliver a stronger heat output to thoroughly heat the larger areas of your home
  • Zoned heating: Electric towel rails can be controlled independently of the other heaters in your home – ideal on sunny days when the whole house doesn’t need heating, but towels still need to be dried
  • Completely waterproof: With IPX4 ratings and above, electric towel rails are primed for bathroom or kitchen use, where splashes are expected
  • Zero maintenance: As they’re standalone units, they do not require the annual maintenance checks that plumbed systems do. A quick dusting regularly is all that’s needed
  • Energy efficiency: There's no middleman with electric heating. With no boilers, pipework, or water that heat needs to pass through, it's a direct transfer. One watt of electricity drawn equals one unit of usable heat delivered
  • Range of control options: Whether more multifaceted WiFi control is what you’re after, or a more basic on/off switch will do just fine, there’s various options to choose from

Best oil-filled towel rail for simplicity: The Ecostrad Fina-E  

Perfect for: Kitchens and bathrooms looking for a simple but effective electric towel rail

Rating: 10/10

Colourways available: Anthracite, Chrome, White, Black

Control options: WiFi, Bluetooth, Thermostatic, Basic

A two-in-one heating solution prepped for bathrooms and kitchens alike, the Ecostrad Fina-E dries towels effortlessly whilst keeping its surrounding area warm and toasty. If you’re looking for an extra dash of uncomplicated elegance for your home, or simply have a draughty en-suite in need of a no-fuss heat source - look no further than the Ecostrad Fina-E.

The Fina-E range comprises four control options - the Fina-E iQ WiFi, the Fina-E Blue, the Fina-E Thermostatic, and the Fina-E electric towel rail. Both the WiFi and Bluetooth options allow for intuitive control via an app on your smartphone, the difference being their reach - the WiFi option can be controlled from anywhere in the world when connected to WiFi, whereas the Bluetooth option can only be managed from within range of the unit. The Fina-E Thermostatic is operated manually through its simple LED interface, and the Fina-E Basic offers simple on/off control with zero frills.

5 Winning Features of the Ecostrad Fina-E:

  • Water Resistant IP55 Rating
  • Straight Rung Ladder Design
  • Heat Retentive Thermal Oil
  • 5-Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Compatible Options

Best oil-filled towel rail for superior control: The Ecostrad Cube

Perfect for: Homes prioritising both style and functionality

Rating: 10/10

Colourways available: Anthracite, Chrome

Control options: WiFi, Bluetooth, Thermostatic

As its name suggests, the Ecostrad Cube is a boxy, angular electric towel rail, providing a welcome break from the traditional curved finish standard in heaters of this type. Its modern aesthetic feel is matched with a variety of sophisticated control options, for totally 21st century bathroom heating.

Like the Fina-E, the Ecostrad Cube offers WiFi, Bluetooth and Thermostatic control options. Which one to opt for depends on your specific circumstances and intentions for use. If you’d like to program your heater manually without any set-in-stone routines, thermostatic control may be your best bet. If you’d like the benefit of controlling your heater from afar, in different areas of your home, Bluetooth is the ideal choice. But for the most all-encompassing, optimal level of control, consider going for WiFi. You’ll be able to manage your heating from anywhere when connected to WiFi - your garden, the office, a taxi on the way home - it’s all done easily through the Ecostrad Ecosystem app.

5 Winning Features of the Ecostrad Cube:

  • 100% efficient heating
  • Open Window Detection
  • Comfort, Eco and Anti-Frost Modes
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Compatible Options
  • 400 and 600 Watt Versions Available

Best oil-filled towel rail for designer aesthetics: The Terma Quadrus Bold ONE

Perfect for: Practical on/off heating that doesn’t lose points on style

Rating: 9/10

Colourways available: Black

Control options: Push-button control

For a truly statement look and feel, the Terma Quadrus is the way to go. Featuring a series of staggered rectangular bars, storing and drying towels has never looked so futuristic. The Terma’s control is as simple as it comes - a push-button interface that lets you choose between two different heat settings.

Its integrated ‘One’ heating element is tapped once to heat at 45°C, twice for 60°C, and a final time to switch the towel rail off - it really is that simple. Whilst WiFi and Bluetooth control offers a range of energy-saving benefits, sometimes straightforward control is all that’s required. But that doesn’t mean the Quadrus isn’t built to heat efficiently - with its pre-filled thermodynamic oil, rooms are kept cosy even after switch-off, so you can carry on feeling the benefits whilst keeping an eye on your bills in the process.

5 Winning Features of the Terma Quadrus

  • Straightforward On/Off Control
  •  Statement-Making Design
  •  2-Hour Timer Function
  •  8-Year Warranty on Heater Body
  •  Two Temperature Settings

Meet your new bathroom heating saviour today

Built specifically to provide evenly distributed warmth that lasts, oil-filled electric towel rails are an investment in your home’s comfort for years to come. Modern models come in a range of designs and control options to match your specific needs and preferences to a tee. Take a look at our range of electric towel rails here, and use our handy radiator calculator to determine how much wattage you’ll need. Any questions, queries or concerns? Feel free to contact our friendly Customer Service team today.

Key takeaways

  • There are two different types of electric towel rail - dry thermal and thermal fluid, often called oil-filled. Oil-filled towel rails provide superior heat distribution, for heat that sticks around.
  • Thermal fluid electric towel rails are entirely safe, and do not need to be plumbed into a wet system.
  • Modern oil-filled electric towel rails come with a range of control options and designs – there’s a unit to suit your needs perfectly.
  • WiFi Control offers the best level of control – manage your towel rail from anywhere when connected to WiFi and keep energy usage to an absolute minimum.