The Electric Radiator Style Guide

Last updated: May 2023

Traditionally, heating systems have not been an aesthetic choice for our homes. In the past, central heating radiators have been disguised with fancy wooden covers, painted, or hidden away in an attempt to lessen their visual burden. In recent years however, everything in our homes seems to be manufactured with style in mind – including our heating systems. The electric radiator, free from the shackles of plumbing, can be styled in almost any way – featuring bold colours, unique shapes, and eye-catching designs. For the truly style-conscious home, there’s an electric radiator to suit every space…

Looking to purchase an electric radiator but don't know where to start? Our Buying Guide has you covered.

Statement heating with a black electric radiator

If you’re not a fan of ubiquitous white shades, a black electric radiator provides a daring break from tradition. For contemporary homes with luxurious décor, a black electric radiator is the perfect finishing touch – symbolising your keen eye for detail and bold disregard for household appliance tradition.

If your home is styled with crisp greys and warm tones, a black radiator can help to draw everything together – providing a well-balanced space that’s magazine cover worthy. Alternatively, you can use a black electric radiator as a striking room feature for spaces that would otherwise fade into the background.

Our top pick: Ecostrad Adesso iQ

The Ecostrad Adesso iQ is one of our most attractive electric radiators, combining an elegant aesthetic with advanced WiFi control. Finished in stunning slate, the Adesso's slimline, flat bar design make it a welcome departure from the traditional radiator style: the ideal choice for anyone who wants statement heating.

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Everyday style with a white electric radiator

If you think a black electric radiator might clash with your décor, why not consider an equally stylish and slimline alternative? For homes with a cosy, minimalist feel, a white electric radiator is the perfect choice – providing a crisp, neat and tidy look.

Our top pick: Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

Our bestselling electric radiator, the Ecostrad iQ Ceramic, boasts a refined appearance that makes it suitable for just about anywhere. Whether you have an inviting blank space, or a room that’s decorated to high heaven, this subtly styled electric radiator adds a dash of sophistication wherever it’s placed.

The iQ Ceramic is styled with minimalist lines, offering a contemporary, space-saving alternative to conventional radiators. Its understated design allows your décor to take centre stage, without entirely blending into the background. The perfect choice for living rooms, studies, hallways, and pretty much anywhere, the iQ Ceramic offers complete versatility when it comes to installation, with the choice between wall-mounting and making it freestanding with purchasable radiator feet.

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Elegant heating with a traditional electric radiator

If your home has a traditional aesthetic, the curves of the Haverland SmartWave or the sleek anthracite finish of the Terma Triga E might not be entirely appropriate. For stately spaces, an electric radiator with a conventional pleated body is the obvious choice.

Our top pick: Ecostrad Ecowärme

Combining the classic appearance of older heating systems with the advanced control of modern systems, the Ecostrad Ecowärme is the perfect electric radiator to satisfy traditional tastes. Styled with an archetypal fluted front, the Ecowärme can be installed on the grandest of walls without looking out of place – offering elegant heating that retains a sense of tradition. Finished in white, this electric radiator bridges the gap between old and new, while still managing to look dignified in the process.

This high-quality German electric radiator can even be purchased in a slender vertical orientation – an ideal choice for expansive rooms with plenty of wall space. Whether you’re lucky enough to live in a period property or simply appreciate a nostalgic design, the Ecostrad Ecowärme is the ideal traditional-style electric radiator.

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Modern heating with an infrared panel

Although not an electric radiator in the traditional sense, infrared heating panels provide a cutting-edge aesthetic that thrives in modern spaces. If your home features clean lines and uncluttered rooms, a slimline infrared panel is the ideal choice.

Resembling a piece of artwork more than a heating system, infrared panels offer sleek, unobtrusive heating that truly blends into the background. These slimline appliances use infrared heat to warm objects and people directly. While this has its own set of heating benefits, from an aesthetic point of view, infrared panels are the epitome of style – providing unique and discreet heating.

Our top pick: Ecostrad Opus iQ

Featuring a range of designs, from frameless white panels to mirror finish versions that are perfect for use in bathrooms, infrared panels are the 21st century solution to stylish interior heating. The Ecostrad Opus iQ even comes with built-in WiFi for convenient, smart control over your heating. Streamlined, inconspicuous, and effortlessly elegant, for the contemporary abode, the Opus iQ heating panel is a must.

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An electric radiator for every home

Whether you’re putting the finishing touches to a new build, upgrading your existing décor, or simply fancy a change, we have an exciting range of electric radiators that can breathe new life into your home. For attractive home heating, browse our full range today or check out our stylish collection of infrared heaters.

Key learnings

  • Free from the constraints of plumbing, electric radiators can be styled in almost any way.
  • Black electric radiators like the Adesso iQ provide a daring break from tradition, providing a well-balanced space or used as a striking room feature.
  • White electric radiators like the iQ Ceramic offer a cosy, minimalist feel to keep rooms feeling neat and tidy.
  • Traditional electric radiators like the Ecowärme are the perfect choice to satisfy classic or period interiors.
  • For modern heating, infrared panels like the Opus iQ have a refined elegance that’s perfect for uncluttered spaces.