3 Practical Tips for Your Bathroom

Electric Heating for BathroomsBig or small, modern or traditional, bath or shower… There are some things that every bathroom can benefit from. Whether you’re at the planning stage or you’re trying to upgrade your old washroom, it’s never too late to make your bathroom a practical place in your house! 



Before we start, it’s important to keep one thing in mind: instalment of electronic appliances in bathrooms is not recommended as a DIY task. While installing most of your electronic devices usually requires nothing more than a socket and a small set of basic tools, a bathroom is not a safe place for electrician amateurs. First of all, any attempts to install electronics in your bathroom may be breaking building regulations: a bathroom is recognised as a ‘special location’ for any electrical installations. Using a qualified electrician will not only prevent you from breaking those regulations, but it will also ensure that you’re not putting yourself at a risk. As the old saying goes: “better safe than sorry”! To make sure that your electrician’s work complies with building regulations, you can use a professional who belongs to a ‘competent person scheme’, for example at www.competentperson.co.uk or NICEIC.com.


Remember Bathroom Zones

In short, your bathroom is divided into 4 zones, starting with zone 0 at one end and zone 3 at the other. The lower the zone number, the more protected your electrical appliance must be, with zone 0 being the inside of your bath and shower. IP ratings will be helpful in working out which electric heaters or lights are suitable for different zones. An IP rating is always featured on the box or product page of your device, and it will simply state the letters ‘IP’ followed by two digits. The first digit represents your appliance’s protection against solid objects, for example dust or a touch of hands, while the second digit is its vulnerability to liquids. Searching online is the easiest way of learning what different IP numbers stand for, or you can simply ask your electrician. You can also learn more about IP ratings from our previous article!


Protect Yourself Against Damp, Mildew and Mould

It’s fairly common that bathrooms, both old and modern, don’t have windows. Other than letting natural light in, windows are vital in protecting your bathroom against damp and mould, as they can be opened after a steamy shower or a bath. Without one, steam and moisture have nowhere to escape, resulting in water covering your walls, ceiling and furniture. Damp and cold environments encourage the growth of mould and mites, as mites feed on moulds and this increases the risk of respiratory problems in some people. If you can’t ventilate your bathroom via a window, you may want to consider purchasing an extractor fan. Switching your extractor on whenever taking a shower or a bath helps reduce the risk of mould and mildew. Such extractors are commonly found in flats, and they are usually wired to activate with the ceiling light, but running them independently is also possible.


Choose an Appropriate Heating Solution

Your bathroom needs heating, but a radiator might not always be a possibility, especially if your bathroom is small. You might want to consider other alternatives, such as heated towel rails. You can find various towel rail heaters on our website in a generous range of sizes, able to fit even in the smallest of bathrooms. Some types of towel radiatorswill keep both your towels and your whole bathroom warm and cosy all year round, without the need to engage your whole central heating. A practical necessity!

Protect your bathroom and make it a pleasant, comfortable and safe place in your house without breaking the bank. If you think that your bathroom could benefit from a new heating solution, why not browse bathroom heaters at Electric Radiators Direct? Our huge range of towel rails, infrared panels and electric heaters is bound to hold the perfect bathroom heater for you!


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