Thermal Fluid Electric Radiators

Thermal fluid radiators – also known as oil filled radiators – are pre-filled with heat-retentive oil that delivers an even spread of efficient and lasting warmth. They’re often typified by their stylish column design and cutting-edge smart control.

It's a common misconception that thermal fluid radiators use plumbing or pipes. In fact, they’re entirely self-contained units that should either be hardwired to the mains by a professional, or in some cases DIY installed. There are no complicated moving parts to worry about and no need for annual maintenance costs, making thermal fluid electric radiators a popular choice for many.

Why choose a thermal fluid radiator?

If you’re looking for a heating solution that combines elegant design with efficient heating technology, a thermal fluid radiator is the answer. These electric radiators are ideal for long-term use throughout a property where they will provide all-day warmth.

Whether you're looking to heat an older home, a new-build project, an office or an industrial setting, we can help you find the perfect thermal fluid radiator for your needs.

Our range of thermal fluid radiators

Our buyers spend months carefully researching and finding you the very best products on the market, which is why we have a wide range of thermal fluid radiators available.

From Ecostrad to Haverland and Terma, we stock products from some of the biggest brands in the industry, all with one thing in common – meticulous attention to detail. These designer electric radiators and towel rails all use efficient thermal fluid technology to supply lasting warmth and offer a wealth of energy-saving features to help reduce waste and improve running costs.

Designer Electric Radiators

Efficient, intelligent and eye-catching, these dry thermal radiators are great for a range of spaces.

Electric Towel Rails

Dry towels whilst keeping your bathroom warm with the dry thermal technology used in these efficient towel rails.

Benefits of thermal fluid electric radiators

Wide range of designs

Bespoke column styling, multiple colourways as well as low, horizontal & vertical options available.

Smart control options

Many dry thermal radiators are WiFi compatible, offering a wealth of smart, energy-saving features.

Improved heat retention

Efficient thermal-fluid technology holds warmth for longer, for increased efficiency and lasting comfort.

Precise temperature control

Fitted with a highly precise heating element, thermal fluid radiators maintain desired temperatures with ease.

Engineered for electric

Built from the ground up, with careful attention to detail for optimum home heating.

Maintenance free

No combustion of fuel means no annual callouts necessary – so you don’t have to worry about any extra fees.

Unmatched heating efficiency

Our range of thermal fluid radiators use thermo-dynamic gels and liquids specially formulated for their heat retention properties. The submerged heating element warms the internal liquid which spreads heat throughout the radiator body to warm the room. It may take a little longer to reach full temperature, but slow cool down times mean the radiator won’t have to work as hard to maintain your desired temperature.

Offering superior heat circulation and unmatched efficiency, it’s no wonder thermal fluid radiators are one of the most popular heating solutions on the market. Find your perfect match today…

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Want to know more about dry thermal radiators? Watch our handy video to explore what exactly sets them apart from other heating systems.

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