Essential List Of DIY Jobs For Autumn

Autumn brings with it a multitude of changes, some of them welcome and others not so welcome. For kids it’s a time to kick up all of the red and gold leaves that have fallen from the branches but the only thing adults may be thinking of is how much their energy bill will cost. However, this doesn’t have to be the case and there are plenty of little DIY tasks you can do around the home to maximise your comfort and possibly save you money when the winter months finally hit.

Check guttering and downpipes

During autumn it’s easy for guttering to become clogged with leaves and other debris that can prevent water from correctly flowing away from your property. Less vigilant homeowners who rarely check their gutters can expect to find moss growth or even bird nests so it is always advisable to do this periodically, especially before the wetter months. It might be easy to forget just how vital they are to your home but guttering and downpipes prevent your property from water damage and serious heartache in cases where repairs need to be paid for. Remember, prevention is always better than cure! Another top tip is to fit a water butt to your downpipe and really get the most out of the rainy weather, just make sure to implement an overflow system so that any excess water doesn’t saturate the surrounding ground.

Look for draughts

Draughty doorThis is an easy and practical way to help cut down your energy bills. Typically, this won’t be an issue in summer but once autumn starts to set in, you may find yourself noticing the cold air start to creep in. Conduct a thorough check of all windows and doors in your property and make sure that there are no gaps or holes that will let in draughts. Fitting draught-excluders to doors is an inexpensive and effective way of maintaining areas of your home you want to keep warm. Self-adhesive strips provide a useful method of ensuring that your windows close without leaving gaps, however as they don’t last for very long, they should only be used a quick fix. Seasonal expansion can occur around window frames but most cases can be fixed with caulking to create a good seal. It’s estimated that a draught free home can save up to 10% on heating bills so a little bit of work now and then can really save you money.

Test your heating system

One of the worst things that can happen during a cold snap is for your heating system to fail. It’s easy to take it for granted but when you’re without heating, it can feel like an eternity before it’s fixed. Always test your heating before winter to try and find potential faults or areas that may need attention. A quick and easy way to ensure that your home is nice and toasty is by installing wall mounted electric radiators, either as a system in its own right or for key areas in the home. Modern electric radiators are able to be programmed by the user and give total control over when and how much rooms are heated. By carefully zoning your heating, you can effectively cut down on central heating usage which wastefully heats the entire house regardless of which rooms are in use. They’re also a godsend when your gas boiler breaks down and are so easy to set up, you can have your home warm again in minutes.

Clear and renovate your homeTidy Renovated Kitchen

It’s time to put away all the remnants of summer and get out the blankets and throws to make your house as cosy as possible. As the nights draw in, it’s likely you and your family will be spending an increasing amount of time indoors. With that in mind, beautifying and decluttering the interior of the house can make it much more welcoming and maximise the space available to you. Clearing up key areas encourages the family to get together and provides room for the kids to engage in indoor craft activities. Redecorating is also another favourite autumn activity as people prepare for Christmas. Updating dining and living rooms in the run up to this holiday are often the main priority; nobody wants their relatives sitting on shabby chairs or getting chilly in the kitchen. To keep gathering areas comfortably warm, slimline electric radiators are tasteful, unobtrusive and their sleek design enhances the look of any room.

The main watchwords for autumn DIY are maintenance, prevention and comfort. Some quick checks here and there can prevent any problems escalating and potentially save you money. Above all, autumn is the last chance to brace for any freezing weather that may occur so make sure that your home is well heated and insulated. Take a little time over your home this season and it will be well worth the effort.


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