It’s time to move electric towel rails into the kitchen. Here’s why:

What comes into mind when you think of electric towel rails? The comfort of a warm towel after a shower? A sense of hotel-based luxury? A sophisticated and stylish design in the bathroom? Now all these comforts are not just limited to one room in the house but can be enjoyed in the heart of the home, the kitchen. The space where you entertain, host guests and come together, can now be enhanced by a luxurious electric heated towel rail. No longer is it confined to isolation in the bathroom but instead can be enjoyed in more than one room in the house, adding an extra sense of both cosiness and style. Sleek, stylish and practical, our range of designs ensure that the towel rail you choose will be able to fit into any space in the kitchen, limiting its possibilities to the confines of your imagination. Its uses too, are incredibly versatile, with potential to be an easy access storage facility, a heating point for your towels or even a useful yet sophisticated addition to impress guests.

Why a heated towel rail in the kitchen?

Towel rail in kitchenAn electric towel rail can be used primarily as a place for the storage of towels, no longer clogging up draws or cluttering the wall with unnecessary pegs. We understand the importance of the kitchen as the most practical room in the house, meaning that storage is essential to maintain it. Its use not only allows the room to look bigger but creates more space that can be used for seating, cooking or making your guests feel that much more comfortable. As well freeing up the room, it also creates an endless supply of cosy towels, drying them quickly before they need to be reused. Despite all these practical uses, an electric towel rail manages to maintain a sleek and elegant design, adding a modern and up-to-date vibe to the kitchen. 

Its possibilities in the kitchen are a little-known secret, shamefully so, as it is hardly used. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and use your space in modern and ingenious ways, then a towel rail can help modernise your home and give it a fresh, new feel.

Which towel rail is right for you?

So, you’re interested in an electric heated towel rail and you no doubt have many questions. Which one do I pick? How will it fit into my kitchen? How is it installed? What quality do I get for the price? Look no further, as we provide a range of products, in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes, to fit every home.

Terma Quadrus Bold ONE

If you have plenty of space and want a bold statement piece, then the Terma Quadrus Bold ONE will provide a simple yet daring addition to the kitchen. Its in-built button and 2-hour timer make it ideal and easy to use. As the 1000W model heats up to 10m2 and has two temperature settings, it allows for effective and widespread heating. As well as being practical, it simultaneously maintains a modern aesthetic, with its striking ladder design, eye-catching vertical frame and metallic black finish.

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Fina-E 150W electric towel railEcostrad Fina-E

If you’re looking for a more versatile and practical product, without sacrificing design, then the Ecostrad Fina-E electric towel rail is the perfect fit for you. The variety of sizes available make it useful in every situation. Low wattage versions of the Fina-E, such as the 150W model, are ideal if you’re looking exclusively for towel warming. However, if you want supplementary heat warming both your towels and your kitchen, then a higher wattage, 400W rail would be more suitable. Not only do Fina-E towel rails come in a variety of sizes, but we also stock thermostatic versions, meaning they have 5 different heat levels for more control. It easily translates its effectiveness from the bathroom to the kitchen, and as it’s our bestseller, it’s proving to be an essential choice for homes across the country.

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Sleek, stylish and sensible

As well as being stylish, our Fina-E towel rails are also practical, coming with a 5-year warranty on the heater body and a separate 1-year warranty on the electrical element, meaning they’re covered for extra peace of mind. Not only are there a variety of designs available, but there are also a range of finishes from chrome (which fits into any colour scheme), to black, grey and even blue, allowing them to blend seamlessly into any room. Our website showcases the range of electric towel radiators available, allowing you to see which one is right for your kitchen – convenient heating for your home, is just a click away.


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