Is Winter a Good Time to use your Conservatory?

Conservatory Electric Heating

Building a conservatory takes a lot of time, money and effort, so you shouldn’t limit yourself to using it only when the weather allows. Yet, as a lot of conservatory owners discover sooner or later, a conservatory is one of the most difficult spaces to heat. With the temperature gradually dropping as we approach November, some may start to regret putting up a conservatory. Despite guarding you against the physical elements, if unaided, it doesn’t do a very good job at protecting you from outdoor temperatures, because the nature of glass and its poor thermal properties cause a lot of heat to leak. This is why planning your conservatory heating is essential in order to avoid unnecessary costs.


There are several options for heating your conservatory, with extending your conventional heating system into your conservatory usually being the most popular and the least convenient option for a number of reasons. The plumbing work required could possibly end up being just as high as the costs of putting the conservatory, and depending on where your gas boiler is located, such extension could also mean a lot of disruptive work throughout your house - all for a single radiator.


Moreover, the quantity of glass and limited depth of the walls can make ordinary heating solutions impossible, as the lack of wall space makes fitting a standard size radiator difficult.


Even worse: if you use a central heating system, you’ll have to engage your entire home heating system every time you want to heat your conservatory. Since conservatories have different heating requirements to the rest of your house this can be very wasteful and needlessly expensive.


Electric Heating offers a simple solution to all of these problems.


Installation of our electric radiators is quick and easy, requiring no disruptive plumbing work or expensive contractors; you’ll already be extending your home wiring into your conservatory in order to install lighting. Electric wiring can be easily fitted into the narrowest conservatory dwarf walls and allows you to heat your conservatory entirely separately over the rest of your house.


The lack of wall space is no challenge either for electric radiators; our 38cm tall purpose-built conservatory radiator is specifically designed to fit conservatory dwarf walls. If you’re really struggling with finding wall space for your radiator,  both our best-selling RC Wave range and our budget Cointra Apolo collection can be purchased with feet to allow freestanding fitting anywhere within your conservatory.  


Lastly, our conservatory electric radiators heat up quickly and allow you to control your conservatory independently of the rest of your home, without requiring you to engage the entire home heating system. This way you’ll save on your heating bills by wasting less energy.


Make your conservatory a cosy place you will enjoy all year round and choose your ideal Conservatory Electric Radiator today at ElectricRadiatorsDirect!


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