10 ways to use an RC Wave Electric Radiator

Versatility is a key advantage of electric heating and one of the many reasons it remains a popular heating solution across the UK. Electric radiators in particular can be used in a multitude of locations, and offer so many unique features, they make gas systems look positively clunky and unresponsive in comparison. Still need convincing? We’re putting our flagship radiator, the RC Wave, to the test to show you 10 ways it can make your life easier and dethrone central heating in the process.

1.      Great for garage conversions with no central heating.

Garage ConversionIt’s hard to predict the kinds of changes your home will undergo through the years and if the primary use of a room changes, so too might its heating requirements. Garage conversions, for example, can be problematic as they very rarely have central heating systems running through them and extending pipework can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavour. This is where the RC Wave can be a godsend. Installation is a quick and easy process that can be completed DIY in minutes. Then all you need to do is switch it on and enjoy the rapid, effective heat afforded by the dry thermal heating elements. Purchasing an electric radiator is a much less expensive option compared to undertaking plumbing work, leaving you with more money in your pocket.

2.      Separate heating controls for use in conservatories.

Conservatories are notoriously difficult to heat and not only because of the high volume of glazing which makes it hard to keep the room warm. Extending your central heating into your conservatory is possible, but will mean that it becomes subject to the same heat loss regulations as the rest of the house unless the radiators you fit are able to be controlled independently. For most people, the expense and hassle of extending pipework will simply not be worth it, which is why the RC Wave is perfect for use in conservatories. The Wave provides a completely separate heating system as well as a whole host of functions that no central heating radiator can hope to match.

RC Wave with Feet

3.      The portable heater for people on the move.

Unlike other heating options, the RC Wave can dance around the fine line of portability and permanence without diluting or compromising its effectiveness. With the purchase of an additional set of feet, it instantly becomes a mobile heating option with easy plug-in-and-go functionality. Or, if you prefer a more permanent solution, you can use the wall-mounting brackets that come included with the product. This is ideal for anyone who finds that they’re travelling a lot, moving in and out of student digs, or working from various locations.

4.      True armchair control for total convenience.

We don’t all have a natural flair for gizmos and gadgets, and if you’re one such person who despairs at setting up electricals, the prospect of fiddling with a small control panel may fill you with dread. For one reason or another, sitting beside your electric radiator to adjust the settings is often less than ideal and simply not an option if you have limited mobility. Haverland have kindly taken this into account, which is why you can purchase an additional remote control for greater usability and easy heat management at the touch of a button. This low-fuss solution allows you to control your RC Wave from the comfort of your armchair and has the additional function of letting you program your radiator’s heating routine down to the half hour.


5.      Targeted, effective heating for larger houses.

Larger houses can suffer from higher heating bills purely due to the volume of space that requires heating. Central heating systems are good for heating everywhere at once, but if large spaces of the home are empty, it doesn’t make financial sense to keep these vacant rooms warm. This can be a problem for empty-nesters, and when the kids have moved out or gone to university, it may be the case that only a few key areas of the home need heat. Using the RC Wave for effective, zoned heating can help to cut down bills by only warming rooms that are in use and for set hours of the day.

6.      Fantastic money-saver for busy households.

The demands of work and school mean we largely lead a routine-based lifestyle, but traditional heating methods often present only limited scheduling options. An older gas central heating system, for example, might have a basic timer function but this will require frequent adjustment due to its restricted capabilities. Programming options offered by the RC Wave allow users to set both a weekday and weekend schedule to adapt around your family’s habits and also features a lockable control pad to prevent younger children from tampering with the settings. The advanced functionality and precision thermostat of the RC Wave means that your heating will only come on when it’s needed, reducing wasted energy and saving you money on bills.  

7.      Use in small, narrow rooms due to slimline design.

Where space is limited, you need to make the most of what little is available and choosing a slimline heater will help you make the most of your smaller rooms. The RC Wave is a trim 7.5cm deep and will leave you with much more room to manoeuvre compared to other bulkier heating methods. Perfect for spare rooms, home offices and narrow hallways!

8.      Efficient office heating for business hours.

OfficesHeating office spaces is all about compromise and flexibility – inevitably there will always be a spirited discussion about the temperature as co-workers strive to find a happy medium. RC Waves offer a responsive solution with integrated controls that allow you to adjust settings easily. If it’s too cold, you can adjust the comfort setting and the quick-heating aluminium elements will get to work instantly; if it’s too warm, just change settings to the temperature of your choice and the heating elements will cool rapidly to accommodate. One of the main benefits of the RC Wave is its 24/7 programming capabilities that will allow users to adapt their heating around business hours, eliminating instances of heaters being left on by accident overnight or over the weekend.

9.      Refurb in a hurry – quick installation, no maintenance.

Speedy installation of a heating system can take priority if you’re working against the clock to complete a project. You may be refurbishing a house for sale, getting a room ready for a lodger or opening your home to guests, but whatever the reason, nothing compares with the ease of installation provided by electric heaters. As long as you have the right tools to hand, you can have an RC Wave installed in around 10 minutes, even if you have minimum DIY experience. They’re virtually maintenance free too and will provide a long-lasting, reliable heat source that will last for years.

10.   Back-up heating option for when gas central heating fails.

Central Heating RadiatorsMurphy’s Law isn’t the only thing that dictates boilers will break down during winter. Gas central heating systems are more likely to fail during this period because they have to work hard to combat the cold and will see heavy use over the winter months. Going without heat during a spell of frosty weather can be arduous – even if it’s just for one day – but that doesn’t have to be the case. Complementing your existing heating system with an RC Wave gives you an effective backup for when your boiler gives up the ghost, so you can be warm and toasty in no time at all. Get the best of both worlds by mixing up your heating methods as and when you need to!


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