Our Newest Electric Radiator: The Ecostrad Ecowärme

Meet our newest electric radiator: the Ecostrad EcowärmeDespite it being mid-summer, the demand for effective, reliable, and energy-efficient heating never stops. Although it’s undoubtedly been a while since you considered the need for new electric radiators, there’s nothing wrong with making sure you’re well prepared for when winter finally rolls back around. If you’re in need of a modern alternative to a failing central heating system, or simply need to upgrade your existing electric radiators, the Ecostrad Ecowärme is ideal.

A 21st century electric radiator

Ecostrad Ecowärme Vertical Electric Radiators - White

The Ecostrad Ecowärme combines the elegance of traditional radiator design with all the conveniences you’d expect from a modern heating system. Controllable, energy-efficient, and flaunting a wonderfully versatile aesthetic, the Ecostrad Ecowärme is everything you want from an electric radiator and more.

Versatile German design

The Ecowärme is manufactured in Germany, the hallmark of a well-built product. Unlike most electric radiators, the Ecowärme is styled with the fluted body of traditional central heating – adding a touch of sophistication to whatever room it’s placed in. If you’re concerned an electric radiator won’t suit your home’s decor, the Ecowärme is the ideal solution – providing a refined appearance that suits both contemporary and classic design schemes.

For rooms with minimal wall space, this slimline electric radiator can even be purchased in a vertical orientation allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the new Ecostrad range with a slender, space-saving perpendicular frame.

Unique home heating

Ecostrad Ecowärme Electric Radiators - White

The Ecostrad Ecowärme range uses a combination of convection and radiation to keep you warm. Within its pleated body, these electric radiators contain a layer of heat-retentive ceramic stones. When the Ecowärme draws power, its aluminium heating elements get to work creating a convection cycle – the process of circulating warm air around a room. Most heating appliances keep you warm this way and it’s a tried-and-tested approach to home heating. The Ecowärme differs from the status quo by including an additional layer of ceramic stones. When the heating elements get to work warming the surrounding air, the heat is first transferred to these stones. The stones retain the heat, radiating it through the front of the appliance to anything in its path. This type of heat, called infrared, warms objects and people directly – bypassing the need to heat the air first.

This double-pronged approach to heating is relatively unique, combining the principal of storage heating - without any of the rigidity or inconvenience - with the immediacy of modern electric radiators. Whether you have a vast lounge or an intimate bedroom that needs heating, the Ecowärme is certain to keep it comfortably warm.

Advanced energy-saving features

Ecostrad Ecowärme Electric Radiators - Anthracite

Aside from its subtle good looks and unique heating properties, the Ecowärme range provides an array of features specifically designed to trim down your monthly energy bills. These sophisticated electric radiators come with detailed 24/7 digital programming, open window detection, adaptive start, and three heater modes – all of which contribute to greater energy-efficiency and, ultimately, lower running costs.

Using the interface on the side of the radiator, you can access the programming menu and adjust your set temperature. Using economy, comfort, and anti-frost modes, you can create a detailed programming schedule that caters to your every movement. Assign economy or anti-frost modes to hours when your rooms aren’t in use and reserve comfort mode for key times of day – such as evenings cuddled up in the living room in front of the TV. Using your programming in this way keeps wasted energy to a minimum and reduces the risk of large, unwanted bills.

Open window detection is a helpful feature for shared properties or busy homes. In the event someone cracks open a window or leaves a door open - leading to a dramatic loss of temperature - rather than trying to warm a rapidly cooling room, the Ecowärme will stop heating in an attempt to conserve energy. When the door or window is closed, the Ecowärme will resume heating at its normal schedule.

Ecostrad Ecowärme Vertical Electric Radiators - AnthraciteAdaptive start helps the Ecowärme to reach the right temperature at the right time. Whereas other electric radiators will start heating from a cold-start, often not reaching your desired temperature until some time after you’ve programmed it to, the Ecowärme will pre-heat beforehand – ensuring your rooms are always perfectly heated at your specified time. It might not be a necessity, but adaptive start is a handy feature if you’ve found yourself coming home to cold rooms too often.

Stylish, energy-efficient, & intuitive

The Ecostrad Ecowärme is a worthy addition to the Electric Radiators Direct range. Styled with the timeless quality of central heating, packed with energy-saving features, and available in multiple sizes, not to mention a stunning anthracite version for brave statement heating, the Ecostrad Ecowärme is the ideal heating system for use throughout your home - and, for a limited time only, using code Warm5 at the checkout, you can enjoy 5% off your Ecostrad Ecowärme purchase. For further information, browse the Ecostrad Ecowärme range on our website. Alternatively, get in touch with our sales team for a quote today. 

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