Technotherm DSM Interface WiFi Hub

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This WiFi hub unlocks the full potential of Technotherm KS DSM electric radiators, allowing them to be controlled via a smart device from anywhere in the world. The hub simply plugs into your home router and communicates via RF with your DSM radiators, keeping bandwidth usage to a minimum.

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The Technotherm DSM Interface WiFi Hub can be quickly and easily plugged into your home router to allow distance control over your DSM electric radiators. Once installed, all you need to do is download the Technotherm heating app to a compatible smart device and you can adjust your heating from your phone with just a few taps.

The WiFi hub works by receiving signals through your internet connection and relaying them to your electric radiators using radio frequency. As the Hub acts as a gateway to the rest of your heating system, this keeps any internet bandwidth usage to a minimum and ensures quick and easy communication with your heating.

Controlling your heaters from the Technotherm heating app is simple and allows access to full 24/7 programming, energy usage statistics, as well as a convenient geolocation feature which adjusts your heater temperatures depending on whether you've left a certain distance from your property. The Technotherm DSM Interface WiFi Hub is necessary if you want your DSM radiators to be used with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.