Heating a Loft Apartment With Infrared Heaters

Last updated: May 2023

Loft apartments are synonymous with contemporary aesthetics, spacious living and plenty of natural light. Serving as a modern alternative to the traditional studio flat, these abodes are fast becoming a firm favourite for tenants, homeowners and landlords alike. However, these spaces are often poorly insulated – so what’s the best way to keep them warm? We’ll be explaining why infrared heaters make the perfect solution for loft apartments, covering everything from their designer flare to their 100% efficiency. But first, let’s understand what infrared heaters are and how they work.   

What are infrared heaters?

Infrared heaters are stylish heating solutions that offer optimal efficiency and effective warmth. They deliver heat through radiation – the same type of warmth our bodies constantly absorb and emit on a daily basis, for 100% natural heating. Travelling in a wave to warm people, objects and surfaces directly, these heaters don’t warm the surrounding air, so there’s less chance of heat being lost to draughts – perfect for draught-prone areas. Infrared heaters come with a range of control options, from push-button adjustment to WiFi app control, making heat management that much easier. Complete with striking designs, they also make stunning focal points in any space.

Check out our video where we provide an in-depth rundown of infrared heating. What is it, what are its benefits, and how much do infrared heaters cost to run?

Why infrared heaters are ideal for loft apartments

When it comes to keeping your loft apartment toasty, infrared heaters are a prime choice for a number of reasons – let’s take a closer look.

Radiant warmth

Lofts are notoriously poorly insulated and subject to draughts, which is why finding a heating solution that combats the chill is imperative. Thanks to the robust radiant warmth provided by infrared heaters, heat isn’t easily lost to air movement – perfect for minimising waste and maximising comfort. Infrared heaters also need a line of sight to allow warmth to travel in a wave, so you can easily position the heater towards spaces that are in use, such as your bed or your seating area.

100% efficient

Besides offering lasting warmth, infrared heaters are 100% efficient at point of use, so you know precisely where your money is going when it comes to energy bills. Every watt of energy drawn from the plug socket is converted into heat that is solely used to keep your loft warm – ideal! Plus, you always have the option of pairing your heating system with home renewables like solar panels, which would make this solution efficient from start to finish. In contrast, gas central heating experiences many heat losses through its pipe network, meaning there’s more chance of energy being squandered.

Easy installation

Whether your loft is large or compact, you can’t beat straightforward installation. With these heaters, there’s no need to extend your plumbing, so you can avoid lengthy and costly callouts from the contractor. In fact, most infrared panels are DIY-friendly, letting you wall/ceiling mount the heater with absolute ease. Once positioned, it’s usually a case of just plugging it in to a standard socket – you can’t get much simpler than that.

Zero maintenance

If you’ve ever had a gas central heating system, you’ll be familiar with the mandatory annual safety check to prevent the risk of carbon monoxide leaks. The same can’t be said for infrared heaters – in fact, other than occasional dusting, they require no maintenance whatsoever. Instead, you can reinvest that extra money into your interior design scheme or pop it in the holiday savings pot. Besides zero maintenance, many of these heaters also come with a generous warranty period of 10 years+, so you don’t have to worry about having a back-up plan in place.

Exceptional control

Equipped with a sophisticated range of control features, infrared heaters let you schedule the warmth in your loft to perfection. Most of these solutions are fitted with precise digital thermostats that monitor and regulate heat levels to maintain your preferred temperature. Preventing under and overheating, these highly accurate thermostats are excellent at helping you save energy and keeping your loft comfortable. You’ll also have access to 24/7 programming which lets you create custom heat schedules for each hour of the day, seven days a week. So, if you let out your loft apartment to holiday-goers, you can use this feature to ensure the room is toasty upon their arrival.

Innovative WiFi programming

A lot of modern infrared heaters also include an array of smart capabilities, completely modernising the way we control our heating. Many WiFi controlled infrared heaters can be paired with an app on your phone, such as the Ecostrad Ecosystem app, letting you adjust warmth on your smartphone, even when you’re away from your loft. This means that if you’re in the office and realise you’ve accidentally left the heating on, simply use the app on your phone to turn your heating system off – a sure-fired way to effortlessly save energy.

Infrared heaters – the designer choice

As elegant as they are efficient, infrared heaters integrate beautifully into a range of interior design schemes. From traditional to contemporary, minimalist to vibrant, you’re certain to find a heater that perfectly matches your décor. One of the most striking aspects of infrared heaters are their chic designs. You can easily select a design that complements the aesthetic of your loft apartment, to take your décor to a whole new level. Better yet, infrared heaters are incredibly space-saving, so they’re a great choice for smaller lofts as well as larger interiors.

Ecostrad Opus iQ

If you’re looking for a stylish solution that neatly blends into your photo gallery or creates an arresting centrepiece against dark walls, the Ecostrad Opus iQ is the ideal choice. Powder-coated in classic white, its frameless shape and modern design gives the Opus a chic uplift, mountable on the wall or ceiling for ultimate flexibility. With WiFi app control and smart speaker pairing, the Opus adds more than just a designer edge – make minute changes with a voiced command or from the ease of your smartphone and enjoy reactive, comfortable heating for your loft apartment 24/7.

Herschel Select XLS

Want a heater that doubles up as a mirror? Choose this dual-purpose mirror panel to serve as a practical yet eye-catching room feature. As radiant heat naturally combats damp and mould, the Herschel Select XLS makes the ideal choice for bathrooms, remaining fog-free and minimising condensation after a shower. When paired with an external thermostat, the XLS can be programmed to your specification for ultimate convenience – with optional WiFi programming, you’re guaranteed total control over running costs.

In this video, we cover all the necessary considerations you’ll need to make before purchasing an infrared panel heater. From installation, to control, to how exactly infrared works - we’ve got you covered.

Keep your loft apartment warm all year round

Stylish, efficient and smart – infrared heaters are an ideal heating solution that you can rely on. Whether your loft apartment is your primary property or your go-to staycation spot, infrared heaters are the perfect way to keep this space warm and cosy, all year round. So, if you’re looking for an easy-to-install heating solution that requires no maintenance, look no further than infrared heaters. Browse our full range now.

Key learnings

  • Since loft apartments are known for being poorly insulated and subject to draughts, infrared heaters make the ideal choice. Radiant heat doesn’t rely on the circulation of air and instead heats objects directly.
  • Infrared heaters are incredibly low maintenance. Not only can they be installed DIY, but they also don’t require mandatory servicing.
  • A wealth of control options adds to the flexibility of infrared heaters. With precision thermostats, 24/7 programming and WiFi app programming, taking charge of energy usage and running costs has never been easier.