What Are The Most Efficient Electric Radiators?

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When in the market for a new heating system, there are a few costs you have to consider: installation costs, maintenance costs and of course running costs. Electric radiators have almost no installation and maintenance costs but, as with any heating system, running costs can vary depending on various factors including the efficiency of your radiators, your home’s insulation, energy tariffs, and the size of the rooms you’re heating.

When investing in an electric heating system, electric radiators with advanced energy management features can help you keep running costs low. High precision individual controls unique to electric radiators can allow them to compensate for the higher price of electricity versus gas. Here we provide a breakdown of some of the most efficient electric radiators on the market.


Haverland RC Wave Electric Radiators

RC Wave electric radiatorThe Haverland RC Wave Electric Radiator is one of the most efficient electric radiators in the UK. The RC Wave boasts a host of features that help you maximise efficiency and minimise energy wastage. With easy-to-use digital controls, the radiator’s 24/7 programming enables you to customise your heating schedule down to the hour, ensuring you minimise waste and keep heating bills as low as possible. The dry thermal elements on the inside of the radiator not only allow for a rapid heat-up time, but also allow the radiator to quickly respond to any temperature adjustments.

Precision temperature management is vital for getting the most out of your heating system while keeping costs low. Some heating systems’ temperature regulation can be out by as much as 3°C, whilst the RC Wave’s precision thermostat is never out by more than 0.2°C meaning you don’t have to worry about wasting energy overheating your rooms. The RC Wave stops drawing power as soon as the precision thermostat recognises the radiator is running at the set temperature.

One of the flagship features of the bestselling RC Wave is its in-built open window detection. In the event that you accidentally leave a door or window open the radiator switches to anti-frost mode until it detects a rise in temperature, saving you on your energy bills. Providing the same heat as a central heating radiator and packed with handy efficiency features, it’s little wonder the RC Wave is so popular with homeowners.

The RC Wave is available in three different models:


Ecostrad Ecowärme Electric Radiators

Ecostrad Ecowärme Vertical Electric RadiatorThe Ecostrad Ecowärme is a German-engineered electric radiator designed for greater efficiency. The Ecowärme comes equipped with energy management features such as a 24/7 digital programmer and precision thermostat, but what sets it apart is the heating technology inside the radiator. The radiator’s core contains ceramic stone plates which help to maximise heat retention and minimise heat loss. This enables your rooms to stay warmer for longer, as the ceramic plates keep emitting heat after the radiator has stopped drawing power from the mains.

These German-engineered radiators are packed with other useful efficiency features including open window detection and adaptive start. The adaptive start function allows the radiator to preheat before it reaches the time you programmed your heating to come on, ensuring your heating is comfortable at the right time.

The Ecowärme is available in white and anthracite in both horizontal and vertical models.



Haverland SmartWave Electric Radiators

Haverland SmartWave electric radiatorThe SmartWave Self-Programming Electric Radiator is one of the most well-known smart electric radiators on the market. The SmartWave has been featured in various publications including Landlord Zone, Mighty Gadget and The Guardian, who called it “a next generation piece of kit”. The SmartWave Self-Programming radiator, as the name suggests, programs itself using motion sensor technology. Infrared motion sensors note when you enter and leave the room, allowing the smart radiator to learn your daily and weekly routine. This unique self-programming technology ensures your heating bills are kept to a minimum and reduces the need for frequent manual adjustments to your heating schedule.

As well as the self-programming feature, the SmartWave is packed with other energy management features like open window detection, adaptive start and optional WiFi and Amazon Alexa control. When purchased with a separate SmartBox the radiator can be controlled via the Haverland app or even paired with Amazon Alexa for voice-controlled heating. These advanced smart controls allow your heating to be highly adjustable in each room, helping you to only pay for heating when you need it.

The SmartWave is available in white and anthracite versions.



Technotherm KS DSM Smart Heat Retention Radiator

Technotherm KS DSM electric radiatorThe Technotherm KS range of electric radiators are a prime example of high-quality German engineering. The DSM Smart Heat Retention Radiator pairs cutting edge thermal efficiency with modern controls you’d expect in the smart homes of today. Like the Ecostrad Ecowärme, the KS DSM uses a stone core to maximise heat retention. With its patented Magmatic® stone tablets retaining and emitting heat up to 45 minutes after the radiator has stopped drawing power, the KS DSM is a radiator with unrivalled efficiency. Heating elements are set throughout the internal stone core, meaning heat radiates powerfully through your room with running costs kept to a minimum.

As well as offering supreme efficiency with its heat retentive stone core, the KS DSM also allows for outstanding controllability with its WiFi compatibility. When purchased with its separate WiFi hub, you can control your heating via an app and you can even pair the radiator with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The Technotherm KS DSM is an efficient electric radiator that combines heat retentive technology and smart controls, making it one for the modern home.

The Technotherm KS DSM is available in both horizontal and vertical orientations.



Ecostrad Allora Designer Electric Radiators

Ecostrad Allora Designer Electric RadiatorThe Ecostrad Allora is pioneering efficiency in the designer electric radiator category. A lot of designer electric radiators on the market these days are converted central heating radiators that heat much less efficiently because they haven’t been designed to be powered by electricity. The Ecostrad Allora Designer Electric Radiator has been designed from the ground-up to work as an electric radiator, meaning its efficiency is unparalleled against its counterparts.

This Ecostrad radiator is filled with thermal oil engineered for heat retention, so you can enjoy comfortable warmth long after the radiator has stopped drawing power from the mains. With Fast-Flo technology the Allora has superior heat circulation unmatched by converted central heating radiators. The Allora is a modern designer electric radiator with advanced thermal engineering as well as smart controls. You can take control of your heating with Bluetooth using the Terma Blueline app, allowing you to program your heating schedule by the hour. The app itself can even help you minimise costs, by calculating running costs using tariff rates and energy usage statistics.

The Ecostrad Allora is available in white and anthracite in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

Our range of bestselling electric radiators are packed with energy management features that help you run your heating efficiently. How much you end up paying for your heating can depend on a whole host of factors, like your home’s insulation and the size of the rooms you’re heating. If you’re feeling perplexed by efficiency and want to learn more about running costs, you can read our handy blog on the running costs of electric radiators.


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