Best Electric Heating Systems for Homes

Last updated: October 2022

In recent years, there’s been a notable shift in the perception of electric heating systems. In a world of burgeoning eco-responsibility, homes across the country are turning to electric heating to reduce their environmental impact and take advantage of the latest heating technology. Because of this, the world is warming to the idea of using electricity over gas. If you’re thinking of making the switch to electric heating, there are a variety of different systems to consider. Read on to find the best electric heating system for your home.

Electric heating: what are the options?

The unmatched versatility of electric heating means there's a variety of products to choose from, each with their own speciality:

Electric radiators

provide stylish, highly controllable heating for the entire home.

Infrared panels

provide a discreet and soothing heat source for a wide range of applications.

Electric panel heaters

provide supplementary heating in less frequented rooms.

Electric towel rails

provide an independent heat source for bathrooms.

What is the most efficient heating system?

Electric heating systems are highly efficient compared to traditional central heating. 100% of the electricity that’s drawn from the wall by an electric heater is converted to heat, with zero waste. Modern electric heating systems also feature intelligent 24/7 digital programmers, highly accurate digital thermostats, and energy-saving features like open-window detection and adaptive start.

Electric radiators

The electric equivalent to conventional central heating, electric radiators are suitable for all day use throughout your home. Efficient, reliable, and highly controllable, these electric alternatives can be fitted DIY, come in wall mounted and freestanding variations, and require zero maintenance. The ultimate “use anywhere” system, electric radiators come in various wattages, sizes, shapes and styles – providing a break from the utilitarian aesthetic of gas central heating.

Electric radiators: a closer look at their features

Electric radiators use precision digital thermostats that accurately read temperatures to within a fraction of a degree. Combined with extensive digital programmers, you can be exact with your heating – reducing wasted energy and keeping your monthly bills as low as possible. Electric radiators can be programmed individually too, so you can decide to keep specific rooms at lower temperatures than others. All of which makes electric radiators a versatile alternative to rigid central heating.


Our recommended electric radiator:

Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

Our best-selling electric radiator, the Ecostrad iQ Ceramic, is a great example of the benefits of this type of heating system. Slimline, stylish, and featuring a highly accurate silent thermostat and WiFi compatibility, the iQ Ceramic is the ultimate electric radiator – providing energy-efficient heating and an elegant, sophisticated design.

Electric panel heaters

Despite their similar appearance, electric panel heaters have subtle differences that set them and electric radiators apart. While electric radiators are designed for all day use throughout your home, panel heaters are designed for occasional use as top-up heaters in spare rooms, home offices, and guest rooms. 

Electric panel heaters: a closer look at their features

Panel heaters provide rapid heat when you need it most and can be installed independently from your primary heating system. Most come with attachable feet too, enabling you to stand your heater up as a portable unit wherever there’s a plug socket. Many panel heaters also come with digital programmers, allowing you to create a heating schedule. With remote or WiFi control, you can make adjustments from the comfort of your chair. Perfect for off-the-cuff use, electric panel heaters are the ideal choice as a secondary electric heating system.


Our recommended electric panel heater:

Ecostrad iQ Plus

The Ecostrad iQ Plus, our best-selling electric panel heater, comes with 24/7 digital programming, sophisticated WiFi control, and can be used wall-mounted and freestanding.

Infrared panels

Infrared has the potential to be the most efficient heating system for your home. Unlike other electric heating systems, which warm the surrounding air to heat a room, infrared warms objects and people directly. By transferring heat in straight lines, it warms whatever’s in front of it. Without the need to transfer heat to the surrounding air, infrared heaters are inherently more efficient than any other form of heating system, electric or gas.

Infrared panels: a closer look at their features

Infrared heaters are the least obtrusive of all electric heating systems and come in a range of different styles. Choose from a simple white panel, perfect for use in any room, or an elegant mirror finish panel for added style. Suitable for DIY installation, wall or ceiling positioning, and a variety of domestic and commercial spaces, infrared panels are a truly versatile and discreet electric heating system.

Emitting a soothing low-energy heat, infrared panels provide a gentle, deeply penetrating warmth that doesn’t feel artificial or harsh. Unlike electric radiators, which often come with integrated controllers and thermostats, infrared panels will need to be purchased with an additional controller to unlock their full potential. In conjunction with a controller, you can take charge of multiple panels, adjust their operating temperatures, and group them together into specific zones for quick and easy control.


Our recommended infrared panel:

Ecostrad Accent iQ

The Ecostrad Accent iQ is one of our best infrared panels. Finished in white, this streamlined electric heating system is gentle on allergies, produces no emissions whatsoever, and can be DIY installed with ease.

Electric towel rails

For dedicated bathroom heating, a towel rail is the perfect electric heating system. Something of a staple for the modern household, towel rails provide independent bathroom heating as well as cosy, dry towels.

Electric towel rails: a closer look at their features

Electric towel rails come in a variety of different designs, from traditional-looking chrome ladder rails to glass-fronted contemporary variants. Regardless of the aesthetics, an electric towel rail will provide plenty of heat to warm your bathroom and keep your damp towels off the floor. Some towel rails even have the same level of controllability as electric radiators, featuring 24/7 programmers that can be used to create a heating schedule.

All towel rails carry a high IP rating that protects the appliance from the ingress of water, some can operate at lower surface temperatures for households with children or vulnerable people, and there are multiple sizes to choose from. For bathroom heating, a towel rail is the obvious choice of electric heating system.


Our recommended electric towel rail:

Ecostrad Fine-E Bluetooth

The Ecostrad Fina-E Bluetooth Electric Towel Rail offers sophisticated 24/7 programming, 5 different heat levels, and smart Bluetooth control.

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Whatever your choice, choose Electric Radiators Direct

Electric Radiators Direct supply the best electric heating systems for your home. Whether you’re looking for improved energy-efficiency, something to heat a specific spot, or a heater that can be used throughout your property, we have the right product for you. Browse our full range of electric heaters or get in touch with our award-winning support team for even more advice on all things electric.

Key takeaways

  • The innovative programming of an electric radiator perfectly balances efficiency and convenience. Our radiators come with an array of energy-saving and cost-cutting features that make them superior to most electric heating solutions.
  • Infrared panels are the most efficient heating solutions because of the way they heat. Their slimline design blends into any interior, and WiFi or Bluetooth control help to improve heat management.
  • We recommend electric panel heaters as a secondary heat source, as they’re designed to provide quick bursts of heat intermittently. Their lightweight portability makes them perfectly suited to being moved from room-to-room.
  • Electric towel rails are the staple of bathroom heating. Our towel rails boast a variety of energy-saving features, where schedules and heat boosts can be implemented whenever required.