6 Ways Electric Radiators Could Save You Money

Energy prices always seem to be on the rise and many homeowners are looking to economise where they can. Striking a balance between using less energy and keeping reasonably warm is a tricky business, and there are only so many jumpers a person can wear! Thankfully, recent improvements in technology are giving customers greater power to monitor and control their own energy use. In a time where households are having to cut back, many are investing in electric radiators as a means of reducing the amount of power they use. If you’re looking for an alternative heating solution but need to stick to a budget, the six points below could help you to make your mind up if you’re considering purchasing an electric radiator.

1. Flexibility and greater control

If you’re used to those small, energy-guzzling radiators that may have once heated up a pokey student flat, you may be pleasantly surprised to find many modern electric radiators are incredibly efficient. Advanced control options allow users to tailor their energy requirements, heating up only during times programmed into its system and to set temperatures. Struggling to heat a large house? The flexibility given by electric radiators lets you customise your heating for each individual room and Wi-Fi enabled models let you control and monitor your radiator from your smartphone or tablet. Giving you quick heating as and when you need it, electric radiators let you keep close tabs on your outgoings and provides a clear advantage over other heating systems.

2. Less heat loss vs conventional gas heating

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 One of the major cost advantages over traditional central heating is that electric radiators offer zoned warmth, allowing you to comfortably heat specific rooms in the house. Heat loss can occur in gas central heating systems via the boiler and the pipework, and as this method heats up all areas of the house regardless of whether it’s in use or not, the cost can rapidly add up. Slimline electric radiators are a fantastic alterative if you find that you favour a particular room, so if you tend to come home after work and entrench yourself in the living room with some wine and nibbles, you can stay warm without worrying about your heating bill.

3. No running costs with home renewable energy

This is a massive bonus for anyone conscious about the environment and with access to their own generated electricity, e.g. via solar panels or wind generators. Using your own power means that you can run electric radiators at no additional cost to yourself, whilst staying safe in the knowledge that your heating is coming from a truly green source. As prices for fossil fuels slowly creep up, the drive to become self-sufficient and reduce carbon footprint is becoming increasingly popular.

4. DIY installation

There’s nothing more annoying than purchasing a critical piece of kit for your home and then having to pay for installation. In cases where you’re using central heating, you will need to call out an accredited gas fitter or a plumber to make adjustments to your system which can always be costly. With wall mounted electric radiators there are no such issues as installation is simple and requires little to no technical knowledge. Particularly useful if you need a heating source installing in a home extension, but for planning permission reasons can’t expand your central heating, an electric radiator can be installed wherever there is an available plug socket. If you still can’t believe how easy they are to install (it only takes 10 minutes!), it’s well worth watching our instructional video.

5. Reduced day running cost

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If you’re currently using storage heaters and on the Economy 7 tariff, you would be relying on your storage heater to provide you with a steady stream of heat during the day by heating up overnight while the cost of electricity is cheaper. The downside of Economy 7 is higher price in the cost of electricity during the day which is supposed to be offset by the cheaper night-time costs, but increasingly this model of energy use is falling out of favour with current lifestyles. With more demand for energy use during the day, the typical consumer is not getting any of the benefits of the Economy 7 tariff. Purchasing an electric radiator can actually be more cost effective on a standard electric tariff, especially with recent models offering greater control and options for when and how much you want to heat your room. Some radiators also include motion detection technology and are designed to turn off when they can no longer sense anyone in the room, keeping energy use to a minimum.

6. Efficient heat diffusion

Compared to other electrical heating devices, radiators offer superior heat distribution within the home. Older storage heaters heat through convection, circulating warm air which gradually cools down over time, but with the frequent opening and closing of doors this exposure to draughts can make any warmth dissipate in moments. Electric radiators provide heat through convection as well as through radiation, ensuring that no matter how often you come and go out of your house, heat loss from draughts is significantly reduced.

Electric radiators are real contenders when it comes to home heating solutions, and advancements in their design have made them a versatile asset, giving more pinpoint control to the user. Whether you’re looking for a hi-tech way to manage your energy usage or even if you want a stylish, low cost method of heating your spare room, Electric Radiators Direct offers a wide range of products that are sure to help you save those pennies.


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