The Top Benefits of Patio Heaters

Keeping your outdoor space warm all year round can be a challenge, especially when the weather can be so unpredictable. With an electric patio heater, you can combat those colder days and stay warmer for longer in your favourite outdoor spot. We’ll be exploring the top benefits of patio heaters to see what it is that makes them such an ideal heating solution.

What is an electric patio heater?

An electric patio heater is designed to warm hard-to-heat spaces, such as exposed restaurant terraces, small gardens and even workshops. Rather than heating the surrounding air, these heaters produce 100% radiant warmth that is easily absorbed by people and objects, minimising the chance of warmth being lost to the breeze. This makes them particularly ideal for outdoor use.

Many electric patio heaters are equipped with simple control features, such as handy timers and varying heat outputs, to help save energy and maximise convenience. Sporting sleek designs and contemporary finishes, they also make stunning focal points in any outdoor setting.

Why should you purchase a patio heater?

One of the biggest plus points of patio heaters is how they extend any season, as you don’t have to wait for warmer weather in order to enjoy your space. For example, pub beer gardens can remain in use even in Autumn, which is great for the punters and for profit. Or you could simply enjoy the oasis of your back garden without waiting for the sun to shine. Patio heaters are also incredibly versatile – they can be fitted in whatever way suits your requirements and come in a vast array of shapes and sizes that match a range of settings.

Which type of patio heater should you choose?

Selecting the perfect patio heater is a choice based on a number of factors, one of which includes the type of warmth they produce. There are three options to consider:

  • Shortwave: for quick warm-up times and intense heat, this style of infrared is perfect for exposed areas as well as smaller domestic/commercial exteriors.
  • Mediumwave: these low-glare heaters deliver vigorous yet comfortable radiant warmth – ideal for continuous use over long periods of time.
  • Longwave: the gentlest of the bunch, these heaters make an exemplar choice for long-term use in spaces such as open plan and lofty interiors.

Once you’ve decided which one suits the needs of your space, everything else will come a lot easier.

The top 5 benefits of electric patio heaters

1. 100% efficiency

Electric patio heaters are 100% efficient at point of use, meaning every watt of energy drawn from the socket is turned into usable heat. As a result, every penny you spend on your outdoor heating is used solely to warm your space, without anything going to waste. When paired with renewable energy, electric patio heaters are a completely carbon-neutral heating solution, making them a green option for your garden. Plus, their deep radiant heat reduces the chance of warmth being blown away by the breeze – energy-efficient heating at its finest.

2. Safe outdoor heating

For total peace of mind, all of our electric patio heaters come with a minimum IP rating of IP55, classifying them as weatherproof. This makes them suitable for outdoor use, so you can install with confidence. Besides robust IP ratings, out-of-reach wall mounting is always an option for properties with small children – a failsafe way of preventing curious little hands from tampering with your system.

3. Stylish aesthetics

From scene-stealing honeycomb grills to elegant curves, there are plenty of striking designs to choose from, taking outdoor aesthetics to a whole new level. These chic heaters also come in a wide range of finishes, such as glossy black and contemporary silver, so you can handpick a colour to best complement your exterior design scheme.

4. Flexible installation options

Electric patio heaters are easy to install and come with no maintenance. Excelling in adaptability, they offer both freestanding and wall mounted installation to meet the requirements of a range of spaces.

For freestanding fitting, simply purchase a compatible stand and attach accordingly – from there, you can move and position the heater to wherever warmth is needed most. So, if you’re moving from your workshop to your patio, you can easily transport the heater from A to B without any hassle.

Alternatively, you can opt for for wall mounted installation, which is ideal if you’re after a more permanent fitting. Ideal for places that are regularly in use, this type of fitting requires professional hardwiring – an affordable task that involves no lengthy call-outs. Whichever installation type you choose, you can guarantee that the process will be quick and easy.

5. Sophisticated yet simple control

Featuring timer functions, different heat outputs as well as a simple on/off switch, these infrared patio heaters vary in terms of control. Many of them even come with a remote which allows for point-and-press control, so there’s no searching for a step ladder to adjust your heating. Easy to manage, our patio heaters use the very latest technology to ensure a user-friendly experience.

Product pick – The Ecostrad Sunglo

Price: £169.99

Type of infrared: shortwave

Suitable for: domestic & commercial outdoor spaces including standard-sized gardens, seating areas and pub gardens.

With its unique honeycomb grill, the Ecostrad Sunglo combines style with efficient outdoor heating – the perfect complement to any outdoor space. Supplying lasting, near infrared warmth through its tungsten filament bulb, it replicates the natural heat felt from the sun, only without the UV rays. Special gold-coated reflectors ensure heat is projected outwards, supplying direct warmth to seating areas and patios, precisely when you need it.

This outdoor heater is available in both striking silver and understated black, to match the aesthetics of your garden. It comes with a handy remote control which allows you to manage the heater from a distance. This means you can install it up high and still have access to all of the Sunglo’s control features, including switching between two different power outputs. Easy to install and simple to use, this infrared patio heater is an essential product for helping to create that cosy and warm atmosphere in your garden, all year round.

A patio heater for every season

Our wide range of patio heaters come with a number of benefits to make keeping your outdoor space easier than ever. With simple programming, stylish designs and easy installation, they integrate well into any garden, patio or terrace, so you can extend the warmth of summer throughout the year. Why not add something a little extra to your exterior space by browsing our electric patio heaters today.


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