How to Heat Your Bedroom

How To Heat Your BedroomBedrooms are usually the room that gives away the most about one’s personality. Even though it’s most likely the last room you’ll show to your visitors, it will be completely personalised: from the bed covers, furniture, to the curtains and colours of your walls and accessories. And we all use our bedrooms differently: some of us will just limit its use to sleeping, while others will spend hours and hours reading or browsing the web in their beds. Some people might opt for a small office space in their bedroom, and others will choose to lay in their bed rather than on their sofas and watch Netflix all Saturday. There is no rule to how one uses their bedroom. So, how do we make sure that this special little room has an electric heating solution it will benefit from?

When it comes to electric heating in bedrooms, one method seems to be popular amongst our customers - a lot of people opt for storage heaters. There is no denial that storage heaters have a lot of appealing perks: they charge up overnight taking advantage of the cheaper night tariffs and release comfortable levels of heat during the day. Looking at the previous sentence, we can already see why a storage heater in not an ideal heating solution for your bedroom. Whilst an office can greatly benefit from a storage heater, because it operates during the hours when storage heaters release the most heat, a bedroom will certainly not. If you want to take advantage of your cheaper night tariffs, such as the economy 7, you might find that the levels of heat released by your heater are too high when it’s charging. Such warmth may be comfortable when you’re sat in a surgery or your living room, but it might be just too much for sleeping under a thick duvet. On the other hand, if you wish to read a book in your bed during the evening, your storage heaters might be already cold after releasing all of the warmth they stored...

So what would make a better alternative?

Haverland Designer RC Wave Electric RadiatorsWe believe, that the best heating solution for your bedroom is an electric radiator, such as the RC Wave. With an electric radiator you can take advantage of the most innovative features and technology. For this example, let’s use the RC Wave electric radiator. The timer featured in this range allows you to set up a heating schedule. This is especially useful in your bedroom, as you can programme your timers to turn the radiator off an hour or so after your bedtime, and an hour or so before you wake up. This way you’ll ensure that your bedroom is cosy when you’re falling asleep, and it’s already warm when you wake up, saving you the pain of getting out of your bed and stepping into the coldness. The thermostat on the other hand maintains your temperature at the level you want it, thus ensuring that you’re not too warm or too cold when trying to fall asleep. With the timer and the thermostat, you’re guaranteed that:

1) your radiator is not heating your bedroom when you’re deeply asleep and not aware of the temperature 

2) the temperature in your bedroom is not making it difficult to fall asleep or keep sleeping

The RC Wave, like many of our other radiators, comes in a contemporary white body that will easily fit in any interior design, while the choice of sizes ensures that you’ll be able to find the perfect radiator for the size of your bedroom! End the bedroom-heating tantrum toady, and find the best electric radiator for your bedroom today, at Electric Radiators Direct.

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