Wall-Mounted Electric Radiators: Making the Most of Your Wall Space

Measuring up to wall-mount an electric radiator

If your home is anything like ours, space is at a premium. No matter how many times we try to adopt a minimalist approach to interior design we inevitably fail. Before you know it, magazines, books, letters, car keys, and goodness knows what else creeps back in and starts clogging up our homes again. For effective space saving, sometimes you need to reconsider the layout of a room. Something that usually gets in the way of open-plan Fengshui is inflexible heating appliances, as radiators often dictate the entire layout of a room due to their dependence on plumbing. Electric radiators however, can be installed almost anywhere – from the smallest crevice to the narrowest hallway. If you want de-cluttered, Zen-like interiors, it’s time to make the most of your wall space and consider some wall-mounted electric options…

Space-saving doesn’t necessarily hinge on expansive empty spaces and colossal rooms. For most of us, this is unachievable from the start. In terms of square footage, British households are among the smallest in the world – with an average 76m² at our disposal as opposed to the 214m² that Australians have access to. With such a tight space to work with in the first place, maximising your living space can be tricky. For us at Electric Radiators Direct, space-saving is about clever arrangement and finding the perfect spot, big or small, fat or thin, regular or irregular, to wall-mount your electric radiators.


Slim Spaces

Bathroom with space for a towel rail

Whenever we see a slender space in a bathroom we immediately think towel rails. Discreet, slim, and useful, a towel rail is a handy way to tidy your bathroom and create the illusion of a sleek, uncluttered room.

The Narrow Frame 150w Kudox Electric Towel Rail

If you’ve got some dead space in your bathroom, like the right-hand side of the picture above, no matter how narrow, chances are you can install a towel rail. You can choose a traditional ladder towel rail, with either straight or curved bars, or opt for a modern glass towel rail, which comes with a flat front finished in either black or white glass. Perfect for squeezing on to the thinnest of walls, towel rails provide supplementary heating and additional towel storage: a classic two birds with one stone solution!

The Narrow Frame 150w Kudox Electric Towel Rail

For the slimmest of slim spaces, a Kudox Electric Towel Rail is ideal. The slim width of a Kudox towel rail makes it perfect for squeezing onto the smallest of walls and keeping wet towels off the floor. The 150w Kudox rail pictured here has a minute depth of 30mm, which makes it practically invisible even by towel rail standards.

Utterly unobtrusive, towel rails provide a separate, additional heat source that’s perfect for keeping your bathroom warm without having to engage your primary heating system. Not to mention the fact that the rails give you somewhere to keep your towels, ensuring your bathroom is as uncluttered as possible.

Of course, if you have a slightly wider space in your bathroom, you can choose a bigger towel rail to fill it. Our range of towel rails start from 150w and increase up to 700w – providing ample power to heat even the largest of bathrooms. 

Towel rails can only be wall-mounted and have to be professionally hardwired into the wall by a qualified electrician. But, as your bathroom is one of the only rooms where its contents can’t be rearranged at will, a well-placed towel rail will do wonders for bathroom decluttering.


Wide Spaces

Large open space for RC Wave

For many, the position of their radiators is predetermined when they buy their house. Plumbed radiators are typically immovable and relocating them can be a potentially costly and time-consuming job. For electric radiators though, positioning and relocating is quick and easy – and can be done in a matter of minutes. It’s simply a case of finding space, drilling a few holes, and hanging the electric radiator like you would a TV.

The Haverland RC Wave

Large empty walls, like the one pictured above, are the perfect place to install a wall-mounted electric radiator – enabling you to make use of the remaining space in the room.

The RC Wave is our best-selling electric radiator and has a trim depth of only 75mm, making it the perfect choice for a home that’s conscious of space-saving. The RC Wave can be installed free-standing, but it’s more likely to give the impression of clutter if positioned at floor-level. For the perfect minimalist look, wall-mount your RC Wave and ensure the cables are hidden by having it hardwired by a professional electrician. 

RC WaveHowever, the RC Wave is more than just a space-saving option: the RC Wave has a multitude of features that make it a sophisticated electric radiator. Complete with a precision digital thermostat and advanced digital programming, the RC Wave enables you to create a 7-day customisable heating schedule, allowing you to assign different temperatures to each individual day of the week. Programming your RC Wave reduces the risk of wasteful use, so not only does it  provide a slimline, space-saving heat source, it also has the potential to slim down your energy bills too. Yet another two birds with one stone situation!


Narrow Spaces

A perfect space for a conservatory radiator

For those of us with quirky or irregular floorplans, making the most of a tricky space can be an effective way of decluttering and streamlining a room. Unusual little alcoves or narrow room features can often be inaccessible to conventional central heating which requires pipework to function. Electric radiators, however, can be installed almost anywhere, providing you can reach a plug socket – allowing you to utilise the space you have without having to undergo extensive work. Irregular little spaces, like the one in the above image, can benefit from a wall-mounted electric radiator with a lower profile – helping you to integrate your heating and trim down on obtrusive obstacles.

The Haverland BL Conservatory Radiator

 Haverland BL Conservatory radiatorA versatile electric radiator, the Haverland BL is designed with space-saving in mind. Featuring a reduced height of just 378mm, the Haverland BL is perfect for installation on conservatory dwarf walls, under window sills, or for installation in the narrowest of narrow spaces.

Like the RC Wave, the BL is manufactured by Haverland – a renowned electric heating brand with years of experience in this field. Complete with specially designed heat retentive thermal fluid, the BL provides even heat distribution across the whole surface of the radiator body, ensuring your room is adequately heated despite its shorter height. The BL also comes with 7 pre-programmed heating schedules and the option to create your own for schedule for comprehensive home heating. Think of it as an RC Wave with reduced height, the Haverland BL is suitable for quick and easy DIY installation and can be wall-mounted with ease – freeing up the remaining space in your room for whatever you see fit.


Maximising your available space through clever radiator placement is a great way to declutter your home. Wall-mounting your electric radiators won’t zap away years’ worth of clutter from your kitchen table – unfortunately that’s something you’ll have to tackle on your own. But wall-mounting an appropriately sized electric radiator can open up new spaces, streamline your interiors, and make rooms feel less crowded – all of which ultimately contributes to a clutter-free and minimalist home.  


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