Electric Radiators: Heating All Year Round

FlowersAs the weather gets warmer approaching summer, there appears to be less and less need to turn on your radiators. The heat during the day is often sufficient and may even lead to windows being opened to let the heat out. However, the English weather system is far from consistent; although it may be summer, living in England means putting up with climatic changes through the seasons and day to day when the weather decides to be unreliable. Electric radiators with thermostats allow optimal control of home heating to make sure you’re kept warm all year round. But what are the options when it comes to fulfilling this task and why are electric radiators the best for this?


Electric Radiators VS Traditional Gas Radiators

With a traditional central heating system, gas is pumped into your home and burned within the boiler to heat your household water supply.  The heated water from the boiler then travels through a series of pipes to reach and heat up your radiators. This offers very little controllability, with each radiator usually offering nothing more than a thermostatic valve which gives you some scope to adjust temperatures by restricting the supply of hot water.

Central Heating RadiatorBy comparison, modern electric radiators offer a wealth of intuitive settings. Many come with adaptive digital thermostats that can control temperature more precisely than their gas-powered counterparts and keep temperature fluctuation to a minimum. Many electric radiators also come with controllers or even apps that allow you to set the precise time and at what temperature you would like your radiator to be set to. This means that, when approaching summer, it would be as simple as selecting a few options on your radiator to ensure that they only come on when needed and are not set at a wasteful temperature. This makes electric radiators the more efficient option, with much less wasted energy.

Traditional radiators can be clunky, often outdated and industrial looking. Designer electric radiators, however, can fit seamlessly into many spaces with their slimline designs which can often create more space and a more modern feeling in an interior. As well as this, electric radiators have no need for gas and therefore no need for a plumber to connect them to your household pipe system. Many of the electric models can simply plug into a socket or be installed internally by an electrician. If you’re installing an electric radiator into a new property, there is no need to worry about wall blackening due to electric radiators transferring heat through convection and radiation.

Electric heaters, unlike their gas-powered counterparts, also have the potential to harness renewable energy all year round. Since the radiators are powered through electricity they could be potentially linked to solar panels. This may be sustainable in the summer months allowing the home owner to generate heat at a lower cost.

All Year-Round Heating Options:

Haverland RC Wave: price from £199.99RC Wave

One of the most popular wall mounted electric radiators on the market is the Haverland RC Wave. This oil free electric radiator features an ultra-slim lightweight design and heats up extremely quickly, due to its dry thermal heating elements. Should the weather turn cold unexpectedly, you’ll be able to warm up your home in no time. It also features a digital thermostat and 24/7 programmer. This means your radiator can adapt to the different temperatures of the changing seasons, enabling you to keep warm in the winter and be economical in the summer. However, these programmes can be changed at any time to suit your individual preferences.

Haverland Smart Wave: price from £259.99

Smart WaveThe Smart Wave can be used to take ultimate control of your home’s domestic heating system. The Smart Wave, as well as having all the features of the RC Wave model, features three different heating modes. The ‘Self-Learning’ mode creates a heating programme based around you and your routine. ‘Sensor’ mode turns on the heating whenever you’re in the room, meaning there is less electricity wastage when you are not present. Lastly, ‘Manual’ allows you to tweak your heating programme over the internet. This is fully possible when purchased with a Smart Box which allows you to easily change your heating settings over Wi-Fi creating a bespoke heating system adaptable to all weathers and climates.

Haverland Designer TT: price from £217.99

Designer TTThe Designer TT, as oppose to the ‘Wave’ models, features a modern thermal fluid heating system which enables a good all round spread of heat in addition to excellent heat retention. This makes it a cost-effective option in the cold English winters. The Designer TT is slim and contemporary with the added functionality of a digital thermostat, 24/7 programmer and energy monitor which enables you to see how much and at what time energy is being used by the radiator across the year. It is therefore possible to analyse your energy usage and be more economic with money.

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