How Long Do Electric Radiators Last?

Are you looking to save money long term when it comes to your heating? If you want a radiator with minimal upkeep that won’t need to be replaced every few years, electric radiators are the way to go. Electric is dominating the heating industry, and one reason why is its durability. From manufacturing, advanced programming, and extended warranties, you can invest in electric heating with confidence. Let’s jump in and explore how long you can expect your electric radiator to last – and all the reasons why.

Electric radiators: built to last

High-grade manufacturing

Combining manufacturers’ care and expertise with the best quality materials, electric radiators are reliable as they are resilient. Using the highest-grade steel or aluminium, these appliances are made with superior quality in mind. Some designer radiators like the Ecostrad Ascoli use exclusive Fast-Flo technology. Unlike other products on the market, these radiators have been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of electric. Wider pipe joints allow the heat-retentive fluid to circulate freely throughout the radiator for increased performance, allowing an even distribution of warmth and preventing the element from overheating. This level of manufacturing ensures our electric radiators last longer, which is ultimately better for you and your pocket. For more information on the importance of manufacturing, check out one of our previous blogs.

Low maintenance

With no moving parts, the maintenance surrounding electric radiators is almost non-existent. Forget yearly servicing: electric radiators don’t contain carbon monoxide or run on combustible fuel, so there’s no requirement for them to be checked by a professional. In fact, a light dusting once a month is all the maintenance needed to keep an electric radiator in top condition. In the unlikely event you do find a fault, most manufacturers stock replacement parts that can be fitted quickly by an electrician, so maintaining your electric radiator makes for light work at low cost.

Advanced programming

Modern homes require modern solutions, which is why our electric radiators comprise of the most advanced programming in the heating industry. It not only makes heat management simple and convenient but reimagines a radiator’s applicability – features that don’t just benefit the user, but the radiator too.

  • Precision digital thermostats – Highly accurate in-built thermostats maintain set temperatures without fluctuating. Offering exact readings, they measure the room temperature and adjust automatically to ensure optimum heat levels for more efficient and reliable heating.
  • Smart control – Bluetooth and WiFi app control, motion detection, Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatibility are just a few of the features possible with smart radiators. By pairing your electric radiators with a compatible smart device, you can access a wealth of energy-saving options through your phone or tablet, for complete ease of use. Smart control saves you time and money by providing innovative solutions to managing energy usage and is a great way to ensure the durability of your electric radiator.
  • Safety features – Many of our radiators feature an array of safeguarding features that can improve the endurance of the unit, such as a thermal safety limiter which prevents the surface temperature exceeding 75°C, and a low surface temperature setting that sets the external temperature to as low as 30°C – a great choice for NHS properties or homes with small children.

100% efficient

Efficiency is at the forefront of electric radiators. With refined heating elements that optimise heat delivery and retention, electric radiators don’t lose their warmth through pipework and instead convert 100% of electricity into usable heat. Pairing your radiator with a renewable energy source even allows you to make your electric heating carbon free – a great way to keep bills down and be kind to the planet. With so many energy-saving features, electric radiators never have to work overdrive in order to meet your needs, ensuring their steady performance over years of use.

Extended warranties

Checking an item’s warranty is a sure-fire way of ascertaining its quality. The length of guarantee varies with each product. For example, all Ecostrad smart electric radiators offer 10-year warranties, so there’s no unexpected costs down the line, and you can be safe in the knowledge that should you find a fault within that timeframe, the responsibility is on the manufacturer to repair or replace it. Some radiators can have up to four separate warranties:

  • Manufacturer’s – Reflects the overall quality of the product, as assured by the company that made it.
  • Electronics – The in-built thermostat that regulates the temperature of your radiator.
  • Radiator body – The radiator’s housing: some electric radiators boast a lifetime warranty as a reflection of their durability.
  • Accessories – Extras such as controllers, WiFi hubs, and Ecostrad’s WiFi-controlled heating element that give you extra control over heat management.

Lifetime guarantee: Haverland electric radiators

We are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on the radiator body of our Haverland range. With a lifetime guarantee on each radiator body, this range is second-to-none when it comes to longevity. Boasting over 40 years of experience, Haverland have built a reputation on reliable heating solutions; their lifetime guarantee is a promise you can depend on knowing all their products are manufactured to the same high standards. Available in crisp white or bold anthracite, these distinct designer radiators boast unrivalled efficiency to suit any property need.

  • Haverland RC Wave – The tried and tested original of the Wave family, this designer radiator breaks tradition with its contemporary curved body that adds fresh style to your home. Fitted with a silent precision thermostat, the RC Wave allows for 24/7 programming. With a myriad of other energy-saving features including an adaptive start function, enjoy a new way of heating that prioritises effectiveness and ease of use.
  • Haverland RC Wave+ – Containing all the best features of the original, the RC Wave+ goes a step further with innovative Bluetooth programming. Compatible with Haverland’s homegrown heating app, manage your radiator from the convenience of your smartphone. Set schedules and enable energy-saving modes; the RC Wave+ offers enhanced accessibility when managing your heating system.
  • Haverland SmartWave – This WiFi-compatible, self-programming version raises the bar in its unmatched approach to heat management. Using its motion control sensors, the SmartWave learns your routine over a weekly period to autonomously set its own unique heating schedule. The sensor reacts to any changes in routine, adapting its programming immediately if you’re out of the house – saving you money and keeping energy usage down. Truly the definition of a smart radiator: the Haverland SmartWave brings electric heating to the next generation.

Out with the old, in with the new

If you’ve noticed your radiators are starting to show their age, now’s a better time than any to upgrade to electric heating. Whether you prioritise advanced programming, modern aesthetics, or anything in between, Electric Radiators Direct sells only the best – and you can buy with confidence knowing your radiator will last you, in some cases, a lifetime. So, take a look at our collection to see what we have on offer, and treat yourself to an upgrade today.