The Best Electric Radiators UK for 2021

Is your electric heating system due for an upgrade? Or have you finally pledged to switch from gas central heating but you’re unsure where to start? We’re giving you a rundown of the best electric radiators for 2021. There’s a range of products to choose from, each boasting unique designs and smart features, varying from budget-friendly options to appliances worth spending a little more on. Despite the masses that are on the market today, we’ve managed to narrow it down to the top three electric radiators that we have to offer.

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The benefits of choosing electric radiators

The Haverland Designer RC Wave

The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

The Ecostrad Allora

The benefits of choosing electric radiators

Before we dive in, let’s recap some of the advantages electric radiators have to offer, so if you’re considering making the switch, you’re totally in the know.

  • Advanced and intuitive control: with sophisticated built-in control functions like WiFi capability and 24/7 programming, your radiator is easier to manage than ever before.
  • Primed for a sustainable future: able to be paired with renewable energy sources like wind and solar, electric radiators do not rely on the Earth’s precious natural resources.
  • A range of designs available: from the understated appeal of a German electric radiator to eye-catching vertical units in striking colourways, there’s no need to settle for an aesthetic that doesn’t suit your personal preference.
  • Modular heating management: able to be controlled separately to the rest of the heating in your home, you can easily spot-heat without wasting energy elsewhere.
  • Maintenance and installation: simple and fuss-free installation combined with zero maintenance makes electric radiators a dream to integrate into your home.

The Haverland Designer RC Wave 

Price: £199.99 - £419.99

RC Wave

Top 5 features

  • Simple DIY Plug in & Go Installation 
  • Quick & Efficient Heat Distribution 
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Radiator Body 
  • Energy-Saving Programming Features 
  • Precision Digital Thermostat

The Haverland Designer RC Wave is the ultimate all-rounder of electric radiators. Its sleek, curved design gives it a modern edge and brings a touch of individuality to your home. Exclusive to Electric Radiators Direct, it’s one of our bestsellers and for good reason too.

Affordable without compromising on quality, the RC Wave uses dry thermal heating elements which is why it excels in quick, comfortable warmth that lasts. Simple controllability, unmatched heating technology, and energy-saving programming features – it’s no surprise this radiator continues to receive hundreds of positive reviews.


Modern and sophisticated, the RC Wave has much to offer in the way efficient heat management. Using its handy weekly programming function, you can set up a 7-day heating schedule that matches the busyness of your lifestyle perfectly. Your radiator will only come on when needed, reducing waste and helping to minimise your heating bills.

With a built-in precision digital thermostat accurate to ±0.2 ºC, the RC Wave will never fluctuate too far from your set temperature, heating your home to perfection time and again. Featuring several energy-saving functions including open window detection and adaptive start, it’s clear to see why this radiator is such a popular choice. Lightweight and DIY-friendly, the RC Wave is a top contender for the best electric radiator 2021. 

The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic 

Price: £229.99 - £489.99

Top 5 features

  • Heat-retentive Ceramic Stone Core 
  • Built-in WiFi Control
  • Daily & Weekly Programming 
  • Google Home & Alexa Voice Control 
  • Motion Sensor Mode

The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic is the full-package deal when it comes to electric radiators. This impressive device boasts intelligent features and exceptional heating technology, earning it the title of our flagship product.

Built for maximum efficiency, it produces lasting warmth that is absorbed deep into its ceramic core.  The ceramic plates heat quickly but cool slowly, continuing to supply warmth even after the heater has stopped drawing power from the wall. Highly intelligent yet simple to use, the iQ Ceramic is in a league of its own when it comes to home heating.


Combining outstanding efficiency with sophisticated technology, the iQ Ceramic gives you a number of different heating control options. With built in WiFi connectivity compatible with two different heating apps, you can easily manage your heating on the go from your smartphone. This means if you’re out for the day and realised you’ve forgotten to switch your heating off, you can simply hop on the app and make changes.

For hands-free control, switch the radiator over to motion sensor mode or adjust your heating with nothing but your voice when you pair the iQ Ceramic with an Amazon Alexa or Google Home smart speaker. Alternatively, if you prefer manual adjustment, the iQ Ceramic also comes with an intuitive touchscreen control panel, for effortless management of your heating.

The Ecostrad Allora 

Price: £243.99 - £399.99

Top 5 Features

  • Stylish Oval Bar Design
  • 7-Day Bluetooth Programming
  • Unique Fast-Flo Technology
  • Heat-Retentive Thermal Oil
  • Intuitive App Control

The Ecostrad Allora is an affordable designer electric radiator, excelling in top-of-the-range heating control. Made for the modern home, this radiator has a sleek and slimline design that’s available in both traditional white and contemporary anthracite. There are also vertical and horizontal versions, making it the perfect fit for a range of spaces throughout your property.

Unlike the previous contenders on this list, the Allora has been pre-filled with heat-retentive thermal fluid, so it stays warmer for longer and ensures an even spread of warmth across the body of the radiator. Its unique Fast-Flo technology also allows for superior heat circulation, further optimising the efficiency of the Allora.


For convenient controllability, the Allora has been fitted with a Bluetooth element which allows you to manage your heating from anywhere in your home when using a smartphone or tablet. A custom heating schedule can be set for every day, hour by hour, meaning it can be completely tailored to your lifestyle. Through downloading the Terma Blueline app, you have access to your heaters energy usage statistics and running costs, allowing you to save both energy and money. If you’re looking for a modern, versatile and effective heating solution, the Allora might just be ideal.

Electric radiators to suit you

There we have it, a quick roundup of just three of the best electric radiators for 2021. Whether you’re looking for something with a classic design, or something more contemporary, there’s a variety of options to suit you and your home. With the ease and efficiency electric heating systems come with, you’ll never look back. Shop our range of electric radiators today.


Key Takeaways

  • Simple installation, a variety of design choices, and excellent levels of control are just some reasons electric heating excels.
  • Electric radiators with built-in digital thermostats, 24/7 programming and WiFi control offer the best levels of efficiency.
  • Pay attention to how your electric radiator heats up - dry thermal, ceramic and oil-filled radiators all have their own benefits, and one type may suit your home better than another. Take a look at another of our blogs which discusses this topic in greater detail here.


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