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Electric radiators: choosing the right energy supplier

If you're one of the many homeowners in the UK who are now considering electric radiators as a way of cutting down on your energy usage and moving to a greener way of living, you're probably wondering about tariffs and energy companies. Electric radiators, when used in the right way, are almost guaranteed to reduce your energy usage, but the cost is a different matter. The price you pay for your energy will vary depending on which energy supplier you use and which tariff you're on.

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Energy Tariffs - What You Need To Know

Last week we advised many of you to begin looking at switching your energy suppliers in response to the big six price hikes. Not only would this help the energy market, but you could also find some excellent deals to be had by deviating from mainstream suppliers. But with so many tariffs out there it can be difficult to know where to start. Here is some of the most common terminology explained to help you with your searches…

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How to switch energy suppliers - the choice is yours

A phrase that’s been passed around over the last few weeks is that you could save up to £300 if you switch your energy suppliers. While this may seem far fetched given the recent price increases, it is possible if you do your homework and aren’t afraid to make the leap to a smaller energy supplier - something which is becoming increasingly popular as the big six up their prices.

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