How To Choose The Best Electric Towel Rail?

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Making important decisions about your bathroom renovation is never simple, especially when it seems like there’s a new product coming to market every week. From baths to sinks, to towels and tiles, there are a lot of important decisions to be made about your future bathroom. But one of the most crucial ones is too often the most overlooked – towel rails.

The popularity of heated towel rails began to rise around the 80s, when ugly radiators of the 1940s onwards were falling out of fashion in favour of more modern designs. Around the 1980s, designers were beginning to see that the efficiency of electric radiators was more suitable for heating rooms rather than warming towels through. In this new demand for design, we saw the rise of heated towel rails, a dedicated design which has been featured in bathrooms across the planet ever since. 

Nowadays, the biggest problem with towel rails is pardonable: how do you choose the best electric towel rail? Well, there are three questions I’ve prepared that you should ask yourself, before making the big decision.  

Question number one: electric or traditional?

Towel rails come in two versions: electric or connected to your central heating. In older bathrooms, there might be an existing radiator you’re looking to replace with an alternative, such as a heated towel rail. If this is the case, you’ll probably want to make sure that the towel rail you’re interested in has the same width fitting as the radiator it is going to replace. Otherwise, you might be left with pipes running across your walls. The other way to deal with this is opting for a new electric towel rail, as it is far more advanced than a traditional towel rail.

Towel Rails with ThermostatsYour second question should be: electric or gas?

Considering the never-ending increases in gas pricing, we’re all looking to use less when heating our homes. In a room such as your bathroom, where constantly high temperatures aren’t needed, electric towel heaters are a fantastic idea. Unlike clunky old gas towel rails, electric towel rails come with features such as built-in timers and accurate thermostats. This means you can have your towels warm for the morning shower before work or in time for your long awaited bath without having to worry about wasting energy. Moreover, electric towel heaters come in a range of wattages, which is a boon for those looking to heat their towels rather than the entire room.  

Last but not least: what style of towel rail?

As for styles, towel rails come in a wide range, some traditional and others spectacular. For smaller bathrooms, compact vertical towel rails will fit a couple of fluffy towels and keep them warm. For those with larger bathrooms, there is a huge choice of large, high end electric towel rails. A stark towel rail can really set off a room, especially in bathrooms with otherwise traditional features, proving a fantastic counterpoint. A sly tip to remember is that white towel heaters radiate slightly more heat than chrome one, all due to the reflective properties of chrome. However, in most cases, your ultimate colour choice will be influenced largely by your décor rather than anything else. Another tip: try to avoid putting dark towel rail in small rooms, as it creates a cluttered environment.

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