A Wall Heater for Every Day of the Week

Sometimes it seems our lives are dictated by routine. Each day we go through the same motions, repeat the same steps, and end up in the same places. It’s so easy to go along with the day-to-day that you often miss chances to break free and explore something new. For our heating, routine is characterised by white, utilitarian central heating radiators: functional, unexciting, and restrictive. If variety really is the spice of life, we should be aiming for a different wall heater for each day of the week…


Easily and unanimously the worst day of the week, Mondays are as run-of-the-mill as it’s possible to be. On days like this, you deserve an extra special wall heater – something that makes heaving yourself out of bed before sunrise bearable. The Haverland SmartWave, an advanced motion sensing wall heater, can do just that.

The Haverland SmartWaveThe SmartWave

Styled in the classic Haverland manner, the SmartWave’s elegant curves and fluid design makes it the perfect wall heater for breaking free from plain central heating tedium. The SmartWave comes with an accurate digital thermostat, a UK fitted plug for easy DIY installation, and uses the latest dry thermal heating technology.

However, the most impressive feature of the SmartWave is its motion sensing technology. The days of trudging to the thermostat and scheduling your heating are long gone. Instead, let the SmartWave do all the work for you. This modern wall heater has the capability to learn your daily routine, heating when it knows you’re going to wake up, come home, or enter a different room. Adaptable, stylish, and dependable, the SmartWave makes Monday that bit easier to bear…

Monday fact:

According to a 2011 study, the average person in the UK does not smile on a Monday until 11.16am…



We’re not sure Tuesdays stand to win any awards for being the best day of the week – but at least they’re a small step closer to the weekend. To keep your Tuesdays warm and toasty, why not try our best-selling wall heater, the Ecostrad Eco.

The Ecostrad EcoThe Eco

The Eco is an advanced wall heater that’s packed with energy-saving features you wouldn’t expect from such a competitive price tag. Constructed from lightweight aluminium, the Eco is the perfect portable heating solution and can be wall-mounted for permanent installation.  

Featuring a precision thermostat, 24/7 programmer, and its own remote control, the Eco is top of its class for this type of wall heater.

Tuesday Fact:

Uranus was first discovered on Tuesday 12th March 1781 by William Herschel…



Everyone loves a Wednesday. Mid-way through the week, we’re all halfway towards our ultimate goal of a Saturday morning lie in. For feel-good Wednesday heating, choose the Rointe Delta D Series electric radiator.

The Delta D SeriesThe Delta D

The D-Series is a modern wall heater filled with cutting-edge technology, energy-efficient features, and plenty of style. Perfect for the mid-week boost, Rointe’s D-Series electric radiators bring a sense of panache to the working week.

The D-Series can maintain temperatures within 0.25°C, can be controlled via WiFi, comes with open window detection, 24/7 programming, and even comes with an energy monitor so you can keep a check on your energy use. This wall-mounted electric radiator is a long way from the simplistic, white-washed central heating systems we’re all used to.

Wednesday Fact:

In Hindu mythology, Buddha is the God of mercy, merchants, and Wednesdays…



The Electrorad Aero-Flow

Sometimes called Friday’s Friday, Thursday is the second-best day of the working week. On joyous days like this, you need a wall heater that won’t let you down: introducing the Electrorad Aero-Flow.

The Aero-Flow

The Aero-Flow borrows the timeless, fluted design of old-school central heating and combines it with modern electric heating technology. A perfect blend of contemporary and traditional styles, the Aero-Flow provides classic aesthetics with high-tech controllability.

The Aero-Flow contains specially designed ceramic bricks that retain heat for up to an hour, supports 24/7 digital programming, and comes with an impressive 30-year warranty. For reliable home heating on the run up to Friday, the Aero-Flow is the only wall heater you’ll ever need.

Thursday Fact:

On Thursday 22nd of May 1980, Pac-Man, one of the most influential games of all time, was launched in Japan…



God bless Fridays. Offices, schools, and workplaces across the globe punch the air when it finally arrives. For the infamous day of revelry and fun, you need a glamorous and practical heating solution…

The Inspire Mirror PanelThe Inspire Mirror Panel

The Inspire Mirror Infrared Panel is that solution, combining soothing infrared heat with a reflective mirrored surface. Perfect for keeping warm as you get ready for an evening on the town, the Inspire mirror panel is an elegant wall heater worthy of a Friday night.

Operating with zero sound and light, Inspire infrared panels are a discreet heat source that can be used throughout your home. They’re especially useful in bathrooms however, as the hot surface prevents the glass from fogging up.

Shiny, exciting, and full of fun, Herschel Inspire Mirror Panels are the ideal wall heater for Fridays.

Friday Fact:

On Friday 13th 2009, NASA announced they’d found evidence to suggest there was once water on the Moon…



The RC Wave

Or “getting things done day” as we like to call it, requires a special breed of wall heater. One that won’t let you down as you clean, shop, tidy, fix, or do whatever it is you need to do in the aftermath of Friday. For solid wall heater performance, there’s only one choice, the Haverland RC Wave

The RC Wave

Our best-selling electric radiator, the RC Wave is a gold-star all-rounder. Styled with the customary Haverland flair, this wall heater is a significant step-up from traditional central heating systems.

Featuring a 24/7 programmer, highly accurate digital thermostat, ultra-slim design, and so much more, your home heating is in safe hands with the RC Wave. For busy Saturdays, there can hardly be a more suitable heating solution.

Saturday Fact:

In folklore, Saturdays were considered the best day to hunt vampires, as they were restricted to their coffins on this day…



The ideal day for lounging around, relaxing on the sofa, and doing absolutely nothing at all. Sundays were made for resting after a hectic week. For lazy days indoors, you need a wall heater that’s happy to kick out cosy, snuggly heat all day long…

The VeeSmartThe VeeSmart

The Ecostrad VeeSmart is a stylish wall-mountable electric radiator that’s capable of just that. Manufactured with modern, square-cut bars, the VeeSmart is a designer electric radiator filled with heat retentive thermal fluid – providing an even heat distribution that’s perfect for snug Sundays in front of the telly.

Available in both vertical and horizontal orientations, the VeeSmart is a versatile wall heater that can be fitted into a variety of spaces. Featuring a 7-day programmer, timer function, and available in both black and white, the VeeSmart is the ideal Sunday heater.

Sunday Fact:

If a month begins on a Sunday, that month will always have a “Friday the 13th” in it…


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