Our Newest Electric Panel Heater – the Elnur PH Plus

Electric panel heaters are something of a staple for homes up and down the country. Typically used for supplementary heating, panel heaters provide fast-acting warmth for spare rooms, home offices, or anywhere that needs its own independent heating system. Elnur are one of the most reputable manufacturers of panel heaters and you’ve most likely come across one or two of their products before. Elnur’s latest electric panel heater, the PH Plus, is a definitive upgrade from their original design, specifically tailored for the increasing demands of modern electric heating. If you need a smart, user-friendly system, look no further than the PH Plus…

Slimline & stylish

Elnur PH Plus Electric Panel Heater - 1250W

The PH Plus builds on the success of its predecessor, offering a low-cost heating solution with energy-saving features you’d expect to find on more advanced electric radiators. Styled in the classic panel heater aesthetic, with a slimline heater body and smart white finish, the PH Plus will slip unnoticed into any room – providing fast-acting heat with the utmost subtlety: if you prefer your appliances to blend into the background, the PH Plus is the panel heater for you.

Using lightweight heating elements in the base of the heater, the Plus quickly warms the surrounding air and circulates it around the room — providing near-instant heat whenever the need arises. Available in four sizes, each with a lean depth of just 80mm, this panel heater can be wall mounted in the tightest of spaces without intruding into the room. Perfect for studies, home offices, or garages, the PH Plus is the ultimate accompaniment to an existing heating system.

Fast & versatile

Using the simple interface on the front of the heater you can select comfort, economy, or anti-frost modes, depending on the type of heating you need. For chilly summer evenings when the temperature begins to drop, rather than engage your entire heating system for the sake of one room, the PH Plus can provide rapid convection heat that gets to work in mere minutes. Likewise, if you work from home or find yourself in one room for most of the day, the PH Plus provides a perfect way to keep warm without needlessly heating your entire home.

It’s this simple ingenuity that makes an electric panel heater worthwhile — simply select a heating mode and any lingering coldness is vanquished, without any waiting around for the whole house to reach temperature. Whether you need to prepare your icy spare room for guests, require constant heating in one specific spot throughout the day, or simply need an additional heat boost on top of your primary heating system, the Elnur PH Plus is all you need.

Smart & user-friendly

So far, the PH Plus is ticking all the boxes you’d expect from a modern electric panel heater — with quick heat-up times, an inconspicuous appearance, and versatile heating applications. But where the PH Plus really comes into its own is through its Lot 20 approved energy-saving features. For those of you that may be out of the loop, Lot 20 came into effect at the start of the year with the aim of raising the UK’s overall energy-efficiency. Because of this, all new electric heaters need to up their game and meet a minimum energy-efficiency rating.

Lot 20 approved energy-saving features

To slim down your energy use and avoid wasteful heating, this sophisticated panel heater comes with open window detection, adaptive start, and detailed digital programming, so detailed in fact, you can assign heater modes to half hourly intervals rather than the standard full hour — for those of us with exact schedules, this additional flexibility allows you to precisely tailor your heating without compromise.

The PH Plus’s open window detection is useful for shared properties with comings and goings at all times of day. If the PH Plus detects a rapid loss of temperature, often stemming from an open door or window, it will stop heating rather than waste energy trying to warm a cooling room. For student lets or commercial spaces, this feature proves invaluable — helping landlords or businesses save money and energy without any input from them whatsoever. For precise temperature management, the PH Plus comes with adaptive start which enables the heater to preheat your spaces so they’re always at the right temperature at the right time.

For its price, you won’t find many wall-mounted electric panel heaters with as much precision as the Elnur PH Plus. If you’re looking for detailed digital programming and improved energy-efficiency, the PH Plus is the panel heater for you. Alternatively, if you need something a little simpler, the Ecostrad Eco might be a better option. The Eco is suitable for wall mounted and free-standing installation, comes with a remote for quick and easy control, and provides the same fast-acting convection heat. If you’re unsure which panel heater is best for you, call our dedicated sales team today who will be more than happy to provide their expert advice.


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