Our Best Electric Radiators for Loft Conversions

Loft ConversionsLoft conversions are an established popular choice for houses across the UK, mostly because it’s easier to convert a space than it is to move into a completely new house. The UK doesn’t exactly boast a vast quantity of large houses, especially since our small island doesn’t have the space. Terraced properties are a more common sight up and down the country, and we’ve certainly found more creative ways to utilise space in our homes, whether it’s a new conservatory, a man cave in the shed or a loft converted into a bedroom. Perhaps you have recently converted your loft to use as office space or as another bedroom, whatever the reason you’re no doubt wondering how to keep this space warm and cosy throughout the whole year. What’s the answer? You’ve guessed it: electric radiators. The real question is, which of our electric radiators are best for loft conversions?

Why electric radiators make the best choiceLoft Conversion

A loft conversion is a great way to modernise your home and the perfect addition to any modern space is contemporary heating. This is where electric radiators come into play. With a variety of styles, several energy-saving functions and featuring sophisticated technology, electric radiators are the heating solution of the future. They provide effective heat that will keep you warm and toasty even all the way up in the loft. So, what are the main benefits of electric radiators for loft conversions?

1. Installation is simpler

Installing electric radiators is a handy solution for loft conversions as you don’t have to spend extra time and money extending your pre-existing heating system. Instead, electric radiators can be fitted independently from other systems, so you can spend the time on other areas of the renovation to turn your loft into the space you dreamed of. You can even fit electric radiators yourself as many are compatible with DIY installation, turning this into a hassle-free task rather than a huge undertaking, so you can enjoy your newly converted loft sooner rather than later.

2. Seamless integration

Many of our electric radiators are slim and understated so they will blend in easily with any aesthetic without taking up too much space. We even have conservatory radiators with a reduced height that would be perfect for those lower walls in attic rooms. You don’t need to think about extra pipework either, which is one less job on the agenda. Electric radiators can either be hardwired to your existing system or you can simply plug them into a plug socket for even easier integration into your home.   

3. Weekly programming

Our electric radiators allow for weekly heat management, so you can set up a heating schedule to fit around your routine. For example, if you only need the loft to be warm in the evening four days a week, you can programme the radiator to only turn on at those times, so you’re not heating the room when you’re not using it, ultimately saving you on costs and energy.

4. Distance control

Electric radiators with WiFi control are especially great for loft conversions as they allow you to control your heating from a distance, even if you’re out and about. So, if you happen to be downstairs in the kitchen making breakfast and want to heat up the loft space so that it’s ready for the day, you can switch the radiators on using an app on your phone. This gives you a level of control you just don’t get with manual radiators and also allows you to manage the heating in your loft separately to the rest of the house, so you can avoid wasting energy heating unused spaces.

Which electric radiators are best for your loft conversion?

It can be difficult deciding which electric radiators are best for your loft conversion, but not to worry because we have a wide range of products that will fit in perfectly with a variety of aesthetics.

Conservatory electric radiatorsHaverland RCBL

Believe it or not, one of the best heating solutions for loft conversions is a conservatory electric radiator but don’t get distracted by the name, these heaters aren’t just limited to the conservatory. As they have been built to fit low walls, they make an obvious solution for the dwarf walls of loft conversions too. The Haverland RCBL stands at just 378mm high with a longer length than most of our other radiators to compensate, so you won’t be losing out. Finished in classic white to blend in with all interiors, as well as being easy to install, this electric radiator will make your renovation that little bit easier. Inside the RCBL is an engineered thermal fluid which improves heat retention for more efficient and effective heating. It provides an even distribution of warmth across the body of the radiator, delivering comfortable and reliable warmth whenever you need it. For hassle-free control, the RCBL has an easy-to-use digital interface that gives you access to multiple features including the ability to choose between seven pre-set heating schedules or set up your own to match your lifestyle.

Smart electric radiators

iQ Ceramic WiFi Controlled Electric RadiatorIf one of your main concerns is with convenient control, then it would be worth taking a look at our Ecostrad iQ Ceramic. Although not made for lower walls like the Haverland, this electric radiator does boast a lot more in terms of heat management. With three different ways to control your heating, the iQ Ceramic is a step above the rest. Switch between manual, WiFi and voice control when it suits you or simply set up the sensor mode and the iQ Ceramic will switch on whenever you are in the room. With this level of sophisticated control, you can have your heating your way. Fitted with ceramic plates the iQ Ceramic stays warmer for longer whilst using less energy and it can even continue to emit warmth even after it has stopped drawing power. Ceramic electric radiators are great for rooms with higher ceilings, making them the ideal choice for loft conversions and those with smart control offer an extra plus!

Electric radiators can be fitted throughout a property and make an ideal choice for loft conversions. So, why not consider making your renovation that little bit easier by installing this sophisticated, intuitive and efficient heating solution? In the end, you can put your feet up and enjoy a job well done whilst experiencing comfortable and effective warmth.   

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