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Is Winter a Good Time to use your Conservatory?

Absolutely yes!

Conservatories are a popular option in the UK. Since the weather can be ridiculously variable, changing from beautiful sunshine into heavy rain within minutes, reading a book in your garden or having a meal in the fresh air can turn into mission impossible at any time. A conservatory can take care of this problem, allowing you to enjoy your garden while shielding you from possible rainfall or chilly wind. However, a well-heated conservatory can be a lot more.

Your conservatory could be a playroom, an office, a gym or a dining room, the possibilities are endless, but without a heating system, you might find yourself using your conservatory only now and again during the summer. This way, you’re completely losing out on the possibilities such space provides. 

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Preparing For Colder Days Ahead

As our less than charitable British summer is slowly becoming a distant memory, we believe this is the right time to prepare yourself for a harsh winter forecasted.

Climate experts are already warning us about the El Nino effect which poses serious consequences for the UK. Six years ago we saw the phenomenon causing heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures, resulting in airports being closed for days, and this year’s El Nino effect is expected to be even stronger, with some sources claiming it will be the strongest one ever.

Don’t let the El Nino surprise you, prepare yourself for winter.

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The Conservatory Conundrum: How To Heat These Difficult Spaces

As we roll into summer, it’s that time of year when those who have them remember why they love their conservatories – and when those that don’t start considering this affordable and rewarding home extension. However, most households find that their conservatory comes with a fatal flaw; however well it guards against the physical elements, it doesn’t do much to protect you from outdoor temperatures. Here’s the classic conservatory conundrum: when it’s cold they’re too chilly to enjoy, and when it’s hot they respond like an oven. So how can Electric Radiators Direct help you keep your conservatory cosy all year round?

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Keeping Warm This Winter: Tips for Senior Citizens

Winter is bad for your health. Underlying all the snowball fights, festive celebrations, bright lights and cuddly scarves remains the fact that cold weather can seriously endanger your health – and for no one else is this threat a graver reality than for the retired and elderly. It’s important to respect the cold, respect your body, and make sure you keep yourself warm this winter. Unfortunately, for many of us, keeping warm comes at a considerable financial cost. This is especially true for retired senior citizens who spend much more time at home than younger people in full time work. Keeping warm at winter should be a priority – but it’s increasingly necessary to economise and find ways to maintain comfort temperatures on a budget. Here’s our guide to affordable ways for elderly people to stay warm this winter...

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Guarding your home against the elements this winter

Of all the great things that owning an electric radiator can offer - energy efficiency, temperature control, clean heating - one of the things often overlooked is their capacity to protect your home from things like frost damage, mould and mildew, and other unwelcome things that can hit our homes during the winter months. Things that are often troublesome and expensive to remedy.

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