The Electric Heater Showdown: Our Best Products go Head-to-Head

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Over the years, you’ve heard us sing the praise of every one of our products. Week after week, we proclaim their brilliance, describing what makes them special, what sets them apart, and how best to use them. The RC Wave, the Ecostrad Eco, the Mensa Heating Imus, the Herschel Select, all these products are major players within the electric heating game. But, which is best? Which electric heater trumps all the others and comes out on top? The gloves are off, the plugs are in, and the temperature’s rising as our best-of-the-best go head-to-head. In the name of electric heater supremacy, let the showdown commence!

The Ecostrad Eco

Eco Stats

Ecostrad Eco 12 Electric Panel Radiator - 1200w


The Ecostrad Eco is top of the league in electric panel heating. Designed for quick bursts of heat in less frequently used rooms, the Eco comes with some of the features you’d expect to find on more comprehensive heating systems. Ideal for use as a top-up heater in a home office or spare bedroom, the Ecostrad Eco is portable, effective, and sophisticated in comparison to other electric panel heaters in a similar price bracket.

Boasting a minute depth of 55.5mm, the Eco is a slimline electric heater that can be used both wall mounted or freestanding. Perfect for use as a portable unit, the Eco excels at providing additional heat for rooms that never seem to stay warm. Complete with the comprehensive digital programming found on electric radiators, the Ecostrad is as good as a panel heater can possibly be – offering dependable and precise occasional heating.

The Ecostrad Eco is designed for use alongside your primary heating system and shouldn’t really be relied on to heat your whole home. For this reason, the trusty Eco can never truly be crowned the champion of the electric heater showdown. It can, however, give other electric panel heaters a run for their money – surpassing the typically limited features of similar products.


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The Mensa Heating Imus

Imus stats

Mensa Heating Imus Under Table Infrared Heater – Grey 550w


Stylish, subtle, and just as portable as the Eco, the Imus is an electric heater that uses infrared radiation to provide warmth. Designed as an outdoor patio heater, the Imus’s quartz heating element cuts through the cold and provides an intense, yet soothing, heat. Finished in a stylish capsule shaped body, the Imus is a simple and effective electric heater.

As we can see from the stats table, the Imus is relatively pared down in comparison to the Ecostrad Eco. Providing basic control, with a single heating mode and no programming capability, the Imus really is a minimalist electric heater. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that outdoor heaters don’t come with thermostats because the fluctuating weather would make it difficult to obtain an accurate temperature reading. This, together with the ‘on-demand’ nature of the Imus, excuses its lack of programming as it’s designed to be a spontaneous, off-the-cuff style electric heater, rather than a regularly used one. For instant, un-fussy outdoor heating with the push of a single button, you can’t beat the Mensa Heating Imus.


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 Herschel Select Infrared Panel

Select stats


Herschel’s Select infrared panels are a discreet and effective home heating system. Utterly inconspicuous, a Select panel could be mistaken for a blank canvas rather than an electric heater. Using gentle far infrared heat, Select panels can be used throughout your entire home for an almost invisible heating system. A drastic departure from conventional central heating, infrared panels are highly efficient and can be zoned together to be controlled from a single point.

 Herschel Select Infrared Heating Panel - White 540w (900 x 600mm)


Now, at a glance, it would seem the Select hasn’t fared well in comparison to our other contenders. However, there is a logical explanation and a simple solution to the Select’s initial lack of control. The lifespan of an infrared panel goes way beyond the lifespan of any integrated electrical component used to control it. So, any controllers or receivers integrated within the panel would fail before the panel ever would. To get around this issue, the Select is designed to be used with the Herschel iQ system. The iQ system consists of a thermostat, receiver, and controller – devices that allow you to control multiple panels from one point of contact.

When used with a controller, you have limitless scope for precise temperature control, heater zoning, and programming. Taking this into consideration, infrared heating panels become a major player in our electric heater championship.


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The RC Wave

RC Wave stats


A firm favourite in the Electric Radiators Direct office, the RC Wave is a solid performer in all aspects of electric heating. Elegant, controllable, and highly efficient, the RC wave sets the standard for modern electric heating. If you need something to replace or rival a central heating system, the RC Wave is the electric heater to do it.

 Haverland Designer RC Wave Electric Radiators


In terms of stats, the RC Wave steals the show with an excellent all-round performance. Offering the largest spread of heat, detailed 24/7 programming, a highly accurate digital thermostat, and three customisable heater modes, the RC Wave the undisputed champion in the electric heater showdown, stealing the title from the Herschel Select in the final round. Stylish, efficient, and controllable from the off without the need for any additional tech, the RC Wave is the choice for home heating. If you’re weighing up your electric heater options, you have to ask yourself one question: why not  the RC Wave? Let us know if you find an answer…



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