Affordable Heating: Economical Electric Radiators

Last updated: July 2023

No one likes forking out for a new heating appliance – even when they’re ultra-stylish and super high-tech like our economical electric radiators. But even worse than setting aside your hard-earned cash to update your home heating is receiving an unexpectedly inflated energy bill. The best way to avoid this is to tackle the problem at the source and reduce your energy consumption with energy efficient heaters. Nobody loses when an appliance is more efficient: you’re literally getting less for more, as the heater cuts down the amount of energy it needs to provide effective comfort heating. So, what is it exactly that makes our electric radiators so efficient and economical compared to gas central heating? Let’s find out.

100% efficiency

Straight off the bat, you’re getting an inherently more efficient product. Why? Electric heating is 100% efficient at point of use. The reason is simple: every single watt of energy drawn from the mains is converted into usable heat, meaning you’re only ever paying for the heat you use.

Is electric heating 100% efficient at point of use? Let's briefly run down the hows and whys.

No heat lost through pipes

A major flaw in conventional central heating systems is the heat loss incurred by using a system of pipes. When hot water moves through a central heating system, heat radiates through the pipes and wastes warmth in the walls. An electric radiator plugs directly into a standard 13-amp socket, so the distance between the power source and heat output is at an absolute minimum.

Heating zones

Another flaw in gas central heating systems is that the whole system has to be activated to heat a single room, wasting energy and giving you limited scope to adapt your heating to the rest of the house. Because our electric radiators function independently, you can set up separate heating schedules for every room! It’s a simple but effective way of cutting down your energy usage and just makes more sense on a practical level.

Compatible with green electricity

If you’re looking to cut out the energy companies entirely and heat your home with power generated from wind turbines or solar panels, economical electric radiators are the way to go. Our radiators run equally well off self-generated electricity and electricity from the grid – and with all the energy-efficient features on offer, you’ll have plenty of electricity left over to power the rest of your home appliances.

Innovative programming

Our electric radiators come in-built with the latest and greatest heating technologies, offering superior controllability that are designed to keep costs down.

Accurate and convenient control comes as standard with all of our electric radiators. Built for the modern home, they’re loaded with features that keep energy and time efficiency in mind. 

Precision digital thermostats

Many of our electric radiators come with a high precision thermostat accurate to half a degree. The thermostat switches the radiator on when the room temperature drops below the set level of warmth and off when it rises above. This ensures you don’t waste money over-heating a room and your rooms never get too cold. A thermostat on each radiator ensures much more accurate temperature management than with a central heating system using a single thermostat,  as it won’t be able to provide a representative temperature reading for the rest of the house. 

WiFi app control

We have a wealth of smart electric radiators that can be programmed from the convenience of a smartphone app. Distance control means heat management any time, any place – you can even pair your heater to your home voice assistant for handsfree heating control! WiFi-controlled electric radiators are primed to save you money in the long term, and even just the convenience they offer make the purchase worth it.

Weekly schedules

In-depth programming options on all our economical electric radiators allow you to tailor your heating schedule to your lifestyle. You can programme your radiators to switch off at the times you’re likely to be home and switch off when you’re usually out of the house – so you’re only using energy when you really need it, cutting down your heating bills.

Simple set-up, zero upkeep

Installing and maintaining an electric radiator is a breeze compared to gas. Lightweight materials and zero moving parts equal a fuss-free heating experience.

With no moving parts, boiler connection, or reliance on combustible fuel, electric radiators are amongst the safest heating solutions out there. So, how much maintenance do they actually need – if any? 

DIY installation

Unlike gas central heating systems, which require extensive plumbing work to install, many of our wall mounted electric radiators are suitable for DIY installation. With the most basic level of DIY skill, you can mount our radiators on the wall and plug them in to the nearest socket, providing comfortable heat without an expensive plumber’s bill.

No maintenance

Fuel-burning central heating systems which have the potential to produce carbon monoxide require an annual visit from a professional. Water-filled radiators can leak, lose pressure and require tricky and time-consuming maintenance work. With electric radiators, you face none of these additional costs. Safe and easy to use, all you need to do is keep them clean.

Extended warranties

We’re so confident in the quality of the manufacture of our economical electric radiators that we offer generous warranties on all our heaters – so in the unlikely event that something goes wrong early on, you know that we’ll be there to help you out. The Haverland RC Wave and SmartWave range even come with a lifetime guarantee on the radiator body, so you know you’re investing in absolute quality.

What are the most economical electric radiators?

Now you know the magic behind our products, we’ve combed through our extensive collection to give you the most economical electric radiators on the market. Budget-friendly and suitable for DIY installation, you’re saving money straight out of the box – but it’s their range of advanced energy management features that truly set these radiators apart. Be sure to check out our dedicated blog for a comprehensive guide, but for the top three, we recommend:

Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

Our smartest radiator yet, the iQ Ceramic releases its warmth slowly, even after it’s stopped drawing power. This is all thanks to its heat-retentive ceramic core. WiFi-ready and with an intuitive motion sensor mode, you have full control of your energy usage, making it easier than ever to reduce your running costs.

Haverland RC Wave

For fast-acting warmth and convenient Bluetooth programming, the RC Wave is a cut above the rest. Using highly efficient dry thermal elements, temperatures are reached within a few minutes of switch-on. With a wealth of programming features such as 24/7 programming and adaptive start, you’re guaranteed responsive warmth without the waste.

Ecostrad Ecowärme

Our flagship German radiator has been built under the guise of world-leading experts, with a quality control process that is second-to-none. The Ecowärme’s deep-plated finish houses highly efficient ceramic plates for longer-lasting warmth. Fitted with a precision thermostat, temperature levels are maintained consistently to keep your home’s energy usage down.

Embrace affordable heating with electric radiators

Our energy-efficient electric heating solutions are here to make a difference in our customers’ homes. From the latest ground-breaking technology to renewable energy pairing, our products are primed for a sustainable future – without the premium price tag attached. Browse our full collection and experience significant cost savings when you invest in electric.

Key learnings

  • If you’re looking for affordable heating, electric radiators are your best bet. 100% efficient at point of use – you’ll only ever be paying for the energy you use.
  • DIY-friendly and maintenance free, they’re primed to keep running costs down.
  • Electric radiators come in-built with a range of energy-saving features, such as 24/7 programming & precision digital thermostats. Many are also compatible with WiFi, for heat management even when you’re on the go.