Thermal Fluid Explained




It's a common misconception that thermal fluid radiators use plumbing or pipes. In fact, the liquid element is entirely contained within the radiator body, which simply plugs into the wall like all our other electric radiators.

If you want an energy efficient radiator, you can't go wrong with thermal fluid. Our radiators use thermo-dynamic gels and liquids specially formulated for their heat retention properties. As the radiator heats up, the fluid inside is evenly spread through the body to ensure even heat distribution across the room. Because thermal fluids retain heat so well, your radiator will not have to work hard to maintain your desired temperature – making our radiators very energy efficient.

With electric radiators becoming more and more popular throughout the UK, our buyers have spent months of careful research finding you the very best products on the market. Thermal fluid technology is used in our state-of-the-art designer ranges, and in many of our energy efficient electric towel rails.

As anyone who has renovated their homes will know, fitting gas central heating is a big job. You have to take up the floorboards, disturb plaster work and pay expensive plumber's bills to fit the pipes needed to install your radiators. But with electric heating, installation could not be quicker, easier or cheaper!

The thermal fluid element in our electric radiators is entirely contained within the unit – no pipes or plumbing required. The radiators simply mount on the wall and plug into the nearest socket. It's a straightforward DIY job that couldn't be easier! When you order a thermo-dynamic fluid filled radiator from Electric Radiators Direct, you can rest assured that you have chosen a reliable and efficient heating system. There are no complicated moving parts to worry about; your radiator can be easily installed and there's great scope to reduce your fuel bills. Whether you're looking to heat an established home, a new-build project, an office or an industrial setting, we can help you find the perfect thermal fluid radiators for your needs.

Benefits of thermal fluid radiators

Wide range of designs

Smart control options

Improved heat retention

Ant-frost protection

Longer-lasting warmth

Zero maintenance