Technotherm ISP Design Glass Infrared Heating Panel - Black 500w (1350 x 454mm)


Finished in black glass, Technotherm ISP Design Infrared Heating Panels provide a unique heating solution with an abundance of style. Ideal for homes or commercial interiors in view of the public, this 500w panel uses radiant heat to gently warm your rooms all-day long.

These panels must be used with a TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat in order to operate.

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Elegant, energy-efficient, and endlessly versatile, Technotherm ISP Design infrared panels are a heating system like no other – combining comforting radiant heat with undeniable style. Manufactured with quality in mind, these infrared heaters boast an attractive glass finish – making them perfect for domestic homes and public-facing commercial spaces. This 500w version of the ISP Design panel is finished in black safety glass for statement heating that stands out from the crowd.

German-made, with rock wool insulation to prevent heat loss from the rear, Technotherm ISP infrared panels use carbon wiring stitched into a Matrix Heat Mat to uniformly heat the front surface of the panel, which then radiates heat out into the room to warm your spaces. This heat conductive mat manages to house up to ten-times more wire than conventional methods, helping to provide an even distribution of heat, without hot or cold spots.

Technotherm are so passionate about the construction of their infrared panels that each stage of production is closely monitored, tested, and approved by one of their dedicated quality control managers. This approach ensures every product meets and maintains Technotherm’s impeccable standard and every one of their products comes with a unique code that can be traced back to the manufacturing plant - helping them to identify who built and signed off each panel at each stage of development.

Subtle, stylish, and energy-efficient, Technotherm infrared panels come with integrated RF receivers that communicate with the TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat for full heating control. This means, unlike competing infrared products, Technotherm infrared panels are ready for use from the second you open the box, without the need for professional callouts or additional wiring. Simply mount them on the wall, plug them into the nearest socket, and you’re good to go.

Controlling your Technotherm Panels

Technotherm Infrared Panels work in tandem with the TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat. Using the thermostat, you can create a detailed 24/7 heating schedule that caters to your every whim, helping you save energy by specifying exactly when, and to what extent, your rooms are heated. Using multiple thermostats, you can also zone your heating and assign different heating schedules to different areas of your home. An essential component of your heating system, the TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat must be purchased alongside your panels for them to operate as intended. Without the thermostat, the panels will not heat.

To adjust your heating using WiFi, you can purchase your panels with the Eco Interface Internet Heating Controller. The Eco Interface plugs directly into your home router, allowing you to make alterations to your heating via WiFi using a smartphone or tablet. The Eco Interface must be used in conjunction with the TPF-Eco and both devices need to be purchased for WiFi control. Further information can be found in the user guide under the installation tab.