Why is Electric Heating Better for Senior Citizens?

According to the NHS, prolonged exposure to the cold can not only make you more susceptible to colds and flu: it can also increase your chances of heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and depression. Whilst all of us should stay warm and wrapped up during winter, there is one group of people that should receive extra attention: the elderly and retired.


Electric Heating for the Elderly

In 2014 the cold-related death toll was 18,200 between December and January. On the bright side, this is the lowest number of deaths recorded since recording began in 1950-51. However, 14,000 of these deaths were amongst the over 75’s. We can’t help you in making sure you and your elders dress warm, eat well and vaccinate, but we’re here to help everyone stay warm this winter.


So why is electric heating a better choice for the elderly than conventional heating?


NHS advises pensioners to heat their homes at 18C and higher throughout the day and night. Frankly, this can be very expensive. But thanks to many features included in our electric radiators and electric heaters you can easily minimalize the energy used for your heating. The timer available in most of our electric heaters and radiators allows you to set up a heating schedule. This feature is especially helpful for the elderly and people with walking impairments, as a well-planned heating schedule means you don’t have to go anywhere near your radiators. They will simply turn on and off at desired times according to your schedule. The highly accurate thermostat also featured in most of our electric heaters and radiators ensures that the temperature doesn’t fall below the desired comfort level, switching on and off in order to maintain it at all times. With good insulation, this could mean that your energy efficient electric radiator is on only for a fraction of the time. Combined together, these two features allow you to maintain a perfect temperature in all of your rooms at all times, as the thermostats work independently in all of your electric radiators.


Furthermore, most of our electric radiators and heaters can be operated by an optional remote control, giving you the ultimate power over your heating while you’re sat in your favourite armchair reading a newspaper or watching TV.


With the busy nature of our life’s nowadays, it’s easy to forget about things that have to be done every year or so, such as servicing your radiator. A big advantage of using electric radiators is that it poses no threat to our health. The problem with conventional heating is that it has to be checked regularly to avoid gas leakage. Some pensioners may not be aware of the risk or simply forget about it, especially in case of people with illnesses such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. With our electric radiators you can sleep peacefully knowing that your close one’s are not in danger.


If you’re looking for a product that combines all of these features together and compliments any interior design with its contemporary design, our RC Wave by Haverland is a perfect choice. These electric radiators have been on our list of best-sellers for a long time and not without a reason. Available in a range of sizes suitable for all kinds of rooms and easy to install with basic DIY understanding, you could be just a step away from buying your perfect radiator! 




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