Electric Radiators for Commercial Developments

The RC Wave Whether you’re a first-time tinkerer, a fully-fledged developer, or simply fancy pursuing a home renovation or two, Electric Radiators Direct has all you need to add the finishing touches to your home project. Upgrading your heating system in full is often a costly job – but, with multi-purchase promotions across our best-selling range of electric radiators, refurbishing your heating system has never been easier.

Electric radiators for home renovations

Creating your dream home becomes a labour of love for those of us with the knowhow to get started. Everything from the obvious big decisions to the super-fine details are worth considering if you’re planning a home renovation – from ceilings to skirting boards and everything in between, including your appliances. If you’re about to confront your DIY demons and upgrade your home, it makes sense to upgrade your heating system at the same time. Lucky for you, for a limited time only, Electric Radiators Direct are offering multi-buy discounts on its best-selling electric radiator: the Haverland RC Wave.

The RC Wave

The RC Wave has become the flagship product for us here at Electric Radiators Direct. Stylish, energy-efficient, and suitable for easy DIY installation, this slimline electric radiator is the obvious choice for use throughout your home – whether you’re starting from scratch or refurbishing what you’ve already got.

Advanced digital control

For the modern redevelopment, manual thermostats and rough approximations of temperature just aren’t good enough. For 21st century projects, only precision control will do – which is where the RC Wave comes in…

The Haverland Designer RC Wave Electric Radiator

Using state-of-the-art technology, the RC Wave uses a digital thermostat that’s accurate to within half of a degree – enabling this modern electric radiator to maintain temperatures with absolute precision. No more coming home to chilly rooms as your central heating struggles to reach your desired temperature, with the RC Wave, each and every room in your redevelopment will be perfectly heated each and every time. The digital control doesn’t stop there. Using the simple interface on top of the electric radiator, you can create a heating schedule that caters to your every whim, with hourly intervals dividing the whole day. Ideal for professionals who lead a busy lifestyle, the RC Wave will integrate itself into your routine with ease – removing the guesswork that less sophisticated central heating systems provide.

If you’re planning on re-fitting your entire project with RC Waves, you can purchase a remote control for easy press-and-point adjustments without having to leave your seat: a useful tool to avoid traipsing around your new home and setting each electric radiator individually.

The RC Wave for commercial developments

This designer electric radiator has a few other key features that make it the ideal choice for home projects or commercial developments. If you’re concerned with keeping the cost of your home improvements down, you’ll be pleased to know the RC Wave can be easily installed DIY and each electric radiator comes with a standard three-pin plug, which means all you need to do is find a socket and plug it straight into the mains. It really is that simple: you don’t need to rip up the floors or skirting board and there’s no costly plumbing to factor into your budget.

The RC Wave in position in a conservatory

Each RC Wave also comes with a mounting bracket, making wall mounting as simple as drilling four holes and hanging the radiator on the wall. If you happen to be mid-way through your redevelopment and still have to finish off the electrics, you can even have the RC Wave hardwired to the wall for a de-cluttered, streamlined finish.

Which brings us onto one of the key selling points of the RC Wave – its elegant aesthetic. If you’re spending time and money on getting your project’s look just right, you don’t want clunky radiators ruining your clean lines. The RC Wave boasts a gracefully curved body made from recycled aluminium, which is eco-friendly, lightweight, and highly durable. So durable in fact, the RC Wave comes with a lifetime guarantee on the body – so you can rest assured that you won’t need to purchase a replacement anytime soon.

Our multi-buy discount

For home renovations or commercial developments, the RC Wave would be our first choice of electric radiator each and every time. If you’ve got a project in the pipeline, now’s the time to consider an en-masse heating upgrade. Our current promotion gives you 5% off when you purchase a single RC Wave, 7.5% off when you purchase two, and 10% off when you purchase three. Whether you’re a first-time developer or a seasoned professional, our sales team are only ever a call away, providing a tailor-made quote based on your project’s exact requirements.

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