Haverland Wi7 SmartWave Self-Programming Electric Radiator - 1100W


The Haverland SmartWave represents the next generation of smart home heating, with its motion sensing technology and WiFi capability. Simply plug in and allow the SmartWave to create its own heating schedule, heating when it senses you near, without the need for manual adjustments. This 1100w electric radiator is ideal for larger living spaces.

Please note: this heater is not suitable for bathroom installation.

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Are you tired of wasting energy heating your home when nobody’s there? Do you dream of a programmable radiator that’s intelligent enough to bring you heat when and where you need it – with minimal effort from you?

The Haverland Wi SmartWave is the answer to all your heating woes: a WiFi controllable, highly intelligent radiator that learns your daily routine and programmes your heating for you.

It doesn’t matter how efficient your heating system is – if your radiators are heating when no one’s home, you’re going to be wasting energy and money. Programmable radiators allow you to adapt your heating to your weekly schedule, cutting down your energy usage to the minimum required. The SmartWave goes one better by programming your radiators for you, based on your weekly routine.

The Self-Programming Radiator

The SmartWave has a built in infrared sensor that monitors the activity around the radiator. In the first week of operation, the SmartWave will simply heat whenever it senses movement. Throughout the week the radiator will register and record any movement in the room to create a working model of your weekly routine. The next week, the radiator will heat the room in line with this saved model, ensuring your comfort by heating up 30 minutes before you are scheduled to arrive in the room. Whilst the SmartWave is in learning mode it will continue to monitor your movements and will produce a new heating schedule each week based upon your changing routine.

Intelligent, adaptable and fully automatic, the Haverland SmartWave will transform the way you heat your home. Each room in your house will be warm and cosy whenever you need it – without wasting any energy. All you have to do is relax and let the SmartWave save energy for you. You don’t even have to stick to your routine to ensure your heating stays efficient; the motion sensor allows the SmartWave to adapt to any changes and prevent wasted energy if you’re unexpectedly out of the house. Maybe you’re leaving earlier for work today – no problem, the SmartWave will automatically switch off if it senses no movement for 30 minutes. Maybe you’re home an hour early tonight – easy, the SmartWave will automatically switch on when it senses your presence.

There may be times when you don’t want to stick to your heating plan, for example if you’re off on holiday, or have a week at home with the kids during half term. Don’t worry – at any time you can switch the radiator back into sensor mode, ensuring that you’re only using energy when everyone’s at home.

WiFi Controlled Heating

If you purchase your SmartWave radiators with a Haverland Smart Box you can connect your radiators to the internet through your home connection. Simply plug the Smart Box into your router, download the Haverland heating app and you can control your entire heating system over the internet!

The user-friendly heating app gives you complete control over all your radiators. It doesn’t matter where you are – you could be on the bus, on the train, or sitting at work; as long as you have an internet connection, you can adjust your heating using your mobile, tablet or computer. Maybe you just want to check the temperature at home, or tell your heating to stay switched off if you know you’re going to be back late – wherever you are, your radiators will get the message.

You can also use the heating app to programme your radiators, or customise the existing heating schedules set up by the learning mode. The intuitive programming interface makes programming easy and fast – much easier than programming similar radiators with controls mounted on the body. If you don’t purchase a Smart Box with your radiators your programming options will be limited but you can still switch the radiator between learning, sensor and manual mode via the lockable control panel on the radiator body.

You can control up to 32 radiators through the Smart Box and can even add additional properties within the heating app if you own multiple houses with SmartWave radiators.

Energy Efficient Heating Technology

Aside from these revolutionary heating controls, the SmartWave comes with all the benefits of Haverland’s top-quality radiator design. The radiators use fast-acting dry thermal elements which heat up quickly and provide a comfortable balance of radiated and convected heat. The elements are fully enclosed inside the SmartWave’s stylish aluminium body, preventing wall-blackening and ensuring a safe fitting. The SmartWave features a silent electronic TRIAC thermostat that accurately maintains comfort, economy and anti-freeze temperatures – keeping your rooms at the correct temperatures without wasting energy. The durable aluminium body of the radiator comes with a lifetime guarantee, whilst easy plug-in and go fitting makes the radiators suitable for DIY wall mounted installation. Alternatively you can purchase your radiator with a set of feet to fit the SmartWave freestanding.

You can find out more about the SmartWave by reading our customer reviews or checking out our own in-depth, hands-on expert review!

SmartWave Home heating reimagined
Plug In & Go Installation
You can install the SmartWave in a matter of minutes – just attach the wall brackets, slot the radiator into place and plug it into the nearest socket.
Smart Heating for Modern Life
The SmartWave is the heater that programs itself. It can match your weekly schedule so you never have to manually adjust your settings, and is even Alexa enabled for voice-controlled heating.
Heating Control Anytime, Anywhere
Your heaters are only ever as far away as your phone when you use the SmartWave with its WiFi hub. Adjust your heating with just a few taps from anywhere in the world.
Efficiency & Comfort
SmartWave radiators have a thermostat accurate to ±0.2 °C and responsive dry thermal heating elements for precision temperature control.
Eye-Catching, Slimline Design
With its 75mm deep housing and elegant curved body, the SmartWave is a space-saving solution for even the smallest rooms in the home.
Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
If the SmartWave’s sophisticated control wasn’t enough, it also comes with a lifetime warranty on the radiator body so you can purchase with confidence.
Intelligent, Hassle-Free Heating
The SmartWave is a revolutionary new way of heating your home, offering sophisticated control that can be as advanced or as simple as you need. Use its self-programming mode so you don’t have to lift a finger, or control the SmartWave via WiFi for precision heat management on the move.
Technology that takes care of itself

The Haverland SmartWave programs itself using motion sensor technology. By making note of when you come and go from your rooms, this smart heater learns your daily and weekly routine so your spaces are perfectly heated exactly when you come to use them. Even if you’re early or late home, the SmartWave adapts. It switches to comfort mode if you’re home ahead of time, or to economy mode when you’re away longer than anticipated. If manual programming is a hassle you don’t need, let the SmartWave do the work on your behalf.

Work smarter, not harder

If you’re not one for routine, you can set the SmartWave to sensor mode so it heats only when it detects the room is occupied – perfect for occasionally used spaces or for areas where people come and go frequently. This mode won’t create or store a schedule and switches the heater off again when it detects no movement after a set period. It’s a hassle-free system that saves you energy.

WiFi controlled heating

When purchased with the SmartBox WiFi hub, you can control up to 32 SmartWaves using the Haverland heating app. Adjust your programming hour by hour and change your temperatures on the move – the SmartWave gives you complete control from your phone. The app provides energy usage statistics to help keep track of your bills and completely optimise the running of your system. It also allows you to create separate settings if you have radiators in different properties, as well as select multiple radiators to update any changes en masse. A newly added guest account function gives you the option of inviting extra users without providing full access to your account – a superb feature for landlords, offices and holiday lets.

Hands-free heating with Alexa voice control

Our SmartWave electric radiators are Amazon Alexa compatible so you can adjust your heating using only your voice. Alexa can turn your radiators on and off, switch them between modes and change the temperature of each individual heater so you never have to leave the comfort of your chair.

Efficient Adaptive Start
SmartWave radiators save energy automatically using an adaptive start feature, which pre-heats your rooms so they're always perfectly heated exactly when needed.
Open Window Detection
The SmartWave is clever enough to pause your heating whenever it detects a sharp drop in temperature caused by an open door or window so you’ll never waste energy.
Freestanding or Wall Mounted?
Every SmartWave comes with wall mounting brackets, but if you need a portable solution, we also supply optional feet which quickly and easily attach to the base.