Some energy saving advice for electric radiator owners

Energy saving advice for electric heatingEnergy efficient electric radiators are becoming ever more popular in our homes thanks to their environmentally friendly, energy saving ways, but are owners making the most of their new heating gadgets? Electric radiators do more than simply heat your home - they help you manage how its heated by giving you an incredible amount of control. Used in the right way, they can really help you cut down your energy bills. So what are people likely to be overlooking?


At Electric Radiators Direct, we pride ourselves on being able to find the right radiator for the right customer. After all, everyone's needs are different and the type of radiator you invest your hard earned money in will have a big impact on things like energy efficiency, heat consistency and general reliability. It's also important to understand that the type of home you have can have a dramatic effect on your choice of radiator. With this in in mind, we make sure our customers have the right radiators for the job, and we equip them with all the knowledge they need to make the absolute most of their new technology. 


Make programming your first port of call

Once you've gone through the simple process of installing your energy efficient electric radiator and gotten power to it, the next thing to do is familiarise yourself with the programming set up. This may seem complicated on the surface, but most radiators will be shipped with detailed instructions on how to do it quickly and easily. Many models, like the RC Wave radiator manufactured by Haverland, have a bright LED panel screen with no more than three of four buttons to navigate the simple interface. It will light up when touched, and allow you to program your radiator with ease. 


Think about your schedule and your habits. The programming options that your radiator has are one of the best ways to help you save money, and a major advantage of going electric.  Each room can be on its own schedule and set at its own temperate - so say goodbye to innacurate central heating thermostats. Think about where you're likely to be at any time on a given day. For example, you might spend 2 or 3 hours watching television on an evening before going to bed - so do you really need the heat on in the study or the spare room? Rather than simply turning these radiators off (as you might with a gas central heating system), you can simply program your radiators to only heat these rooms at certain times of the day - times when you're likely to use them. 


Being able to micromanage your home heating in this way is an excellent way to save energy, help the environment and ultimately reduce your energy costs. 


Wall mount your radiator

Wall mounting your radiator is easy - Haverland's RC Wave can be mounted and up and running in less than 10 minutes with little more than a drill and pencil - and it can really make a huge difference to how your interact with them on a daily basis. Electric radiators work best when they're used in a consistent and balanced way, so mounting them and making them a feature of the room is really important.  If, however, you don't have the wall space for a radiator - say, in a conservatory where a low radiator isn't even an option - then we can supply supporting feet to help you use the radiator in a more portable way. 


Let them do their job

Electric radiators these days are sophisticated bits of kit. They'll detect your room temperature for you and maintain any temperature you desire, and they'll do it constantly over time if you let them. If you feel a slight chill, don't crank up the temperature and expect the room to heat up quicker. If you'd like the room a degree or two warmer, simply tell the radiator and within a few minutes you'll feel the effect evenly throughout the room. 


If you own energy efficient electric radiators you're already one of the lucky ones, but don't forget the energy saving potential that's in your hands. Take control and start lowering your energy usage, it's easy!


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