5 common bathroom design problems – and how to fix them

It seemed like there was no problem at first. Your new bathroom looked pristine, gleaming from wall to wall. Then you took it for a test run and disaster struck.

It’s quite common to discover, after moving into a new house, that your bathroom is beset by a handful of practical problems which regularly make your life that little bit more frustrating. Most of these problems only become apparent once your bathroom has been in use for weeks, or even months, so even the most beautiful designer bathrooms may reveal themselves to be irksome chore-generators when used regularly.

So, what to do? Move house? Knock the whole room down and start again? Rip up the tiles, strip out the fittings, and re-decorate from scratch? Many of us don’t have the time or money. But, as luck would have it, some of the most common problems have easy solutions that take little time and won’t cost you a fortune. Here are our top five:

1 - Slippery Floors

Nothing wakes you up in the morning like nearly falling over when getting out of the shower. For some of us, it’s one of the best adrenaline rushes we get all day. For others, it's a perilous health risk that threatens injury and even a spell in a wheelchair.

Rip up the flooring and walk on mud instead? No, just get a few non-stick mats and lay them from shower to door. Or even better, get ones with natural pebble inlay – it’s more or less a free foot massage every morning.

Don't fall, get a shower mat!

2 - Small Tiles 

The smaller the tiles, the greater the area covered by cracks in between them and, as such, the harder it is to keep on top of grout cleaning.

However, such an issue is generally over-exaggerated. The size of your tiles isn’t the most significant factor in how tidy your bathroom is – that’s how often you clean it. And if you do that as regularly as you should, then the grout will be kept at bay regardless.

Larger tiles = less cleaning!

3- Storage Space

Where can I put my new toothbrush? What to do with the extra toilet rolls? Oh no, what about the mop? Such dilemmas should not be taken lightly– realising there’s no spare loo roll in reach after a night at the local curry house is a crisis no respectable human being should be expected to tolerate.

If you’ve got a small bathroom, the solution lies in the ceiling. Check out over-door shelves for a permanent solution, or, if you’re on a tighter budget, consider hanging storage organisers. These are available in a wide range of colours and fabrics, and offer plenty of room for all your bathroom essentials. And, as with all ceiling height bathroom features, they’ll be better protected from spray from your bath or shower. After all, no one likes a soggy roll of toilet paper.  

 Make the most of every inch

4 - Harsh Lighting 

No one looks their best at 7am, and there’s something masochistic about installing overly-bright lighting in your bathroom, to illuminate every inch of your first-thing-in-the-morning face in all its anti-glory. It’s a knock your self-esteem just doesn’t need when you’re still struggling with the concept of getting up in the first place. 

But there are benefits to harsh lighting that, arguably, outweigh the negatives. Ignorance might be bliss while you’re still in that zombie-like morning haze, but when you’re out and about in the world you’ll definitely appreciate the confidence that your face is looking its best. And it can’t be denied that unforgiving lighting gives you the best shot at doing a good job whilst shaving or putting on makeup. 

As a compromise, why not fit a mirror in your hallway, and swap out your bright lighting for a dimmer bulb? As you trudge out of the bathroom, fresh from your morning ablutions, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sultry reflection greeting you on the landing. You can enjoy the exacting illumination of bright light in the bathroom, whilst reaping the benefits of a confidence boost in the hallway. 

Don't let harsh light ruin your day

5 - Soggy Towels 

There’s nothing more depressing on a cold winter’s day than abandoning the comfort of a hot shower for the soggy embrace of a damp towel. Unfortunately, it’s one that many people endure on a daily basis, especially in crowded family bathrooms where a humid atmosphere makes it next to impossible for your towels to dry before your next shower. 

Luckily, this one’s an easy fix, and, best of all, it’s one that we can provide! Check out our array of stylish electric towel rails for an instant solution. These practical and attractive bathroom radiators fit on the wall, taking up minimum space whilst heating your room and keeping your towels warm and dry. With towel rails available from £79.99, you don’t have to break the bank to sort your soggy towel problem once and for all.

No-one likes a soggy towel

Got any more easy-fix solutions to common bathroom problems? Share them below and help us all get those everyday annoyances out of our lives!


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