How does smart electric heating work and is it worth it?

Last updated: February 2023

There are many misconceptions surrounding electric heating, with perhaps the running costs being the most misunderstood. While gas rates are cheaper, that doesn’t mean central heating will save you money in the long run. In fact, quite the opposite. Electric is developing in leaps and bounds compared to gas central heating, which faces irrelevancy in a world adapting to diminishing recourses. For millions of people, electric has become an integral fixture in home heating for its convenience and environmental benefits – not least all the ways it can keep costs down.

What is smart electric heating and how does it work? 

Smart heating offers a convenient and intuitive way of managing your heating, whether through a smartphone, tablet or computer. Usually through app control, it gives you access to a range of intelligent, energy-saving features, which allow you to turn your heating on and off, create custom heating schedules and check your energy usage. Heaters with smart control often provide a number of automatic functions as well, such as voice control and motion detection, eliminating the need for manual adjustment. Ease of use and excellent controllability characterise smart warmth, setting it apart from more conventional methods of heating.  

Learn more about the intuitive control features found in many of our electric heaters >

What are the benefits of smart control?

Intelligent control has a variety of different advantages. For example, easier management over electric heating provides better efficiency and reduced running costs. Let’s look at how other features of smart control can be beneficial. 

App Control

Some are available with app control, which allows you to manage your heating from the palm of your hand. This provides a level of portable programming you don’t have access to with heaters that only offer manual control. There are two types of app control:


Supplies wireless control through your phone or tablet, encouraging effortless temperature adjustment throughout your home. No direct line of sight is needed, so you can adjust the warmth in the kitchen, even when you’re sitting comfortably in the living room.

Bluetooth heaters include: Haverland RC Wave, Terma Rolo


Adjust your heating regardless of your location, controlling warmth on the go through a compatible app. For example, if you nip to the shops and realise you’ve left the heating on, simply use the app to switch your heating off and manage warmth remotely.

WiFi heaters include: Ecostrad Allerton iQ, Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

Energy-Saving Features

Both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity give you access to a range of intuitive controls, helping to create a more efficient heating system in your home. Some of these features include:

  • Energy usage statistics: gives accurate readings of your usage so that you can adapt your energy consumption to fit in line with your budget.
  • Precision digital thermostats: many smart electric heaters are fitted with exceptionally accurate thermostats that help to maintain the ideal temperature in your home. They ensure your heating always stays within a fraction of your preferred heat level, without overheating or underheating a room, so you don’t end up wasting energy.
  • 24/7 programming: create a custom heating schedule for every room to match your routine perfectly. This means you don’t waste energy heating spaces that aren’t in use.
  • Voice control: compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you can effortlessly adjust your heating using voice commands. Often included with WiFi controlled electric heaters, this function needs no manual adjustment. You can simply tell the heater what to do, with commands such as “Alexa, switch heater off”, promoting hands-free management. The easier the control, the easier it is to save energy. Heaters with this function include: Ecostrad iQ CeramicTechnotherm KS DSMHaverland SmartWave

Automatic Features

Smart control often provides a range of automatic and intuitive features that makes managing your heating easy and convenient.

  • Motion detection: you won’t need to make manual adjustments, as the appliance switches on whenever movement is detected, such as entering a room. Some can even self-programme, creating a routine based on your past movements. Heaters with this function include: Ecostrad iQ CeramicHaverland SmartWave
  • Adaptive start: once you’ve set your schedule, this function will tell your heaters to pre-heat your room in advance, achieving your preferred temperature at your chosen time. You won’t have to waste heat by quickly trying to warm up a room, and it also saves you the hassle of manually adjusting each heater. Heaters with this function include: Ecostrad Adesso and Haverland Designer RC Wave
  • Geolocation: works by turning your heating on or off depending on your proximity to home. So, if you leave a certain radius, the heating will switch to a lower setting. When you return, it will switch back on at a higher temperature. Heaters with this function include: Technotherm KS DSM

Is upgrading to smart electric heating worth it?

Intelligent control provides easy and flexible heat management, allowing you to tailor your heating to suit your needs and achieve the ideal temperature time and time again. It gives you access to a range of energy-saving features that you just don’t get with manual control. Ultimately, it’s worth switching to smart electric heating, not only for its convenience, but for its superior efficiency too.

What smart electric heating system is best?

If you’re looking to switch your entire heating system to an intelligent one, smart electric radiators are an excellent option. 100% efficient at point of use, they convert all the energy drawn from the wall into usable heat, optimising efficiency and helping you save money. Whilst some require hardwiring by a professional electrician, others are DIY-friendly, meaning you can set up your radiators in a matter of minutes. Available in a range of styles and finishes, they are versatile enough to suit the aesthetic of every property. When it comes to easily modernising your heating, smart electric radiators are the way to go. 

Key learnings

  • Smart control not only makes managing your heating more convenient, it also helpt so reduce running costs and improve efficiency. 
  • From WiFi control to 24/7 programming, our range of electrc heaters come with a variety of programming features design to make heat management easier than ever. 
  • Use automatic features such as motion detection, energy usage statistics and geolocation to take the hassle out of heating your home.