TS-3 Pre-Programmed Push Button Timer

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The TS-3 Pre-Programmed Push Button Timer provides convenient control over your electric patio heater by allowing it to run for a restricted period between 2 min – 2 hrs. Compatible with all heater brands, it has a waterproof protection rating when installed as per the manufacturer’s guidelines and also comes with an LED indicator light to let you know when time is about to elapse.

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Controlling your outdoor heater has never been easier with the TS-3 push button timer. Just press the button when you want warmth and the timer will engage your heater for a pre-programmed amount of time. Once the timer runs out, your electric patio heater switches off automatically so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on by accident and it’s a great way to keep energy usage to a minimum.

The TS-3 has an adjustable timer that can be set to a minimum of 2 minutes or a maximum of 2 hours. Just set your preferred time and then install the TS-3 in a suitable location to enjoy easy automatic control. The TS-3 push button timer uses an LED ring right to indicate when your heater is drawing power. A red light appears to show when the heater is on and will flash during the last minute of operation to indicate when it is about to cut out. To help you find the switch in the dark, the LED will illuminate a blue locator light when the heater is not in operation.

When installed as per the manual, this push-button timer has a weatherproof IP66 rating and is also tamper-proof to prevent anyone from changing the settings. The IP66 rating indicates that it is fully dust tight and will withstand high-pressure jets of water which makes it suitable for dusty factories or commercial spaces that may be hosed down to clean. It has a 16A limit and should always be installed by a professional electrician.