Reinventing the Image of the Oil Filled Radiator

Oil Filled Radiator Header ImageWhat comes to mind when you think of oil filled radiators? For many of us, it will be a bulky, fairly unattractive design with little functionality to impress. In recent years though, oil filled radiators have undergone a series of innovations that will cement their popularity for many years to come.

Benefits of Oil Filled Radiators

Ecostrad AlloraThermal Retention

Oil filled radiators work by using a thermal fluid that warms up and transfers heat to the surrounding air in the room. Some people worry about thermal fluid or oil taking longer to heat up than a wire element, and although this stands true, it’s important to consider the fact that this does come with its benefits. The superior heat retention of thermal fluid means that less energy is required to maintain your desired temperature and once the radiator has stopped drawing power from the wall, the slow-cool fluid inside will continue to emit heat and keep the room comfortable.

Lower Running Costs

As less energy is required to maintain temperatures, you’ll find that the long-term cost of running an oil filled electric radiator is lower. Couple this with their advanced programmability, which offers further potential to trim down your bills, and they become increasingly attractive. The increased level of control offered by modern oil filled electric radiators means you can keep better track of your energy usage and ensure that your heaters are only using power when absolutely necessary – a huge improvement over basic manual models.

Modern Style Terma Ribbon

The clunky, portable oil filled electric radiator that once was has been superseded by much sleeker, attractive designs and there’s a style to suit all interior décor schemes. If you’re confined by restrictive spaces, the Ecostrad Allora is a slimline solution with sleek, oval bars that don't protrude from the wall. The Allora is even available with vertical orientation for rooms where you need to maximise every inch of space. If your interior has a chic aura, the Terma Delfin is graceful in aesthetic, and ultra-modern in functionality. Its round bar design creates a more refined, subtle feel that will complement minimalist homes. Both the Ecostrad Allora and the Terma Delfin come in classic white and contemporary anthracite to suit the spectrum of colour palettes in today’s houses and provide you with the choice that best suits your style. If your interior calls for an injection of drama, the Terma Ribbon fits the bill perfectly. Its vertical orientation is superb for rooms with limited wall space and the industrial-inspired edge provides a striking room feature that’s sure to catch the eye of any visitor.

Effortless Smart Control

Terma MOA Blue Heating Element - Black This trio of electric radiators boast pioneering Terma Blue heating elements, which offer control to rival even the most advanced electric heating systems. The Terma Blueline App, compatible with Android and iOS, provides sophisticated control over multiple radiators in your home when using a Bluetooth enabled mobile device. It allows you to easily control the temperature of your heaters and create a custom 7-day heating schedule that perfectly mirrors your lifestyle. The Bluetooth app can be installed on a smartphone or tablet so you can manage all of your system from one convenient point of use – no more having to program individual radiators one by one.

Terma electric radiators come with one of two Bluetooth controllable elements: the KTX4 Blue or the MOA Blue. These cutting-edge elements have a host of handy features for easy controllability, as well as valuable safety features. The KTX4 Blue has a timer function which heats between 1 and 4 hours before automatically switching itself off, whereas the MOA Blue has a 2-hour fixed timer. Both of these innovative elements have an anti-frost mode that’s triggered when temperatures drop too low to prevent pipes from freezing and causing damage. Their temperature sensor and thermal fuse provides an additional safeguard against overheating whereby the power will be cut entirely if the temperature exceeds 82°C.

The sophisticated oil filled electric radiators available today are a far cry from their old portable counterparts. Their heat retentive qualities epitomise them as an energy efficient, sustainable investment that makes them the firm choice for many households – and justifiably so!

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