Plug In Radiators: The Right Choice For Your Home?

Plug in electric radiatorsRadiators are a universal feature of our homes and most of us couldn't imagine living without their comforting warmth. But what springs to mind when you think of a plug in radiator? An outdated, unattractive, expensive way of adding additional heat to your home? Think again! Modern plug in radiators could be that stylish, efficient, permanent heating solution you are looking for! 

Are plug-in radiators any different to a hardwired model?

Ecostrad EcowarmePlug-in radiators run off mains electricity and plug into a wall socket much like any other appliance. Just like central heating, they heat rooms using a combination of convection and radiation, a mix which provides quick results as well as a longer lasting warmth.

But are they any different to your average hardwired electric radiator? Not really – the only difference between plug-in and wired radiators is that one gives you the option to install them yourself, whereas the other always has to be installed by a professional. Another difference with a lot of plug-in models is that some manufacturers anticipate that you’ll want them as a portable heating device and sometimes offer optional feet or casters so you can use them freestanding. Aside from their fitting, the level of control offered by both types of radiator will usually be the same in that they offer full weekly programming, precision thermostats and other automatic energy-saving features.

Why choose a plug-in model?

If your house is undergoing development, you’re renting, or you simply can't decide where to put your new radiator, a plug-in radiator can be a fantastic option. They’re a versatile solution for everyday life and you’d be surprised at how many occasions crop up where you might need one. They can be a handy backup if your main system fails, a quick solution for a room renovation, a reliable source of warmth for a conservatory, or a portable source of warmth if you’re moving from site to site. The applications are almost endless!

A sleek, new electric radiator could be the perfect way to add a new feature to your home. Not only are our designer radiators attractive to look at, they are easy to install, low maintenance, quiet, and can be purchased in a variety of styles – perfect for maintaining a traditional ambiance in your home, or for exploring a new and modern aesthetic.

Are plug in radiators energy-efficient?

The most common concern when it comes to electric radiators are that electricity is more expensive than gas. While there is some truth in this, central heating systems are more expensive to maintain, and the running costs are set to increase as global oil supplies diminish. Electric radiators are 100% efficient, meaning zero waste, as all electricity input is converted to heat. Instead of heating all rooms at the same time, you have total control with the option to turn each radiator on and off individually, so you don’t have to heat that spare guest bedroom when it isn’t in use. Other features such as thermostats and smart WiFi distance control can save even more energy. In the long term, electric radiators can save you money, as well as the environment! Central heating systems require the combustion of finite fossil fuels, whereas electricity is increasingly being generated from renewable sources. For an even more positive environmental impact, you can even use electric radiators with self-generated energy if you have your own turbines or solar panels; or, you can also use them with a supplier that offers a green tariff.

Our range of radiators with DIY fitting

RC WaveStill unsure whether you could benefit from a plug-in radiator? Our exclusive Haverland Designer RC Wave range has a slim, ultra-stylish design, at only 7.5cm depth, perfect for any room. This radiator can be DIY wall mounted with ease or used as a free standing, portable unit with optional feet attachments. The radiator body is 100% recyclable and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

For a more traditional stance on a modern electric radiator, explore our Ecostrad Ecowärme range. These radiators are aesthetically indistinguishable from standard central heating radiators, providing an inconspicuous and covert electric heating system. Ecowärme electric radiators have high precision thermostats to reduce your energy costs, warming you as well as your surroundings with fast and even heat distribution. They may not be suitable for a freestanding fitting like the RC Wave but they can still be installed DIY with minimal experience, and if you’re confident in your skills, you can have it set up in a matter of minutes.

All our electric radiators are available in a variety of sizes, so no matter the scale of your heating requirements, plug in radiators can tackle them. Our products include those suitable for heating rooms with high ceilings or conservatories, so if you are unsure which product is most suitable to your heating needs visit our buying guide or for any further queries, don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales team.