How Long Will Fossil Fuels Last us?

How long will fossil fuels last us?The majority of us are dependent on gas, whilst many others are dependent on oil and coal, with 67% of people relying on fossil fuel based electricity. We can’t stop the resources running out, however, we can delay this process. While coal should last us at least another 250 years, we'll observe both natural gas and oil running out this century, with gas being predicted to last for the next 70 years, and oil running out in 50. Yes, it will probably last most of us a lifetime.



In the long run, what state do you want to leave this planet in for future generations?


As one of Britain's leading suppliers of electric radiators, we believe that energy efficient electric heating is the future, and we have a plenty of reasons to think so.


Drillings in Alaska sparked an outrage in the public eye for three years; unlike warm tropical environments, arctic environments are sensitive to disturbances and require tens of hundreds of years to recover. Furthermore, it ended up as a disappointment for one of the giants in gas and oil industry, as the reserves could provide the U.S with enough oil to meet for a single year, according to 2005 estimates. According to the opposition, this amount does not justify the negative environmental impacts. The company will now face billions of pounds in losses, and we might see a slight increase in gas and oil prices worldwide.


By converting your home heating system to electricity, you’re no longer dependent on shifts in oil and gas prices. Although more than half of us rely on fossil fuel based electricity, using electric radiators, fires and heaters gives you the option to use renewable sources of energy such as wind farms or solar panels. With the ‘Feed-in Tariff’ ran by our government, not only you can save money by using your own reusable energy, but you can actually get paid for it.  Gas central heating does not give you this option.


Considering the possibility of a harmful environmental outcome of drilling in Alaska, billions of pounds lost and disappointing quantities of oil and gas found, its easy to see how energy efficient electric radiators are a better alternative, giving you the choice between fossil fuel and sustainably generated energy.


If you're considering making the switch to energy efficient electric heating, how about our Haverland RC Wave range? The RC Wave combines energy-efficiency and smart technology in an ultra-slim designer body. The highly accurate electronic thermostat and 24/7 digital programming allow you to set up a heating schedule for 7 days to suit your lifestyle, while the instalment is simple and easy, requiring only basic DIY understanding – no need to hire expensive professionals!


At Electric Radiators Direct, we realize that electricity does not come from thin air, but as the world switches to green fuels, our electric radiators can make use of it, granting you with the choice between sustainable energy and fossil fuel generated electricity.


Save money while saving the planet. 


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