Burda Outdoor Heaters

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  1. Our Price £599.99 inc. VAT
    • Ultra-Low Glare Heating Elements
    • All-in-One Heat & Light
    • IP65 Rating – Weatherproof
    Heats from 30m²
    warranty 2 Year

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Customer Questions

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  1. Who are Burda?

    1. Burda are a heating manufacturer based in Germany, specialising in shortwave radiant appliances for outdoor use. The company was established in 1990 and they have continued to develop and adapt their product range to suit the growing demand for infrared solutions. They boast an impressive list of big brand clients spanning various industries and they export to over 50 countries worldwide.

  2. Do all Burda heaters glow?

    1. All Burda heaters glow to some degree but the products we stock are designed to lessen the amount of visible light produced. You can choose between low glare or ultra-low glare products depending on your preferences.

      Patio heaters in the Burda Smart range use quartz lamps and highly polished reflectors to deliver low glare infrared heating. Heaters in the Burda Term range come with a slightly higher price tag because they use innovative bi-focus reflectors and double-coated quartz bulbs to provide ultra-low glare heating. This reduces the amount of visible light by up to 80%, bringing you all the benefits of invigorating near-infrared heat but in a much more discreet package.

      If you’re looking for a completely glow free heater, take a look at our Herschel range of ceramic infrared heaters.

  3. What IP rating do I need from my Burda heater?

    1. You’ll need to choose a product with an IP rating appropriate for its intended installation location. For a standard outdoor installation, we would always recommend selecting a product of at least IPX4. This indicates that it’s protected against splashes of water from all sides. This will ensure your heater is protected against typical UK weather. Locations that are exposed to frequent harsh weather conditions will be better served by a heater with an IPX5 or higher rating.

      More detailed information on these classifications can be found on our in-depth IP ratings guide. If you’d rather get advice tailored to your own specific project parameters, give our sales team a call and they’ll be able to provide you with further guidance and create a free quote.

Burda Outdoor Heater

Burda are long-established as one of the leading brands in the outdoor heating market, with a reputation for innovative engineering and quality product. Burda patio heaters work using shortwave infrared radiation. The heaters give off a dim orange glow and invigorating waves of heat which warm objects, surfaces and people directly. This method of heating is extremely energy-efficient as no heat energy is lost warming the circulating air. Our range of Burda outdoor heaters are suitable for a range of domestic and commercial uses, with a weatherproof construction designed to remain resilient in harsh conditions and exposed areas.