Making the most of your electric radiator

If you're fortunate enough to have already invested in a quality electric radiator, then you might be interested in a few tips on how best to operate it to save on energy usage and cut down costs. If you're still in the market for an energy efficient electric heating solution (and an increasing number of people are), then the following could shed some light on the kind of energy saving benefits a quality designer electric radiator can bring. 


The following tips assume that you've bought an electric radiator from a reputable company, and that it's of a good standard - with features such as thermostats, on-board programming and scheduling, and an effective heat distribution system such as dry thermal (see the RC Wave from Haverand) or thermal gel (see Haverland's TT). 


Be sure to set the thermostat, and leave it to its job

rc wave

The thermostats in newer models of electric radiator are incredibly accurate and efficient. Haverland's flagship radiator, the RC Wave, can detect a change in temperature of just 0.5 degrees C, and react accordingly. That's the key here - letting the radiator react and maintain a consistent room temperature for you. It's extremely tempting, when you feel a chill in the air, to push up the thermostat and 'blast' the radiator for half an hour.


Not only will this cost you more money, it won't last if you've got poor insulation at home. The best thing to do is pick a target temperature of say, 21 or 23 degrees, and let the radiator do its job - if you're cold, perhaps turn thing up by a degree or two. The radiator is programmed to get your room to a 'target temperature' that you set and keep it that way, detecting subtle changes and clicking on and off as it needs to to maintain temperature. 


Make sure it's the correct size

Having a radiator that's too small for your large room will drastically impact its efficiency. Your radiator will have to work that much harder to maintain room temperature, resulting in it having to be in full consumption mode for great stretches of time - that won't do you any favours when your energy bill comes in. Choosing a radiator that is a suitable size for your room will allow it to work as it was designed to do - to click on and off and steadly maintain room temperature without breaking a sweat or pushing your energy usage up. If you're not sure what size of radiator is right for you, why not talk to one of our team here at Electric Radiators Direct? Not only do we provide a variety of radiators, but we pride ourselves on getting to know as much as we can about our customers so that you end up with the right radiator for the job. Our goal is to bring down your energy usage - do that, and you'll inevitably save money!


Use the programming feature to its full extent

Most radiators can be programmed to come on and off several times a day as and when you need them to. Not only that, but they can operate at different temperatures for different times of the day, so you have the ability to totally mico-manage your entire home heating system. This is one of the main reasons electric radiators are proving so popular over more traditional gas central heating systems in modern homes - the control you get is so much better, and allows you to start chipping the pounds off your energy bill and stop wasting heat. 


With Haverland's RC Wave, you can have a different temperature setting for any hour of the day, and each room can be on its very own schedule - it's that varied. 


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