Technotherm TTB-E Duo 8+ WiFi Controlled Storage Heater - 0.85kw

The Technotherm TTB-E Duo 8+ night storage heater is economy 7 heating brought into the modern age, offering full daily and weekly programming, a precision thermostat and a wealth of automatic features to save you energy. It also has optional WiFi distance control when paired with its hub accessory, making storage heating accessible to a whole new generation of users.
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This 0.85kw Technotherm Duo WiFi storage heater makes economy 7 heating accessible for everyone. There’s no unintuitive dials or guesswork needed with the Duo: this smart storage heater is fully programmable so you can set precise comfort temperatures for every hour of the day throughout the week, leaving your heating to run itself. Even if you’re halfway across the world, you can still take full control of your heating by purchasing the Duo’s optional WiFi hub. This allows your storage heaters to connect to the internet so you can manage your heating on the move using a smartphone or tablet – simply download the app and enjoy innovative control at your fingertips. The Technotherm hub unlocks a range of extra features to help you slimline your running costs, including energy-usage statistics, guest account options and a geo-location feature which switches your heating to a lower level whenever you leave a set radius from your property.

Efficient heating technology

As well as offering smart control, the Technotherm TTB-E Duo also comes with smart heating technology for greater efficiency. It uses intelligent automatic charge, which calculates how much energy to draw based on your set program and the previous day’s usage, minimising waste without needing any user input. Each heating element inside the appliance can operate independently, so as it reaches its target charge, it can turn off each element in series to minimise the amount of power drawn from the wall. It’s a feature completely unique to Technotherm storage heaters and ensures your heating system is as affective as possible.

Another feature that is exclusive to the Technotherm range of storage heaters is its patented venting system. When more heat is needed, the vent opens to allow an extra flow of air to the bricks, and once opened, requires no more power. It’s completely automated, completely silent and doesn’t constantly draw energy – the perfect balance between manual venting and fan-assist models. In the event the Duo runs out of stored heat, you’re never left in the cold. Its in-built convection heater activates whenever you need a boost of warmth and always ensures your ideal comfort temperature is maintained.

High-quality German design

These German-engineered storage heaters are insulated for extra efficiency and use Ferolite bricks with a high iron content to provide optimal heat retention and conduction. Each unit is rigorously tested at every stage of the manufacturing process and is personally signed off by a quality control manager for traceability. Featuring a compact design with a modern chamfered body, the Technotherm TTB-E Duo night storage heater is the perfect upgrade to older manual models.

Technotherm TTB-E Duo The next generation
of storage heaters
Quality German Engineering
The Technotherm TTB-E Duo is a German engineered storage heater made to the highest standard for reliable, high-quality heating.
Adaptable Home Heating
Take advantage of the 24/7 programming function to adapt your heating to your lifestyle. Select the perfect temperature for every hour to keep you comfortably warm throughout the day.
Convenient Control
Featuring advanced WiFi control when used with the compatible WiFi hub, the Technotherm TTB-E Duo is one of the most sophisticated storage heaters on the market, providing easy programming on the go.
Lot 20 Compliant
The Technotherm TTB-E Duo is fully compliant with EU Lot 20 efficiency regulations by providing extra features like open window detection, adaptive start and WiFi control.
Intelligent Charge
The Duo automatically sets its own charge level based on your previous day’s usage and your set program. No manual adjustment required.
User-friendly Interface
With three different display settings including a choice between white, black or colour styles, the control panel is clear and easy to use.
Modern Economy Heating
The Duo is time-honoured, economical heating with a modern twist. It blends traditional standards of quality with cutting-edge technology for a storage heating system that’s like no other. Fully programmable and offering optional WiFi control when purchased with its hub accessory, the Technotherm Duo is storage heating fit for 21st century life.
Intelligent Automatic Charge

Take the guesswork out of home heating with the automatic charge function of the Technotherm TTB-E Duo. This function calculates how much charge is needed based on usage from the previous day and then automatically adjusts so that it has enough heat for the next day’s set program. This requires zero user input and delivers a much more intuitive and energy-efficient heating system for your home.

Minimal Energy Use

The Technotherm TTB-E Duo features three separate heating elements that can all operate independently of one another. This means that when the heater is reaching the end of its charging cycle, the elements will switch off one by one for more accurate charge and output, cutting down on the amount of power being used and preventing any wasted heat.

Patented Venting System

Instead of using energy constantly like fan-assisted storage heaters, the Technotherm TTB-E Duo comes with a unique venting system that allows air to easily flow through to the thermal bricks in a completely silent way. Once in place, this vent does not have to move again, using no energy whatsoever and provides a more energy-efficient heating solution.

Advanced WiFi Control

When purchased with its compatible WiFi hub, the Technotherm TTB-E Duo allows for intuitive WiFi control. Simply download the Technotherm app onto your smartphone for easy heat management at your fingertips. Check the charge level and your power usage or simply adjust the temperature and control your heating no matter where you are in the world. As long as you have access to the internet, you’re always in charge of your home heating.

Precision DSM Thermostat
No matter what temperature you select, the Technotherm TTB-E Duo’s thermostat will be accurate to within ±0.1 °C, for reliable warmth you can depend on.
Extra Insulation
Every part of the Duo emphasises efficiency and this includes its body, which comes with extra insulation for greater heat retention.
Integrated Backup Heater
There’s no need to worry about running out of heat – the Duo’s in-built convection heater will top up room temperatures whenever your stored warmth isn’t enough.