Summerhouse Heating with Wall Mounted Electric Heaters

A garden summerhouse Whether you have a garden office, shed, or summerhouse, there’s nothing like escaping into the garden on a hot summer’s day – sunglasses on, feet up, drink in hand. Unfortunately, in the UK at least, these outdoor spaces are strictly a summer indulgence. For the remainder of the year, these annexes are claimed by the cold and become nothing more than glorified garden storage: a place for kids’ toys, bikes, and cobwebs. To make the most of your summerhouse, and to ensure it sees plenty of use throughout the cooler months, it’s time to consider an appropriate heating system. For quick, low-cost, hassle-free heating, look no further than our range of electric heaters.

Garden sheds, studios, and summerhouses are often uninsulated, timber-framed buildings that feel the cold significantly more than our homes. To keep the chills from ruining your favourite getaway spot, electric heaters are ideal. Lightweight, easy-to-use, and suitable for DIY installation, you can transform a frost-laden cabin into a toasty beach shack in minutes, and, thanks to the endless variety of electric heating, there’s more than one way to do it…


Wall mounted panel heaters

A garden officeEcostrad Eco 15 Electric Panel Radiator - 1500w

Wall panel heaters, like our best-selling Ecostrad Eco+, are the perfect choice for heating a small garden summerhouse. Specifically designed for occasional use, the Eco+ provides rapid on-demand heat from a slimline aluminium housing – making it a powerful, yet unobtrusive heating system that won’t take up too much room. If you use your summerhouse as a home office, the Ecostrad Eco+ is ideal – providing fast-acting heat when you need it most.

Unlike similarly priced panel heaters that use mechanical timers and thermostats, the Eco+ comes with sophisticated digital controls that help to improve its energy-efficiency. Choose from three customisable heat settings and create a detailed 24/7 heating schedule: a useful feature for garden offices where you know your daily schedule in advance.  

The Eco+ can be wall mounted or moved around as a portable unit. If you’re planning on staying put within your garden office, wall-mounting is the best option and the Eco+ simply screws to the wall like a TV. All our Ecostrad panel heaters come with a remote control, attachable feet, and all the necessary fixtures and fittings for wall mounting. All you need to do is unbox your Eco+, screw it to the wall, and plug it in; it really is that easy.

If you use your garden office on occasion and need a rapid heat source to keep warm when you’re there, the Ecostrad Eco+ is your best option.

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Infrared heating panels

A garden study

If you spend a decent amount of time in your garden hideaway, a more permanent heating solution is in order. Infrared heating panels like the Herschel Select are ideal; boasting super thin, slimline housings, these electric heaters could be mistaken for photo frames and can be tucked away in the tightest of spaces – providing they have a direct line of sight with the area you’d like to heat.

Herschel Select Infrared Heating Panel - White 540w (900 x 600mm)

Infrared panels, not to be confused with panel heaters like the Ecostrad Eco, use gentle infrared heat to create warmth. Unlike convection heaters, infrared doesn’t warm the air inside a room to raise the temperature. Instead, infrared heats objects and people directly, warming you without warming the air. For a garden studio or summerhouse, this method is particularly advantageous as all the heat that’s been generated by the panel won’t be disrupted by the air currents or draughts that these spaces are renowned for.

Infrared panels are an efficient heating system, especially when paired with a thermostatic controller – which makes them the sensible choice if you know you’ll be spending lots of time in your summerhouse. Heating panels can be used freestanding or mounted to the wall or ceiling. As most garden buildings have pitched rooves, you might find that ceiling mounting provides the best heat coverage. Whichever way you decide to install the Select, just like the Eco, it simply screws to the wall and plugs into the nearest socket.  

If you use your garden escape fairly regularly, the soothing heat and low running cost of the Herschel Select make it the perfect summerhouse heating solution.

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Wall mounted electric radiators

A garden summerhouse

Wall mounted electric radiators are the sophisticated choice for summerhouse heating, providing effortless style, precision temperature management, and advanced controllability. The RC Wave is our best-selling electric radiator and can be used throughout the home as an alternative to central heating. For garden studios, office spaces, or large summerhouses, the RC Wave is unbeatable.

Haverland Designer RC Wave Electric Radiators

Using the latest dry thermal heating technology, the RC Wave uses convection and radiation to create heat – evenly distributing warmth throughout your garden retreat and banishing the cold.

Featuring a highly accurate digital thermostat and 24/7 programming, the RC Wave can be used to create a detailed heating schedule just like the Ecostrad Eco+: a handy feature for prolonged stints in the garden shed. Unlike the Eco+ however, the RC Wave is suitable for all day use – making it the ideal choice if you need a constant heat source.

Styled with a gracefully curved body and crisp white finish, the RC Wave is the aesthetic choice for summerhouse heating. Suitable for both wall mounted and freestanding installation, the RC Wave has a slimline depth of 75mm – which means it can be slipped onto whatever available wall space you have. Just like the Eco+ and the Herschel Select, the RC Wave can be DIY installed with ease and all you need to do is screw the mounting bracket to your wall, hang the RC Wave from the bracket, and plug it into the nearest socket.

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Whatever the size, style, or intended use of your garden summerhouse, electric heaters are the perfect system to keep it warm. Whether you need some panel heaters for your garden office, some super slimline infrared panels for your garden studio, or some robust electric radiators for everywhere else, you’ll find all your heating needs catered for at Electric Radiators Direct. To keep yourself warm on the run up to summer, browse our full range today.