How to Heat a Pergola with Electric Patio Heaters

Pergolas are an elegant addition to any outdoor space, serving as a sophisticated focal point as well as a pleasant, shaded area during sunnier months. With these outdoor shelters being more exposed to the weather than, say, a gazebo, it’s worth considering using electric patio heaters to keep them warm and cosy, all year round. But why are these heaters ideal for heating a pergola and how do you go about installing them?   

Why are electric patio heaters the most effective option?

When it comes to heating your pergola, electric patio heaters are an excellent choice for a number of reasons, such as:

Gentle Radiant Warmth

Electric patio heaters supply 100% radiant heat, meaning the warmth they produce is easily absorbed by surrounding objects and surfaces. Instead of heating the air, they warm you directly for a deeper level of heat. This significantly reduces the chances of heat being lost to the wind, making infrared patio heaters ideal for outdoor, draught-prone spaces like a pergola.

No Plumbing & DIY-Friendly

As long as your garden has access to electricity and you use a standard plug socket with a suitable IP rating, installing a patio heater is a quick and easy task. Many are compatible with DIY installation and can be wall mounted or freestanding. There’s no need to extend your plumbing and you don’t have to fork out for any annual maintenance checks. Even if you have your patio heaters hardwired by a professional, the task is usually quick and simple, so you don’t have to worry about costly or lengthy callouts.

Sustainable & Efficient  

Electric patio heaters are 100% efficient at point of use as they convert all electricity taken from the wall into usable heat, making them an eco-friendly option. They also offer exceptional controllability, with many of these heaters allowing you to program your warmth in advance, preventing you from needlessly wasting heat whilst helping to reduce running costs.

How do I install an electric patio heater in my pergola?

Whilst each electric patio heater has different requirements, let’s take a look at how to install one of our best-selling products, the Solaglo, for both freestanding and wall mounted use in your pergola.

Wall Mounting

Tools Needed: A pencil, tape measure, hammer, spirit level, screwdriver, power drill and drill bits. 

Please note: the heater must be installed no less than 40cm from any side walls and no less than 180cm from the floor, so it’s worth getting the tape measure out to check beforehand.

The Solaglo comes with a handy bracket and screws for installation, allowing you to easily wall mount your patio heater to your pergola posts.

Before you drill holes to the post, make sure the surface itself is solid. Whilst it’s unlikely that there are any water pipes or electric wires built into the pergola posts, it’s always better to be extra safe!

1. Place the wall brackets over your designated spot on the pergola and mark the locations of the four outer holes with a pencil. This is your guide for drilling the holes.

2. Once you’ve marked the spots, drill the holes and fit the bolts accordingly.

3. Place the wall brackets over the bolts and make sure they’re fixed tightly to the mounting surface.

4. Using the screws, fasten the heater to the brackets – and there you have it!

The brackets provided with the Solaglo can be used to conveniently adjust the angle of the heater, letting you easily reposition it so it directly warms areas that are more occupied, such as the seating area in your pergola.


The Solaglo is suitable for freestanding fitting when purchased with the separate Ecostrad Patio Heater Stand. Once attached, just plug the heater into a standard socket and you’re good to go.

Freestanding installation is ideal for those who want a portable heating solution that can be easily moved to different locations. Besides portability, a freestanding version enables you to angle the heater effectively, ensuring it directly warms spaces that are perhaps more occupied than others, such as the seating area in your pergola.

Spotlighted Electric Patio Heater – The Ecostrad Thermaglo

The Ecostrad Thermaglo is a cutting-edge electric patio heater that works especially well in covered outdoor spaces, using a sophisticated carbon fibre heating element to provide lasting, comfortable warmth for long periods of time.

Top 3 Features:

  • 4 levels of power & in-built timer
  • Available with remote control for ease of use
  • Water-resistant IP55 rating

Sporting an elegant, teardrop design, the sleek Thermaglo makes a contemporary addition to your favourite garden hotspot. Not only does it offer modern aesthetics, but it also comes with a range of sophisticated control functions that let you easily adjust and manage your outdoor heating. Tailor your heating around your routine with the Thermaglo’s convenient timer function, which allows the heater to come on at set intervals – perfect for those days spent relaxing outside. Easy-to-use, highly controllable and stylish, the Thermaglo is an ideal choice for your pergola.  

Upgrade your outdoor heating today

With many DIY-friendly options available, fitting an infrared patio heater in your pergola has never been easier. Providing comfortable and lasting warmth as well as sophisticated controllability, patio heaters excel in outdoor heating. Wall mounted or freestanding, it won’t take long before your pergola heater is fitted in a way that best suits you. So, for an effective heating solution for your pergola, browse our versatile range of outdoor infrared patio heaters today.