How To Choose the Perfect Electric Heater?

 The Perfect Electric HeaterElectric Radiators

Our electric radiators are an alternative to traditional gas heating systems in everyday use, and provide energy-efficient and economical electric heating throughout your home. Innovative thermal elements ensure that heat spreads quickly and evenly, whilst intelligent programming and a high precision thermostat allow your electric radiator to adapt to your lifestyle. With easy programming, you can cut down on your bills by setting up personalised programmes that will turn your radiators on and off at desired times. Our electric radiators can completely replace your gas heating system as an everyday primary source of heating, whereas the instalment is a mess-free DIY task. The variety of sizes and styles available on Electric Radiators Direct, including slimline and designer, ensures there is an electric radiator for everyone.          


Wall-mounted or free-standing electric radiator?

The choice is completely up to you: a free-standing radiator can be easily re-positioned with a set of feet or wheels, and offers a great electric heating solution if your wall space or quantity of sockets is limited. On the other hand, installing a wall-mounted heater is just as easy as hanging up a TV, and with a broad choice of slimline radiators, you’re bound to find a space-saving addition.


Electric Heaters

Next on our list are electric room heaters, a perfect addition to your electric heating system as an on-demand source of heat. Just like our electric radiators, most of our electric heaters feature intelligent programming including a high precision thermostat to prevent your temperature from falling below the comfort level. Although electric heaters are cheaper to buy, electric radiators are always more economical to run daily. Once again, the variety of sizes and styles available on our website ensures you can find the best electric heater for your house.  


Wall-mounted or free-standing electric heater?

A wall-mounted electrical heater is a perfect heating solution for a room you use infrequently, for example a guest bedroom. This way you can save money on buying a slightly more expensive radiator while ensuring that your guest bedroom will quickly warm up when needed. On the other hand, a free-standing heater can come in handy during colder days when you feel like the radiator just isn’t enough. With optional feet or wheels, you can easily re-position your heater exactly where you need it.        


Infrared Panel Heaters

Finally, our infrared panel heaters are a great alternative to standard convection heaters. The use of infrared, a relatively new heating solution, is perfect for rooms which are difficult to heat or even outdoors. Infrared is immune to the challenges faced by convection heating, such as natural circulation of air. Unlike convection heaters which warm up the air first, infrared gently heats objects and people directly, the same way that the sun warms the earth. Infrared panels available on Electric Radiators Direct are designed for indoor use and wall-mounting: their ultra-slim body makes them space-saving and discrete additions to your house or business, and the range of sizes available on our website is suitable for all applications.


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