Technotherm KS DSM Low Surface Temperature Radiator - 1200w


An LST radiator ensures peace of mind by offering a heating system with a safe-touch restricted surface temperature. Our Technotherm KS DSM Low Surface Temperature Radiators can be adjusted between 30 – 85 °C, so whether you’re looking to heat a nursery or a care home, you can select a heat level that’s perfect for your needs. Our 1200w Technotherm KS DSM can warm rooms up to 6m² and comes with an easy-to-use control panel along with optional WiFi control so you can quickly and easily adjust your heating from anywhere in the world.

Please note: this heater is not suitable for bathroom installation.

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This version of the Technotherm KS DSM provides complete peace of mind for homes with young children, removing the worry of accidental contact with hot surfaces via its adjustable temperature limiter. The limiter allows you to restrict the surface temperature of these electric radiators to any point between 30 – 85 °C, making them suitable for use in NHS buildings when set to 43 °C or lower or anywhere there’s a need for heating that’s safe to the touch. It’s a practical and energy-efficient option for hospitals, care homes, clinics and crèches where safety is paramount. Our 1200w Technotherm KS DSM Low Surface Temperature Radiator is capable of heating areas up to 6m² and makes a versatile heater for a range of domestic, commercial and public spaces.

WiFi Control

Programming the Technotherm KS DSM can be done through the intergrated control panel which is located on the side of the radiator. However, the use of the optional WiFi hub unlocks a whole new level of convenient control. With WiFi, you can download the Technotherm app to your phone and make quick adjustments to your heating on the move, giving you precision control over your heating from a handy point of access. For hands-free heat management, the Technotherm KS DSM also supports Amazon Alexa & Google Home so you can adjust your heating using nothing but your voice – a particularly good option for those with limited mobility. This smart radiator is even intelligent enough to know when you’re on the way back home with its innovative geolocation feature. When enabled, it switches the heater to a lower temperature when you move a certain distance from your property, then when you’re returning, it’ll revert back to your normal comfort temperature. The app also provides energy usage statistics and a guest account function, which offers control for temporary users but without allowing access to your full settings.

Quality Engineering

All Technotherm KS DSM Low Surface Temperature Radiators come with a 15 Year Warranty to reflect their outstanding build quality and heating technology. Heating elements are laid and set directly into the ceramic stone tablets that span the length of the radiator for uniform warmth that heats your rooms from top to bottom. This means more radiated heat, less heat loss through draughts and reduced energy bills as a result.

Technotherm are so passionate about the construction of their electric radiators that each stage of production is closely monitored, tested, and approved by one of their dedicated quality control managers. This approach ensures every product meets and maintains Technotherm’s impeccable standard and every one of their products comes with a unique code that can be traced back to the manufacturing plant – helping them to identify who built and signed-off each radiator at each stage of the development.

The considered design and superior construction of these German electric radiators extends down to the smallest details, such as their individually spot-welded ribs, which greatly reduce the amount of noise occurring from heat expansion. For extra safety, Technotherm KS LST radiators come with two thermocouples to prevent overheating, as well as a lockable keypad. If you’d rather not use the 24/7 programming feature via the app, you can also program your radiator using the control panel, as well as access its dynamic start and open window detection features. KS LST radiators can be wall mounted or used freestanding when purchased with their optional feet.