Smart Electric Heating – What are the Options?

Last updated: May 2024

Whether it’s our smartphones or virtual assistants, most of us are familiar with some form of intelligent control, but when it comes to our heating, what exactly are the options available? Many modern heaters come with a range of smart controls, from Bluetooth to WiFi. To help you find the best solution for your home, we’ve put together a list of the different smart electric heating options, showing how each one will benefit you.

Bluetooth control

First up we’ve got Bluetooth control, which has been around for some time. But how does it help with controlling your heating? Well, as long as you’re within range of the appliance and have the correct app downloaded onto your phone or tablet, you can access a variety of features from the comfort of your seat.

How is it useful?

Intuitive graphic interface that simplifies programming

Convenient remote-control system with no direct line of sight needed

Access to extra features through the app

How does it work?

Chances are you’re accustomed to using a remote control, perhaps for your TV or even for your current heating system. Most remotes come with push-button control and allow you to manage an appliance from a short distance. Bluetooth effectively works in the same way only it lets you program your heating through an app on your phone. App control gives you access to a range of features including daily programming and precise temperature adjustment all through the intuitive graphic interface of your phone. Unlike a typical remote, Bluetooth uses a shortwave radio frequency which travels further, delivering wireless control that does not need a direct line of sight to your appliance. This means you can make changes to your heaters no matter where you are in the house, so if you’re in the kitchen cooking and want to adjust the heating in the living room, you can simply hop on the app and make those changes.

We recommend: Haverland RC Wave

One of our bestselling Bluetooth heaters is the RC Wave electric radiator, which boasts a refined, curved build and recessed control panel for effortless manual control. When paired to the Haverland BT app, you can make lightning-quick changes from your smartphone when nearby – set temperatures, schedules and more with this efficient electric radiator.

Check out our dedicated review here.

If you do choose a heater with Bluetooth control, it’s important to note that it cannot be used outside your home and can only support a small number of appliances, so if you’re wanting more versatile control over a larger system, it might be worth considering our next option.

WiFi control

WiFi control has revolutionised the heating industry in recent years, making it easier than ever to manage your home heating. With it you can access a multitude of features, giving you a level of control that was previously unattainable.

How is it useful?

Convenient & easy to use

On-the-go heat management

Perfect for those with a busier lifestyle

Access to extra features through the app

How does it work?

Like Bluetooth, WiFi provides control through an app on your phone, however, it takes it one step further by letting you program your heating from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to be physically present at your property to use it. As long as you have the app downloaded on your phone and access to the internet you can adjust your heating even when you’re out and about. WiFi control lets you program your heaters on an individual or collective basis, allowing for different heating zones throughout the house. This means each radiator can be set to follow a separate schedule with varying temperatures for every room. Some apps give you access to energy usage statistics, geolocation and voice control, but perhaps one of the best advantages is that an app will constantly evolve over time. With continuous upgrades to improve usability and functionality, an app provides you with a long-lasting method of control that won’t need to be replaced in the future.

We recommend: Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

WiFi-ready straight out of the box, the iQ Ceramic is the gold-standard of smart electric heating. Its slimline, contemporary build houses a highly efficient ceramic stone core, resulting in residual heating even after switch-off. Chockful with energy-saving features, the iQ Ceramic really shines when paired to an app. Set schedules, switch heating modes and even play around with it’s motion detection mode. With WiFi app control, the sky is the limit!

Though WiFi controlled radiators are an excellent energy-saving option for any household, they’re particularly useful for properties that might go empty for some time, like holiday lets or rentals, as landlords can still remain in control of the heating without actually having to visit the property.

Voice control

In recent years, the use of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa has become commonplace in our homes. When it comes to heating, voice control allows the user to manage and adjust their radiators with simple commands, making it ideal if you’re looking for easy and convenient heat management.

How is it useful?

Effortless, hands-free control

Adjust temperatures with voice commands

A quicker way of managing your heating

Integrates well into existing smart home setups

How does it work?

Instead of reaching for your thermostat or phone every time you want to change the temperature, with voice control you can adjust your heating the hands-free way. Access to WiFi is required for this, and you must be within range of your smart speaker, but it does mean you don’t have to lift a finger to make changes to your heating. So, if you’re working from home, binge watching your favourite show or simply doing the ironing, there’s no need to stop in your tracks just to adjust the temperature.

We recommend: Ecostrad iQ Plus

The Ecostrad iQ Plus electric panel heater is primed for delivering on-demand warmth when you need the temperature topping up. With integrated WiFi control, the iQ Plus can be paired with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for fuss-free, hands-free heat management. As the iQ Plus is a supplementary heat source designed for occasional use, there’s no need to worry about setting up a schedule. Simple, ad-hoc voice management is the way to go when it comes to programming this smart heater.

Many of our WiFi controlled radiators are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home so they’ll fit in perfectly with the rest of your system if you already have one of these assistants set up.

Motion sensor

Some of our radiators are so smart that they even come with a motion sensor mode for automated heating you can rely on. A motion sensor completely removes the guesswork from heating your home as it responds to your daily routine, only switching on and providing warmth when there is movement in the room.

How is it useful?

Fully automatic so no manual control needed

Set & forget heating

Perfect for less frequented rooms

We recommend: Haverland SmartWave

The Haverland SmartWave takes things a step further and learns your routine. Through using its motion sensor, the SmartWave detects and takes note of when you enter and leave a room throughout the week, adapting swiftly to any changes in your routine to create a personalised heating schedule just for you. If you happen to arrive home ahead of your schedule, the SmartWave will switch to comfort mode, guaranteeing your home is toasty and warm precisely when you need it. However, if you arrive late, it will switch to economy mode, so you don’t have to worry about wasting energy heating a space when you’re not there.

Motion sensor is a handy feature if you happen to have a less structured routine as you don’t have to worry about re-programming your heating every time your schedule changes.

Accurate and convenient control comes as standard with all of our electric radiators. Built for the modern home, they’re loaded with features that help reduce running costs.

Is smart electric heating the way forward?

In many ways, yes. It is more efficient, incredibly convenient, easy to use and ultimately the future of home heating. As we move towards more environmentally friendly solutions, smart heating will continue to grow and develop, so why not get ahead of the curve and purchase one of our bestselling, smart electric heaters today?

Key learnings

  • If you’re looking to save time, energy and money, smart electric heating is the way to go.
  • Heaters with Bluetooth control allow you to make changes on an app when nearby the unit – no direct line of sight needed.
  • WiFi-controlled electric heaters can be managed any time, any place from the convenience of your smartphone. As apps are constantly evolving, new and exciting features are never far from the horizon.
  • Many smart heaters are compatible with smart speaker pairing. Make quick changes with just your voice – ideal for ad-hoc heat management.
  • Electric radiators with motion sensors remove the need for schedules, as they’ll turn on and off based on your movement. Some radiators like the Haverland SmartWave will learn your routine to set its own bespoke weekly schedule.